Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been missing in action a lot this year. I have felt out of the blogging mood and a lot of negative stuff was tossed my way near the end of the year. It made me just need a break from sharing anything.

 I also have started using this blog to show off what creative stuff I am doing on photography. I am going to carry that over to the new year so I don't have to just write and write a bunch of entries without something to really show. Everyone seems to prefer photos in entries and my life is ever evolving so this blog is going to evolve with my life.

 Anyway, I hope everyone has a very happy new year. That all the bad things that happened in people's lives get left in the old year. That only good things that happened in 2012 get carried over into the new year. I also want all sorts of new, exciting, and good things to happen in the new year to everyone.

 So, lift up the chin, smile, and welcome in the new year with me.