Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Diablo Cody Dress Horror, Oscars 2008.

Now, I saw Juno and loved it to pieces. I like when Diablo Cody contributes to Entertainment Weekly magazine on occasion. I think she is a beautiful woman...such a classic face:

Diablo Cody, writer of Juno.

My problem with her dress that she wore to the 80th Annual Academy Awards?

She looked like a hooker from "The Flintstones":

She turned down beautiful, though expensive, Stuart Weitzman shoes to wear a pair of cheap looking, gold, sequined, flats. Why? Because she didn't want to "sell out".

The shoes offered by Weitzman.

Give me a break!

Weitzman obviously thought you had style and beauty. He wanted to have you show off his creations.

Only teenagers and punk rock kids worry about selling out. Cody is a bit old to be acting like a bratty punk rock kid...especially at the age of 29 and if she wants to be taken seriously by the movie industry.

Her outfit was horrid.

It made her look like a mix of grandma mumu wearer and prehistoric hooker.

Look even Harrison Ford was laughing at her dress:

The dress slit was too high as well and she was constantly trying not to expose her crotch when she went up stairs. Just a totally inappropriate dress for the event.

Diablo, you are a beautiful woman.:

Please get over your punk pretensions and join the adult world. It will save you from being mocked in blogs and from making the "Worst Dressed" lists.

There a way to dress edgy and classy. You, sadly, don't know it. Please learn how to do this.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Teaching Them Young To Be Tacky!

I really don't like the Olsen twins.

Not only do their many movies blow chunks and display their over-acting but, MaryKate and Ashley dress like old bag ladies most of the time:

Seriously girls, you have heaps of money...why dress like old hags who probably reek of rose scented hand lotion, talcum powder, boiled cabbage, and cat pee?

I know you can dress halfway decent if you want to:

Please do this more often.

Oh and P.S... The products you sell to pre-teens are so tacky:

Please stop corrupting the young with your lack of style! Thankx.