Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ma Dame Indeed!

Someone needs to buy me this perfume for Christmas:

Above: Ma Dame Perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier

It is so subtle and soft smelling...yet has spicy notes to it as well.

It seems to blend into my skin to the point where it smells like it is the natural fragrance of my skin...if my skin smelled like Ma Dame perfume.

I need to have this scent because I cannot stop smelling my wrists where I spritzed the sample of it.

I was relatively good this past year...someone gift it to me. :)

Dress Search Update and New Shoes.

I have decided against Dress #1 because I am not feeling it is dressy enough for NYE. Of course it helps that they no longer have it in my size in making this decision.

I loved the dress but it just didn't seem dressy enough to me and it was a bit spendy for not being dressy. So, I start searching for what to wear for NYE yet again. At least there is an abundance of black dresses everywhere online.

I have to make my decision within this next week so send positive dress making decision thoughts my way.

I was in Target yesterday and came across these great flats which I bought:

Above: Vennie Patent Flats - Black by Mossimo

I need more flat shoes since everything I own shoe-wise is heeled or I got them. They even look great with funky socks so good buy for me.

Now just to find the right difficult when I don't want to go above $200 for a dress but still want to look good.


Friday, November 28, 2008

The Dress Search Continues & Necklace Purchase!

I have been m.i.a. for the last few days due to the holidays, watching the fourth season of Sex In the City on DVD (I am late to the game with this tv show.), and feeling rather blah about things. Yeah...a few day "blue period" for me.

Still no NYE dress...I am thinking about my option #1 I posted here a lot but worry it isn't dressy enough even though it is funky and "me".

The #1 Dress option to refresh memories:

I found two sites that have some decent party dresses and will be looking through them the next few days as I decide what I am going to do for a dress. that way if I decide against the above dress or they are out of my size in the above dress...I have my bases covered.

I did buy this necklace for NYE:

Above: sterling silver new beginnings lotus disc necklace - 18 inch by Dogeared Jewels

It's silver, it's simple, and it will go with many different outfits while not being overwhelming in size. I have wanted a piece of jewelry from Dogeared Jewels for ages as well.

I like the saying on the card because it fits right in with my life right now. This past year has been horrible for me for various reasons...I need to look at the new year as a new beginning. So, this necklace will mean a lot to me.

So, I have the necklace, purse, and a pair of black boots to wear...I just need a dress!

Who'd have thought looking for a NYE dress would be so hard?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Like The Night Life Baby...She Says...Let's Go!

Well, I have been fighting a cold for two weeks now that seemed to go away and then formed into a nasty cough. the cough has mutated into a mild sore throat. So annoying.

I am still looking for dresses for NYE though not as avidly as before. I haven't had a chance yet to look locally because I haven't felt up to going out and wandering through stores.

Online, I did find this cool sweater at 80's Purple:

Above: KISS ME DEADLY SWEATER in Black by Obey

I love the graphic design on it and the sweater is deep-v and light-weight.

I even have thought I could use to for NYE with the right skirt...but that leads me to trying to find the perfect skirt which is even harder than trying to find the perfect dress. Skirts just do not fit me right most of the time because I am "skinny" but not "stick thin skinny" in that I have a woman's curves while being thin. Makes finding the perfect fitting skirt a nightmare for me as they are all too tight or too loose most the time.

But the design:

Is so cool and it appeals to me. I am a sucker for a modern, stylized, graphic design element, print.

And I love the longer sleeves on it. They hit just midway down the hand. That is another thing I love since most long-sleeve shirts have too short of sleeves on me. So, I will definitely think about this sweater.

Strangely enough, the sweater brings this song into my head:

"Let's Go"- The Cars

Onto other fashion subjects...

This nail polish:

Above: Metro Chick Nail Colour by Sephora by Opi

Just rocks my world!

It is the perfect shade of grey (quite warm yet dark) and slightly darker than in the photo/bottle when it dries. It dries extremely fast and doesn't bubble. A nail polish that doesn't bubble and dry fast is KICK ASS in my book.

I am wearing this shade often and loving it.

If you haven't bought this nail polish shade yet rush out to Sephora and buy it or order it on their website. And is only $9.00 per bottle before tax.

I also received this bracelet:

...that I have been excited about receiving and waiting on arrival through the mail.

The gold colour is an "antiqued" effect and it is chunky...and a bit heavy. I am super thin in the wrist so it fits me well...only moving up my arm about 4 inches.

This means that if you are a heavier lady...the bracelet will not be closing easily (if at all) on you...even with the toggle closure it has.

Just a little warning.

