Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wonder Woman at M.A.C.!!!!

I opened up the latest W magazine and saw a kick ass M.A.C advert:

Above: Wonder Woman M.A.C advert.

So cool!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heading into spring...break out those spring shoes!

I am glad to see the snow melt and the days slowly warm up enough to break out the heeled pumps and sandals again. I still have to wear them with tights and socks but it isn't an impossible thing to walk around in them this time of year. Well, at least it isn't if we don't get snow on the day I choose to wear them. That is not everyday though and the snow always melts off much to shoe loving pleasure.

I have found a few pairs of heels and sandals I wish I could add to my my spring wardrobe. I thought I would share them with you.

Above: Recap 30x Blue Striped Cork Wedge Heels by Bamboo

At only $33.00, I would buy these wedge heels in a heartbeat. With the beautiful colour striping they would go with so many things. I simply drool over them.
Above: Trinidad Black & Tan Woven Platform Pumps by Mona Mia

Love the contrast of the white/black/tan and the woven look to the print. They are only $46.00 and come in a beautiful green colour as well.

The green version:

Above: Trinidad Green & Tan Woven Platform Pumps by Mona Mia

I prefer the black colour but the green look fun as well. The green really looks great with the wood patterning on the soles.

Above: Jacqueline 01 Taupe Studded Platform Heels by Go Max

Chunky, studded, and a platform, these sandals are really cool. They would look great with jeans or a skirt and you could rock them with socks and/or tights. They are only $42.00, vegan leather,  and I really like them in this taupe colour.

Above: Juniper 69 Red Canvas Cross-Toe Wedge Sandals by Bamboo

These sandals come in other colours but I am loving the pop of the red colour. I usually wear heeled sandals but in this case, these sandals only have a little bit of a lift to the wedge.

Above: Side view

I would call them flats but others would not because of the slight elevation to the wedge. In any case, they are $24.00 and available in the colours natural and black as well.

I am so excited to see the new shoes coming out for spring. My feet have been hiding in boots long enough, they need to come out and enjoy the fresh air without freezing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I seriously want this dress.

This is my type of dress!

Above: Violet jersey v-neck belted batwing dress by Gucci

The colour, the draping, the v-neck, and the black patent belt are just gorgeous and really have to be seen larger at the website to truly reveal all their glory. Clickity click the link under the small photo to see it.

I want a dress like this!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Adding fun to my wardrobe.

I have so many basics in my wardrobe that I feel it is time to inject some fun into it. This means going back to taking risks, digging back into the drive that made me dress different from the herd when a teenager/early twenties woman.

I know it seems weird to need to add some fun to a wardrobe but I went through a change of personal style a few years ago and found it was best to replace all my basics first because they are the foundation of an outfit. So, now that I have the basics it is time to add fun pieces to perk up what I wear.

Maybe a jumpsuit like this:

Above: Chic Belted Jumpsuit at Forever 21

I am usually not a fan of jumpsuits because they can make you look like you are dressing like an infant. This one looks fun and has the belt so you don't have the appearance of having no figure a lot of jumpsuits project. I like the colour as well and it would look great with so many of my shoes.

Or I can go for this skirt:

Above: Vertical Stripes A-Line Skirt at Forever 21

The skirt is still in neutral tones but the stripes draw the eye and the length is great. Perfect for wearing bold shoes/heels with.

Maybe I want bolder colours in a dress:

Above: Safari Maxi Dress at Forever 21

The colours in the dress are so 1970s which is a huge draw for me! I love how casual dressy it is and the style I could definitely see myself wearing it, often.

Accessories are also fun:

Above: Tassel End Scarf at Forever 21

I own many scarves but none that have tassels along the edges like this one has. The darker grey colour would make it a good choice to wear with neutral clothing or blue jeans. The material is light-weight so it won't overheat my neck. I am loving it!

Or maybe a bit of crocheting:

Above: Fringe Hem Crochet Top by Forever 21

I would wear this top until it unraveled from use! I could throw it over a v-neck tee and jeans, over a dress, over a tank top, and just incorporate it into so many outfits! I definitely love this top and am seriously pondering buying it.

I am starting to try and make my wardrobe more fun while still staying true to my style. I know that I will get bolder and bolder with my choices now that the basics are there. This will be fun and exciting for me as the spring blossoms around me and spring clothing offerings increase.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Painting Time Ahead!

I am about to start on a painting. Yes, and acrylic painting on canvas, not walls of a room.

I started my college years studying the fine arts. I loved being in the art building all day and really loved my acrylic painting class. The instructor of that class loved my work, he really encouraged me, and I always looked forward to that 4 hour block of my day. Yes, the acrylic painting class was 4 hours long and that really seemed way too short on time to work on the paintings.

My favorite painting I did in that class was this one:

Above: My painting of a VW with human personality being admired by Sims, the Siamese cat camera hog.

The assignment was to give human personality to a car. I just love the colours I put to use in the painting, as well as the texture which doesn't translate in the photo, and, one day, it will hang on the wall of my own place. Right now, it sits in storage since I am living in one room.

I switched my major to Photography after being utterly disgusted that the only thing the Fine Arts program prepared anyone for at the community college I went to was to go and study to be an art teacher. I am not of the teacher personality or mindset yet the instructor that was suppose to mentor me at the art building kept pressuring me to go into that line of work. I packed it in as a fine arts student 10 credits from a Fine Arts degree and switched to photography because at least in that course of studies, they didn't try and mold you into art teachers.

I have painted off and on over the years since my time in the Fine Arts program and always feel so relaxed and "in my element" when I am painting. I haven't gotten to paint as much as I would like in recent years due to limited space where I live. I also have been caught up in the world of photography.

At the beginning of the year, a long time friend decided to redecorate his home and asked me if I still did paintings. I asked why and he said he wanted me to paint something for him and he would pay me for it. He even offered to pay for the paints and canvas as well as the painting when I completed it. I said, "Oh hell yeah!" and yesterday I went to the art supply store, bought paints and canvas, and now am trying to decide how abstract I will go with the painting I have in mind. I will set brush to canvas tomorrow night to lay down the background.

I am stoked!

So, if I seem a bit quiet these days it is because I am buried in the world of art and creativity. I will try and post as often as I can but I can lose track of time when I get painting.