Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Like The Night Life Baby...She Says...Let's Go!

Well, I have been fighting a cold for two weeks now that seemed to go away and then formed into a nasty cough. the cough has mutated into a mild sore throat. So annoying.

I am still looking for dresses for NYE though not as avidly as before. I haven't had a chance yet to look locally because I haven't felt up to going out and wandering through stores.

Online, I did find this cool sweater at 80's Purple:

Above: KISS ME DEADLY SWEATER in Black by Obey

I love the graphic design on it and the sweater is deep-v and light-weight.

I even have thought I could use to for NYE with the right skirt...but that leads me to trying to find the perfect skirt which is even harder than trying to find the perfect dress. Skirts just do not fit me right most of the time because I am "skinny" but not "stick thin skinny" in that I have a woman's curves while being thin. Makes finding the perfect fitting skirt a nightmare for me as they are all too tight or too loose most the time.

But the design:

Is so cool and it appeals to me. I am a sucker for a modern, stylized, graphic design element, print.

And I love the longer sleeves on it. They hit just midway down the hand. That is another thing I love since most long-sleeve shirts have too short of sleeves on me. So, I will definitely think about this sweater.

Strangely enough, the sweater brings this song into my head:

"Let's Go"- The Cars

Onto other fashion subjects...

This nail polish:

Above: Metro Chick Nail Colour by Sephora by Opi

Just rocks my world!

It is the perfect shade of grey (quite warm yet dark) and slightly darker than in the photo/bottle when it dries. It dries extremely fast and doesn't bubble. A nail polish that doesn't bubble and dry fast is KICK ASS in my book.

I am wearing this shade often and loving it.

If you haven't bought this nail polish shade yet rush out to Sephora and buy it or order it on their website. And is only $9.00 per bottle before tax.

I also received this bracelet:

...that I have been excited about receiving and waiting on arrival through the mail.

The gold colour is an "antiqued" effect and it is chunky...and a bit heavy. I am super thin in the wrist so it fits me well...only moving up my arm about 4 inches.

This means that if you are a heavier lady...the bracelet will not be closing easily (if at all) on you...even with the toggle closure it has.

Just a little warning.

Okay, off I head to finish up online activities and then head to bed.


Sarah Von said...

That bracelet is fantastic! I love that it is simultaneously gold AND chunky ... gold jewelry often seems to be available only in 'tiny' and 'delicate' which is not really how I role. :)

SnapandPrint said...

I don't even wear gold most the time and HAD to get it. It is very heavy, chuncky, and cool.

WendyB said...

Cool top. Have you looked at gorgeous blogger Cherie's site for New Year's dresses?

SnapandPrint said...

Wendy...I will give ti a look.

I am having sucha hard time finding a dress I like that doens't break the bank. I am not all that thrilled with "glitzy" evening dresses and ones that are mor eme are just too expensive. And the cheap ones well...just don't suit me or the NYE experience.

It's become a bit of a chore now to find a dress and I am less than thrilled by the experience.