Okay, off I head to finish up online activities and then head to bed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a Glamoramapuss.

I was wandering around online and discovered a really cool site called Glamoramapuss.

Above: Bird in Garden Necklace by Glamoramapuss

I am loving the bright necklaces there with all the detail that they have to them!

Above: Sea Life Necklace by Glamoramapuss

I am just in awe of the small little shells and coral in that necklace. I think this one is my favorite of the necklaces because I have always been in love with the ocean.

Above: Balance Necklace by Glamoramapuss

The Buddha head is gorgeous as well. Perfect for those into yoga and eastern art.

Above: Big Blue Bouquet Necklace by Glamoramapuss

There are also great bracelets , earrings, and a Storybook Collection of necklaces at the site so swing by, check them out, and purchase if you are inspired to.

NYE Dress Idea #3

I was wandering around Urban Outfitters and also saw this dress on my stylefeed:

Above: Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan Bow Party Dress

It is simple and elegant...and only $98.00. The bow is quite cool:

But I cannot help but think it's a bit TOO simple. Especially the back:

I like the length and the deepness of the just seems a bit bland to me. It also looks like it could be a bit "sack dress" like in fit and I am into more fitted dresses.

I know I could fancy it up with accessories but, I don't know. It just doesn't have the "upmh" I want for my NYE dress.

Input please!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

NYE Dress Idea #2

I was looking and looking online for possible dresses for NYE and came across this one on

Above: Sprouse Dress by Ella Moss

I love the splashes of red and brown the dress has with the tie and front neckline.

Above: Close-up of neckline.

The only problem with the dress is it is $166.00 BEFORE shipping and tax is factored in. Grrr...everything I like costs more a decent chunk of money.

Above: Back view of dress.

It would make a good party dress that isn't too flashy yet not boring either. And it is like the 80's Stephen Sprouse clothing.

Just another dress to think about for NYE in NYC.

Newest Purcahses...Exciting!

I broke down tonight and bought two items to join my wardrobe..which I am going through and getting rid of old items to replace with new.

I bought this bracelet:

Above: Isabelle Charm Bracelet in Gold at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

It was mentioned in my last post and it was priced just right for me to snap it up: $13.00 after shipping and tax. It will go well with the newer clothing items I am buying in recent days.

Then I found a casual dress that was on sale:

Above: T-shirt Sash Dress in Black by GAP

It comes in three colours: black, heather grey, and smokey violet. I loved the violet but it isn't in my size anymore plus the black would be more versatile.

Above: back of dress.

At $24.99 (before tax and shipping) could I resist? It would be perfect with my new heather grey tights and my high heeled, knee high, black, boots.

Still no NYE party dress but I am finding some great deals. I have to stop myself and just buy my NYE dress now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Purple Dress and Charm Bracelet

I have been looking for NYE party dresses that suit me and my style. Not having a lot of luck with that at the moment besides this one which I have already written about.

I guess I will have to comb Macys, Nordstorm, and Cues in town to see what is offered there since they are the only real "fashion" stores in this small city. I am expecting a lot of over-priced, sequined to an inch of their life, tacky dresses at all three places since that is what passes for "party attire" here.

On my wanders through the Internet world looking at dresses for NYE, I found this dress:

Above: Grace Kelley Dress in Plum at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

It caught my eye because of the styling and the buttons on the sleeves:

How cool are those buttons?

The back view is also quite pretty:

The dress also comes in black

Above: Grace Kelley Dress in Black at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

I just think the purple colour is a lot prettier.

And it would go pretty nicely with this bracelet as well:

Isabelle Charm Bracelet in Gold at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

At $61.00 the dress is not going to put a huge dent in the bank account. The bracelet is a steal at $11.00. I am definitely ordering the bracelet.

The dress...I am not sure where I would wear it at the moment since I spend most my days/nights in front of the computer working with Photoshop on photos. I suppose I should wait to buy clothes like that until I get moved and my social life restarts.

Still I love the dress and adore the bracelet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Free...To Do What I Want...Any Old Time!

I was wandering around the Internet and decided to check out Dogeared Jewels since I hadn't looked at their site for ages.

I saw this necklace which is beyond beautiful!

Above: 18 inch gold dipped free bird necklace- Dogeared Jewels

The saying on the card it comes on?

"never doubt your freedom! you create your own destiny. let this necklace be a reminder to fly headfirst into your future. fly high!"

This necklace would be a great reminder that one can do what they desire and creates their own future.

I cannot tell you how much I want this necklace! Sadly, it is $114.00 and out of my price range right now since I am saving to move and to go to NYC for NYE.

