Sunday, November 16, 2008

Newest Purcahses...Exciting!

I broke down tonight and bought two items to join my wardrobe..which I am going through and getting rid of old items to replace with new.

I bought this bracelet:

Above: Isabelle Charm Bracelet in Gold at Lulu's Fashion Lounge

It was mentioned in my last post and it was priced just right for me to snap it up: $13.00 after shipping and tax. It will go well with the newer clothing items I am buying in recent days.

Then I found a casual dress that was on sale:

Above: T-shirt Sash Dress in Black by GAP

It comes in three colours: black, heather grey, and smokey violet. I loved the violet but it isn't in my size anymore plus the black would be more versatile.

Above: back of dress.

At $24.99 (before tax and shipping) could I resist? It would be perfect with my new heather grey tights and my high heeled, knee high, black, boots.

Still no NYE party dress but I am finding some great deals. I have to stop myself and just buy my NYE dress now.

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