Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes Please!

These boots:

Above: Figaro Boots by Gwenyth at

Belong on my feet!

The fact they state "Extra soft suede, a walkable wedge..." in the description makes me go, "Yes please!" I just don't know about the $149 price tag. It's a bit steep for me right now.

So I will share them here in my blog and drool from afar.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yay! It Fits!

Just wanted to share that I received the bra I posted about here and am really happy with it.

It is cool, not boring in the slightest, and it gives me cleavage! The last being all important to a gal with smaller cup size. I have a bra now that actually gives me cleavage. I am in shock!

I am liking D&G a lot now and hope the bra holds up so I don't have to replace it quickly. That will be the true test.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Hard To Find "Cool" In My Size.

I am back to blogging here after caving in and ordering a new bra I want to share.
The bra:
Above: Tan leopard satin trimmed underwire bra by D&G

I have needed a new bra for a while now. The ones I own have the elastic starting to poke out and look all worn-out with the "pilling" the fabric is doing.

I really have to search because I am smaller in cup/bra size and most stores do not carry my size in a adult woman looking bra. Cheap bras at stores like Target and Walmart do not fit me...unless I want a bra resembling a training bra that a tween would wear. They just carry bras in either one size larger or two sizes larger than I wear. Those bras would fall apart quickly anyway if they were in my size or not fit correctly due to where they are bought.

I usually have to shop online at Victoria's Secret for my bra needs since the stores rarely carry anything good in my size (again I am smaller in size) and if they do, it is just bland looking styles/colours.

I got a hold of the leopard print D&G bra after contemplating a bit long and having it sell out due to a sale at I cursed my waiting too long and then...24 hours was again in my size and still on sale so got it for just under $30! The same it would cost me for a Victoria's Secret bra!

So, I am excited about my purchase and am now watching to see if this bra:

Above: Purple satin underwire pushup bra by D&G

Ends up going on sale because I love how it looks as well. *Crosses fingers*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Days And Cool Finds.

I have been M.I.A. for the last few days trying to revamp my photography website and cooing over my new business cards I got from

I still have some work to do on the website which is a slow process but so needs an overhaul. That should keep me busy this week because I want to have the website up to date so I can start handing out my new business cards.

I have also been enjoying the Flight of the Conchords whose season is wrapping up next weekend. Last episode ever which makes me sad. But...I get to see them live in May in Seattle! I have been wanting to see them for 2 years now and will get the chance finally!

I Told You I Was Freekie"- Flight of the Conchords

I am currently taking a break from all that I have mentioned and this means I have been wandering the "What's New" section of clothing sites and I thought I would share some finds that really stuck with me. It's much more fun to share what thrills me in clothing, shoes, and accessories than keep the finds to myself.

This shirt is beyond cool:

Above: Cross Back Bubble Bottom Tunic by Silence & Noise

It looks like nothing special you think? Check out the back!

Above: Back view of tunic.

I love the cross has such a pretty look to it and adds so much to the top.

Then there is this GORGEOUS necklace:

Above: Coco Necklace in Silver/Black by Fiona Paxton

That is so huge, gorgeous, and has a "Native American" feel to it with the beading and design in the beading. It looks great with a black tee as you can guess from the photo and also comes in a gorgeous gold colour:

Above: Coco Necklace In Black/Gold by Fiona Paxton

It makes it hard to decide which I would get if I were to buy it. Both colours are great and I only lean toward silver because I wear a lot of silver jewelry.

Then there was the discovery of these rock star worthy boots:

Above: Metallic blue embossed snakeskin 'Misha' ankle boots by Charles David

Which I love the graduated colour of and the "Cowboy Boot" nod the style has to it. So cool in metallic blue!

Then there is this jacket:

Above: Cocoa leather asymmetrical zip motorcycle jacket by Marc New York

I have a classic motorcycle jacket I got for my 18th birthday back when I was punk rock but, I am way past that phase in life and this would be a great alternative. It is feminine and simple in cut. I love the brown colour as warm toned.

And finally....these graffiti boots:

Above: Black calf 'Madison Tag' boots by Christian Louboutin

I love the graffiti print on it and the fact that Louboutin's trademark red under the heel is there. So cool!

Okay, enough with the sharing of cool finds...time to get back to to website revamping and Twittering.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost Famous Boots!!!

How badly to do want these boots?

Above: Almost Famous Boots at Modcloth

Above: Front view.

Above: Back view.

Above: Side view.

I love the film Almost Famous and these boots are so like what Penny Lane would wear!

I want them soooooooo badly!

Scene from Almost Famous:

I love this movie so much!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Loving The Shiny!

I ordered some eye make-up from Lime Crime last week. It just arrived today and it is was so exciting to try it out!

I ordered "Dragon Scales" Magic Dust:

Which is a pretty brown with a red/green shine to it. I already have tired this colour out today...and put it over a brown shadow I already own to give it an extra "pop".

I applied it with a make-up brush and only just a little bit to not overwhelm the eye. It looks very pretty and seems to have decent staying power...though if it does migrate a bit to the eye crease that is a popular look right now.

I haven't tried it alone because I like to layer eyeshadow to make colours interesting. Maybe I will in the future but I want the Magic Dust to last.

The other colour I was the "Banshee" Eye/Lip Glitter:

I haven't tried this yet but love the dark brown/black colour to it. It would look great over brown or black eyeshadow and red lipstick. So, I will be trying that soon!

I am overall happy with the purchase and the speed of delivery of Lime Crime's products. My only minor disappointment was the containers holding the glitter/magic dust are TINY. I know a little bit goes a long way but still the size was a bit of a downer.

The cool thing about this make-up is a little goes a long way, the intense colours, and the fact they ship worldwide. So, if you love wild, intense make-up, check out Lime Crime. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Music Interlude

Two songs that I have been listening to all weekend:

Idioteque- radiohead


15 Step- radiohead

They bring back good memories of the radiohead concert I went to last August(2008). The second video was what the stage looked like when I saw them.

Thom Yorke has such a distinctive voice!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sandals On My Mind.

I have been surfing the Internet, looking at clothing websites to see what has come in for spring.

I keep finding myself drooling over sandals. No huge surprise since I am a confessed "shoe girl".

I must have "Sparkly! Me wants!" disease today because these sandals just thrill me:

Above: Maya Sequined Platform Sandals by Jeffrey Campbell

They are sparkly, they are beautiful, and, oddly enough, they have Velcro closure.

That last makes me pause in thinking of buying them because we all know what Velcro looks like when it starts to wear out and how it gets harder to "stick" the closure shut because of that. $115 for sandals with Velcro closure? That just doesn't seem right. They are pretty though.

These sandals:

Above: The Creature Sandals by LD Tuttle

Are a nice pewter shade and and have a buckle closure at the ankle strap. they also look sturdy and like they are build to last. Of course, the price tag is higher at $620.


They would be mine if they were cheaper.

And lastly, I found these sandals:

Above: Metallic Sage Banded Platform Sandals by KORS Michael Kors

I love how cleanly designed they are and the pewter colour. They are spendy as well at $375 though.

Someday, I will be able to buy shoes like these but today is not the day. Unfortunately. So, I will just drool and dream.