Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Wish I Were Daring Enough!

I wish I were daring enough to wear this vest as it is styled in the photo!

Above: Hollywood Glam Vest at Francesca's Collections.

It looks great that way! Very daring and very classic!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

70's Inspired Outfit Idea.

Anyone who knows me may notice my love for 70's inspired clothing and accessories. That love made me decide to put an outfit together from my stylefeed that is 70s inspired.

This shirt:

Above: Skinny Rugby Stripe Boat Neck Tee in Black by Splendid

With these jeans:

Above: Kristen Flair Jean in Denim by Karmel & Alden

And these shoes:

Above: June Slingback in Dark Brown by Frye

With this ring:

Above: Dome Ring in Tiger's Eye by House of Harlow

This necklace:

Above: Minimal 1 Ode to Helmut Lang in Gold by Alex and Chloe

And this bag:

Above: Multi Zipper Bag in Rust Suede by J.J. Winters

It is a very "every day" type of outfit and I would definitely wear it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Adrien Print Dress.

If I had $365 dollars burning a hole in my pocket at this moment I would buy this:

Above: Adrien Printed Dress by Diane Von Furstenburg

I am usually not the type of woman to go for girlie colours and prints but this dress is so pretty. I would totally wear it.

It even looks good on a real, live, woman's body. I also love that it has a built in lining. Too cool.

Sadly, I don't have $365 so won't be buying it. I will add it to my stylefeed instead.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Online Place To Sell Lightly Used Clothing?

Well, Dana, my parent's German exchange student that you can see here, is on her way home to Germany after a school year in the US. She will be missed greatly.

Now, to the fashion part of this post. I have a LOT of Gothic/Punk clothing and jewelry from the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is gently worn and still in great shape. I just don't' dress that way anymore and don't just want to give the clothing/jewelry to Goodwill. I paid quite a bit for things like my vinyl Lip Service pants (which I am going to sell do to the fact I am no longer a 110 pound size 0 so they don't fit me) and would like to see if I can sell them.

So, what site is the best for selling gently used clothing online?

I know of Ebay but they take quite a cut into the price for themselves and punk rock/Gothic stuff doesn't seem to sell well on there.

Suggestions? Please leave them in comment!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Back...Being Forever 21!

I had a break from blogging as I served my time in jury duty these past two weeks. That kept me preoccupied and on days I wasn't needed at the courthouse, I went on day trips around the area to enjoy the warm weather. So, I haven't updated in a while. Shame on me.

I have to report: They finally have a Forever 21 in Spokane....well 35 minutes from downtown Spokane in the Spokane Valley that is.

Note to Forever 21...put a store in the downtown please, thankx!

I have been out to the Valley Mall twice to shop Forever 21. I will share some of my purchases with you now.

Today I am wearing this top:

Above: Hola Baja Mexico Tee at Forever 21

It is so lightweight and comfortable! I love it! I am so glad I broke down, gave in, and bought it.

I am wearing it with this bracelet I also bought at Forever 21:

Above: Stretch Pyramid Goldtone Bracelet from Forever 21

The bracelet has just enough weight to make me want to regress to my punk rock days and wear it in the pit at a punk show and swing my arms around to music. It looks all flash and cool in real life.

I also bought this necklace:

Above: Silver Polished Bead Necklace at Forever 21.

I am loving how long it is and it seems to be a popular item since when I went back to the store only one was left in the silver colour. I have an outfit idea for it and am waiting for the rainy days to end and the weather to heat up to wear it.

I keep stopping myself from buying this purse at Forever 21:

Above: Purple/Pink Whimsy Print Tote II at Forever 21

I just have too many purses already though the $16.80 price tag is not bad.

I also stopped myself from buying this necklace:

Above: Silver Rhinestone Tag Necklace at Forever 21

I didn't buy it because it is not really my style and I cannot think of what I would wear such a huge, obvious, blingy, necklace with. It does tempt me and it is on the website for Forever 21. I have it sitting in the "My Bag" waiting for decision on purchase. I don't need it but would like it.

So, I have been enjoying Forever has most of Spokane. While at the mall you see carryall bags from the store EVERYWHERE.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Want. So. Bad.

I stumbled upon this leather bracelet on a week or two back and cannot get it out of my head:

Above: Revolution Rock Band Leather Cuff at

I want the black version so bad though the brown and tan are not bad either. It's only $12.00 so I am having to hold myself back from buying it since I have enough jewelry (a lot of it new) to last me a long while.

It does haunt my dreams though.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thumps Up To A Slub.

I have been m.i.a. recently due to being a tiny bit busy and the good weather. It makes me not feel like being online a lot. So, if I am not posting much this is why.

I did want to share this:

Above: Black Slub Jersey Drape Front Racerback Tank by Free People

I really like this tank and would love to own it. The draping in the front appeals to me. I may have to get one for myself.

Hope everyone is enjoying early summer.