Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey Soldier Girl!!!!

Above: Soldier Girl Coat in Grey by Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Is the PERFECT military-style coat! And it is only $83.00 before tax so doesn't hit the bank account too harshly.

Above: back-view of coat.

Definitely an "less expensive" option for all those lovers of military-style jackets out there.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back From Seattle!

I am back from Seattle...have been for two days...and yet I do not post.

I guess it is a mixture of aching back (damn tension and stress) and feeling a bit "let-down" having to come back home. I feel so much less "alien" in a big city. Time to start working on those moving plans.

I did a huge shopping spree and got a few items to add to my wardrobe. I acquired a long, black scarf and a pair of medium grey tights from the huge GAP store in downtown Seattle. Didn't find dark grey so fear I will have to order dark grey tights online. Got a kick-ass Space Needle tee at, well, the Space Needle.

Then I blew $20 on Japanese stationary at the $1.50 Japanese store Daiso. I will be using that to write friends around the world for years to come!

I also hit up Sephora, a store I love and that is not where I live now. Yes, I live in a city without a Sephora! How awful is that?!?! There I bought Opi nailpolish in Social Climber and "G" perfume by harajuku girls.

I went light on the shopping though the things I did buy had a few more expensive purchases. Why?

Because on coming home I bought this coat online:

Above: Kelsey Belted Peacoat in Heather Grey by Delias.

It was shipped today and I hope it is large enough (I ordered a medium) since I am thin but tall. I always have issues with the sleeve being too short on things so cross your fingers for me that it fits!

Anyways, I should be blogging away again like normal soon. Keep your eyes on this space. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Seattle Here I Come!

Yes, you read that right. I am headed off to Seattle early tomorrow morning for two days.

It is a much needed change of pace since my surroundings have started to wear on my nerves. I just wish my "Opps, bill wasn't paid due to transfer of money" problem were cleared up before I went. It still isn't showing that the money transfer I did yesterday was received and that annoys me. It is only suppose to take a day to process but it is still processing two days later! So, no cool shopping in Seattle I fear. :(

Enough bill drama...this is my fashion blog!

Let's try and change the stressed mood and get fashion find talking!

"Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)- Nouvelle Vague

I discovered the beautiful Nouvelle Vague...a French band who do covers of 80s new wave and 60s songs in a sort of French lounge way. I now have to run out and buy their Cds so I can listen to them over and over again.

They are just so interesting and beautiful musically.

Okay, now on to the fashion.

I am ordering this clutch from Handbag Planet:

Above: April Exotic Flap Clutch (in Pewter) from Handbag Planet

I have wanted a clutch forever and this one is a pretty pewter colour, has a reptile print to it, and is only $38.95. So it will join my wardrobe for those nights out.

I also am captivated by these shoes:
Above: Collar Heels by Jeffrey Campbell

Which are gorgeous, but pricey at $162.00 so I will not be buying.

This is the top view of the shoes:

They would be fun to own and I love Jeffrey Campbell as people may have already guessed.

I have too many pairs of sunglasses already but these:

Above: Cherry Shades (in Black) by Francesca's Collections

Are just calling my name. I love the frames and they are only $12.00 so wonderfully affordable. I may have to get them.

These boots:

Above: The Bard Boots by ld tuttle

Are beyond cool! I love them! Check out the backs with the lace-up style!

They are simply beautiful and a mixture of punk rock, medieval, and modern.

They are also out of my price range for owning at the moment being $692.00 and are in limited quantities at Oakny.com. Somebody buy them and tell me they love wearing them as much as I would!

I do want a pair of dark grey tights like these:

Above: Vital Tights in Dark Grey at Modcloth.

They are a nice alternative to black tights and can go with so many different outfits and colours. I will be keeping an eye out for dark grey tights on my store wanderings but may have to order them from Modcloth.

