Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tiny Bit Of A Break From Fashion.

I am taking a little time off from blogging to figure out what the heck to do with myself. I feel a bit like I am spinning my wheels and not accomplishing all that much. So, I am reading a lot of historical books and taking notes in a research for character in book way. It makes me feel like I am doing something and less like I am hitting a brick wall.

I have also been avoiding being online for very long due to super hot weather which makes it uncomfortable to sit in front of the computer screen. I have been hanging out with my friend Maria and taking photos of pets. For example, here is one of Matilda.

Above: Matilda more seen on Flickr

I am hoping to head down to Pig Out At The Park (horrid name for an event, I know)  this Saturday and take some photos while there. I am feeling the whole "taking photos" thing a lot at the moment. I just need some paying gigs.

As Fall creeps in I hope to get back to blogging a little more regularly. So, keep checking in to see what I am writing about.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer activities and distractions.

The Fall fashion magazines are arriving in the mail in all the glorious thickness. I am starting to pour over them and love things that are shown in photos within the covers of the likes of Elle and Vogue.

Sadly, I am tapped out when it comes to money so will not get to indulge in buying any new Fall clothing items this year. It makes em sad since there are things I would love to own but I am also sure I can make it through with the clothing I own at the moment from past years. I do wish I owned more than jeans though but I will make it through with just jeans.

It is funny how being broke really makes a person see how much they already own and how the worry of paying bills trumps buying anything but the essentials. I guess I am one of those people that only spends when I know I have cash coming into my account at a semi-regular basis. This is a good thing and it's time for me to be a bit frugal and not buy things that are unnecessary.

I have been distracting myself from money issues by looking at magazines and online to see what fashion appeals to me this season. I have also been getting out of the house more and trying to amp up my creativity because that is the road to happiness for me.

Above: Flower photo by me (click photo for larger size)

As an example of things I have been doing recently. I spent a day in Manito Park taking flower photos, chatting with my friend Maria, and eating at the park's Manito Park Bench Cafe. It was a wonderful day and I did get a bit sun burnt but it was so worth it. I took many great images while there.

Above: The Japanese Garden's bridge at Manito Park (click photo for bigger size)

I am hoping to incorporate a lot of the flower/nature images I took into the painting I am currently doing. More on that in a future blog post.

Above: Thistle Flower by me (click photo to see bigger size)

Distraction can be a lot of fun and heaven knows many of us need that right now. I will continuing to head out and do fun things at least once a week until life starts to ease up on the economic side.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer and getting excited about the fashion coming out for Fall.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interesting shoes.

I am a shoe girl. There is just no denying it. I also like footwear that the average person would consider "weird." Guilty as charged! I just love styles that are new and different when it comes to shows.

Above: Short-Edge Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell

Above: Snake-effect leather pumps by Camilla Skovgaard

I also love shoes that have a classic yet new feel to them.

Above: Shearling-lined ankle boots by Burberry

Maybe it is the teenage punk rocker inside me that draws me to the slightly off-center when it comes to footwear? Or maybe I just like shoes that look ultra modern? Whatever the case, I love a shoe that demands attention but can be walked in.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Get in my wardrobe, now.

I need these things added to my wardrobe.

Above: Crochet Sweater Poncho w/ Hood at Forever 21

I love ponchos and the open crochet style, colour, and the fact that this poncho is hooded really appeal to me.

Above: Cozy Knit Pullover by Forever 21

I love slouchy, comfy, pullovers because they are perfect for those days when I just prefer comfort over being very dressy. I would wear this pullover around the house on those days when I wanted to get out of my pajamas into clothes to hang out in.

Above: Strappy Suedette Cuff by Forever 21

I saw an upscale version of this cuff with silken cords instead of suedette straps at Cues downtown. I so wished I had the money for that version but, like a lot of people, I am having to watch every cent recently. This Forever 21 version would be fine and captures the spirit of the cuff I saw.

I am not picturing myself doing a lot of shopping this Fall. I am sure I will be relying on what I already own and trying to mix and match outfits from my closet. It should be fun and a bit challenging at times since I love to shop but haven't the money to this year. I am going to be doing a ton of loving things from afar and not buying them.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Please do not use it besides a use.

I should mention Saya, the Japanese group escort/translator who stayed with us. You can glimpse her in my photos of a trip to Green Bluff HERE. She stayed with us for 3 weeks with the high school group (with teacher) were in the area since the group all gets "homestay" with host families while they are in town. They come every year for 3 weeks to experience American culture and practice English, have an American experience really.

