Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dress Search Update and New Shoes.

I have decided against Dress #1 because I am not feeling it is dressy enough for NYE. Of course it helps that they no longer have it in my size in making this decision.

I loved the dress but it just didn't seem dressy enough to me and it was a bit spendy for not being dressy. So, I start searching for what to wear for NYE yet again. At least there is an abundance of black dresses everywhere online.

I have to make my decision within this next week so send positive dress making decision thoughts my way.

I was in Target yesterday and came across these great flats which I bought:

Above: Vennie Patent Flats - Black by Mossimo

I need more flat shoes since everything I own shoe-wise is heeled or I got them. They even look great with funky socks so good buy for me.

Now just to find the right difficult when I don't want to go above $200 for a dress but still want to look good.



Tanya said...

Great find..! I too got same black shoes from Target.

SnapandPrint said...

The shoes are great! I gave them a trial run a few days back and they didn't hurt my feet at all.