Okay, now I simply must wrap up this post here and get to bed. I have a 6 a.m. wake-up time for heading to Seattle since it is a 5 hour drive from here.

Enjoy your weekend fashion lovers and see you on Monday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raspberry That Repels Splashes!

I ran into these boots while cruising around stylefeeder :

Above: Mes Red Boots by Fly

They make me want to wear them while splashing in puddles and running around the city.

Waxed leather to repel the water and inside zip for ease of putting them on.

Great raspberry colour and the two buckles are wonderful as well.

Too cool!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Must...Not...Click..."Proceed To Checkout"!

I have this shirt sitting in my shopping cart at 80's Purple :

Above: Women's Scoopneck Sequin Top (Cream/Taupe) by Aryn K

It would be so great for going out at night...only I haven't anywhere to go out at the moment in this town.

Look at the close-up of the front:
Above: Front detail of top.

I am loving it a lot! The minus...it is $50 before shipping.

Above: The backside of top.

I am so close to clicking "Proceed to Checkout" and the only thing holding me back is not knowing if I take a size "Small" or size "Medium".

I am just loving it and wanting it.

My Modepass!

I was asked to join Modepass...a kickass French networking site for fashion people and fashionistas to mingle...a few months back.

I, of course, had so much going on it slipped my mind to share it with people!

So if you are on Modepass or are just curious about my photography, head this way.

Feel free to add me there if you are a member and comment or message me there. It will give me that nudge to go there other than to post new photos from photoshoots.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Want To Know What You're Thinking....Tell Me What's On Your Mind!

I never thought I would say it but, these shoes:

Above: Anne Michelle Motox02 Ankle Boots

Are quite interesting and cool.

They remind me of my goth/punk days and for some odd reason of the show, "Club Mtv". A dance show on Mtv that tried to capture the NYC club scene of 1987-1992 for Mtv viewers.

The bright colours and black of these boots just seem like late 80s, early 90s clubgear.

The song that comes runs through my head while I look at these boots?

What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)- Information Society

They look like they could be worn by the female member of the band and because of this...I have a soft spot in my heart for these boots.

And they are only $39.99 at Cutesygirl.com which makes them a fun buy for not a lot of money.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yummy Looking Soaps.

Usually, I am not into cutesy, silly, soaps but these:

Above: Cupcake Love Cupcake Soaps by Margarita Bloom

It comes in lovely scents like: German Choclate Cake, Lemon Curd, Mango Lassi, Strawberries & Champagne, Hazelnut Marshmallow, Sweet Pumpkin, and Strawberry Angel Cake.

Sounds yummy doesn't it?

The cool thing? They are only $8.00 a piece.

They also have "body glow" sugar scrub:

Avoe: Appletini Body Glow

In both Appletini and Cosmo Girl scents that are only $10.50 a tub.

Check out the whole Magarita Bloom site and see all the yummy sounding body care items they offer.

When Sales Clerks Misfire.

For the second time in a week I have been, possibly unintentionally, insulted by the sales clerks at stores trying to get me to buy things.

Yesterday, I was in Macys at the mall. I was looking at "G" in the Harajuku Lovers perfume section and made a comment about the tacky bottles that were a bit too "teenaged" but how I loved the scent so would just not flash the bottle around if I got it. I like tropical, fruity, perfumes and it fits the bill. Instantly, this misguided sales clerk (pushing 50 in age) tries to get me interested in a "more grown-up, fruity, scents". The quickly starts passing me smells of perfume on testers and they all smell like "old lady" perfume. She kept stating that they were "more adult"....yeah grandma age "more adult".

She seemed to fail to grasp the concept that I may be in my 30s but I am not one foot in the grave. Keep saying, "But they have fruity notes to them." Yeah maybe but the HEAVY floral/musky scents totally drown out the "grapefruit" or "apple" tones in the perfumes she had me smelling. I expect this sort of thing (the "aging up" of things they try to sell you in stores here) since in Spokane, people start dressing like soccer moms at the age of 28. I walked away from the woman with a dismissive, "All those perfumes smell like old lady"and the younger perfume sales clerks giggled.