Makio, the Japanese teacher with the group did not stay with us due to his pet allergies. My family did, however, drive him to activities and my parents gave him a ride to class each day. He gifted my family before leaving with many Japanese items. I ended up with the Japanese house slippers.

The Japanese house slippers
Above: The house slippers in all their glory. I will be wearing them.

The best part of the slippers?

The mangled, English, instructions on the back of their tag!

Engrish instructions to house slippers
Above: I love these "instrdctions"!

My favorite instructions I have gotten on an Asian product recently! I had to share them because they amused me so much.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

These Wedges!!!!

I love these wedges!

Above: The Wonder Years Wedges at Thread Scene

Classic 1970s styling in the modern day. I love it! I want them!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

If I Were Shopping Today....

Since I am short of funds I cannot really go shopping so have resorted to pretend shopping websites every once and a while. This seems to successfully kill my inner shopper's impulses.

If I had gone shopping today, this would have been my haul.

Above: Cheetah Tan Lima Leather Multi Platform Pumps by Jessica Simpson

The mixture of the print and the colour-blocking just is great! I would so wear them!

Above: Mod 3/4 Slv Tunic at Forever 21

The pop of orange really is exciting to me and I like the Mod look of the tunic with it's geometric shapes.
Above: Out Tonight Clutch at Francesca's Collections

Neutral and very classy in style.

Above:Many Belles Down Cloak Polka Dot Pencil Skirt at Lulus.com

I love pencil skirts and the slight dot pattern on this burgundy coloured skirt really adds a bit of pop to the skirt.

Above: F7910 Sunglasses at Forever 21

The taupe colour and the chunky frames are so my thing.

Above: Basic Burnout Tee in Orchid at Forever 21

I may buy a lot of neutral colour clothing but I like pops of colour as well in what I wear. This tee would be perfect for that.

Above:Dream Heart Necklace at Forever 21

It would be a toss up if I would buy the necklace in sliver tone or gold tone. Both would go with so much that I own and both would be very pretty.

Above: Diagonal Stripe Tunic at Forever 21

I love the diagonal stripes and the cocoa colour mixed with the black stripes. Great neckline as well.

Above: Tribal Stripes Skirt at Forever 21

I would wear this skirt often and it would be a great way to really add some excitement to an outfit with it's wavy stripes.
Above: Free as a Bird Scarf at Francesca's Collections

I love the colours in this scarf! I have seriously thought of buying it but haven't the money for it at the moment. I would wear it so often this Fall season to really bring some life to outfits and because it is so pretty.

Above: taupe suede 'Toutenkaboucle' strappy buckle platform sandals by Christian Louboutin

The sandals are pricey but so versatile. I would wear them so often that the price would seem worth it. Oh to have $800 to drop on shoes like these when they crossed my shopping path.

Above: Knit's Warm in Here Tights at Modcloth.com

I have been wanting to have a pair of tights of this thickness and in this nude colour for years!

Above: Feelin' Drape Necklace at Modcloth

I like the drape affect of this necklace. It is so classy and timeless.

Above: Crinkle in Time Scarf in Tropical Smoothie at Modcloth

Another bright scarf to add pop to an outfit.

Above: Hello, Yellow Brick Road Wedge at Modcloth

I love the woven style of this wedge and the wedge heel.

Above: Dawn Reflection Dress by BB Dakota

I love the green dress with the print on it. Great length too.

Above: Benjamin Fringe Cardigan by BB Dakota

This cardigan looks comfortable as well as stylish.

Above: Bootcut Pant in Green by Thakoon Addition

I need a pair of pants like these. I have been looking for a pair with perfect flare for ages.

Above: Manic crocodile-effect leather sandals by Elizabeth and James

I love love love the colour of these sandals. They would look great with tights!

But, enough for today with the showing what I have found and like. I should do this more often since a new season is starting to seep into fashion websites and stores. So exciting!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Back To Blogging After SDCC!

I am back from San Diego and had a lovely time at San Diego Comic Con!

Since being back there has been a house guest from Japan and I have been trying to schedule photo shoots...as well as worrying a bit about money.

Still, SDCC was fun! I actually sat this close to the stage during the True Blood panel!

Above: My closeness during the True Blood panel. LOOK! Alexander Skarsgard!!!

Yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard at the True Blood panel. He was not listed as being on the panel and was there. the place went CRAZY when he came out on stage to take his seat.

Above: From the large screen...look at how tan Alexander Skarsgard is!

The panel was great as was all of Comic Con. If you are curious about all my photos taken there, check out this link:


And now to get all settled back into my real life and get a few photo shoots scheduled.