I really need a pretty necklace that would remind me that I "create my own destiny" right now to inspire me to get out there, move, start taking photos, and live the life I would love to live!

*Sigh* if only I had the money.

I'm Free- The Soup Dragons

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dress Possibility #1

Since I will be in NYC on NYE and be going out...I will need a decent dress to wear out and about.
Something like this:

Above: Women's Cowl Neck Dress by Hype

I am not into sparkly or tacky looking night-out wear. At my age and with my looks that just screams "dated" or "trying too hard".

This dress has that plunge that says "I am going out to party" and looks very "me" in style at the same time.

Above: Farther away view

I am thinking it would work with a good pair of boots (which I have) as well and strappy sandals (which I have). It could also be put under a coat and scarf for running around in the cold night air on NYE.

Above: Back view

The minus is it is $180 dollars! That is a bit spendy but I do NEED a decent party dress.

I will be blogging dress possibilities until I find a dress I like for NYE in NYC....where I go out to dinner, see the ball drop (though not in Times Square), and hit a few parties.

Feedback welcome!

Friday, November 07, 2008


I am headed to NYC on NYE!!!!!!

I will be there from Dec. 30th to Jan. 5th....and it is exciting because I have never been to NYC before!

Street Fashion Photos and Models!

I have always been loving street fashion and love when people take photos of it.

As a photographer, I have long wanted to do this myself but I just do not live in the right place for it since Spokane, Washington isn't really a "dress-up to go out shopping/for the night/ect" place. People here always suggest Walmart as the number one place to buy clothing...enough said.

I have started to try and take street fashion photos and I will share one of my first attempts here:

Above: Dana, Downtown Spokane, Washington

I love her use of the scarf and how even her Puma bag is colour coordinated. Her hair also just rocks!

I ended up using Dana for a photoshoot:

Above: Dana, Sept.2008 by Shadownlite Photography

She was just a great model and I enjoyed taking photos of her.

I cannot wait to move so that I can take more street photography because I love doing it...and it can get me models for my photography.

Check me out at Modepass and add me there if you are a member. :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

NYC on NYE Maybe?

I am pondering heading to New York City for New Years Eve and a few days before and afterward.

A friend in NYC has offered their futon couch as a place to crash and said I could "stay as long as (I) like".

It is tempting because I have never been to NYC and having a place to crash makes a visit cheaper. I would just have to pay for my food, transportation (subway + cabs), entertainment (when I don't get in places free), and airline ticket. The not having to pay for a hotel makes it so I can stay longer and not have a huge bite taken out of my bank account for lodging.

So I am pricing the airline tickets but if they are above $500 I will postpone the trip until later in January.

See, I want to visit NYC but not spend heaps of money because I need to save most my savings to move within the next two months. So, the pricing of airline tickets and feeling anxious about buying them happens for the next few days. I always get buyers anxiety when it comes to expensive things like plane tickets.

So we shall see if I head in that direction...everyone says I should "go for it".

Saturday, November 01, 2008

W...T...F Sci Fi Clothing.

Okay I was on Browns website today and found these fugly clothes that have me scratching my head and going, "WHY!!!!????"

Above: Metallic leggings by Pam Hogg

Okay, you may be saying....they might be cool in a "50's sci fi/spacesuit leggings" sort of way...until you see how they were styled by the website:

The added the t-shirt by the same designer and one of these ugly necklace choker necklaces by the same designer:

Above: Patent choker necklace by Pam Hogg

Maybe if you are Goth or dress extremely funky all the time it would work for you in a "so tacky it is cool way".

But gets worse!

Above: Superwoman top by Pam Hogg

" cute!" you may be thinking, "It looks okay to me"...just wait for the back view.

Yes, you are seeing right...the top has an attached CAPE! And it is paired with the leggings! Yikes!

But gets worse!

Above: Metallic jumpsuit by Pam Hogg

UGH! Yuk! WTF???!!! It's hideous!

"Maybe the site will find a cool way to style it for everyday use because I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to wear a 50's sci fi jumpsuit!" I thought.

Boy was I wrong...


They styled it with a black clutch purse, strappy sandals, and one of Hogg's disgusting chokers????? They have to be joking with people!

I cannot see where you could possibly wear any of Hogg's designs (except for the t-shirt on its own)!!!! They are truly tacky, dated looking, and too 50's sci fi movie costume for regular wear. Maybe if you wanted to pay couture prices for a Halloween costume it may work but, to style things like the jumpsuit with a clutch purse? OMG! How tragically funny!

I can see what the designer, Pam Hogg, is attempting (and enjoy her creativity) but, it just doesn't translate to real world wear.

Keep it ON the runway, please!