The other time this happened this week, I was in Nordstrom downtown and the 40 something sales clerk tried to sell the tackiest, flannel, long-sleeved, MOOSE design covered, shirt and said "This would look great on you." Truthfully, it looked like something a crafter would wear while making a craft project like candle-wax covered pinecones. I gave that sales clerk an "ARE YOU INSANE???!!!" look and said firmly, "That is NOT my style. I have better taste." She looked confused, then backed off, and made herself very busy rearranging the clothing on the nearby rack.

Really, if the locals are taking styling/scent advice from these clerks once they are over 25...no wonder everyone looks frumpy and smell of strong, old lady, scent here.

I cannot wait to move to a big city where even older ladies dress with style and taste.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Got Them!

I was in Macys today while on a futile attempt to find new glasses liked at the local mall. No luck in the glasses department but I did get these:

Or at least a variation on those trouser jeans. Mine have buttons on the belt loops and on the front flap...and not on the pockets.

They fit well, are comfortable, and I will be buying this brand, See Thru Soul, again now I know what size I take in them.

I wish I had found the glasses I have wanted but they are impossible to find in Spokane.

They are these:

Above: Donna Karan Eyewear Model: 1531 Colour: 3072

These frames are featured in this commercial:

A commercial that has made me want the frames so badly...because they are stylish, classy, and funky.

Unfortunately, Spokane is not the least bit "up to date" or fashionable...so they are not anywhere I have been yet.

I have also been appalled at the mark-up price of frames...heck, a simple Donna Karen pair that go for $130 online are $298 in the glasses stores here in Spokane! Just the frames before you get your prescription in them! It's disgusting!

Anyway, I will continue my search for these frames and hope I do not have to go online to get them because I always have issues with my prescription needing to be tweaked because I am so near-sighted.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I went out shopping on Sunday and hit the GAP when they had a great sale going on. I bought a lot of "foundation" clothing items including the lovely "deep V t-shirt" I have been seeing everywhere!
It's similar to this:

Above: Unisex Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck by American Apparel

I also got another deep-v tee at Macy's that was grey with a black "band" along the v-neck. I love it because it is SUPER soft!

I bought a grey cardigan at the GAP as well:

Above: Belted boyfriend cardigan by Gap

Which I think will go great with the deep-v tees.

I bought an under-layer, black, long-sleeved, shirt to wear under shirts and tees in the colder months.

I could not hold back from buying a really great purse and a pair of brown suede shoes either.

Now I just need a pair of wide-legged, wide hemmed, trouser jeans. Something that is proving to be hard to find here in Spokane.

Something like this:

Above: Sailor Nouveau Jean by See Thru Soul

It seems they put this style on sale at every store and they sold out in days. Just my luck. I shall have to keep looking.

I am hoping once I get moved to a larger city...it won't be so damn hard to find what I am looking for since there will be more stores offering the clothing I seek.

It can be tricky ordering off online unless you have tried it on in the store or know how the brand fits you...and even then you may be off on size when ordering. It's such a huge headache to return things you order from online if you get the size wrong.

So, that was my shopping spree of the Sunday. I think I spent about $150 on everything. I had a bit of extra money and my "foundation" clothes in my wardrobe are starting to get small holes in them. It was money well spent.

Monday, October 06, 2008

How Much I Long To Own These!!!!!

I want these:

Above: lynden combo python heel by Jeffrey Campbell

They are simply gorgeous and just my style of funky yet not tacky.

Why, oh why, can I not afford these at the moment despite all the money in my account.

The "shoe girl" inside of me is chanting "I WANT!!!" and crying because she cannot have.

Damn you Jeffrey Campbell for making them $122.00 AND the fact they are selling out fast at the Oak NY website!