Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost 2010, Happy New Year!

Why am I staying in on NYE you may wonder?

I am saving money for a move within the next two (or so) months so need to pinch every penny I can for it. I would love to be out in a big city, enjoying the nightlife, this NYE but, that was not an option this year. So, I sit here in my robe, with a glass of champange, and listen to Pandora radio while writing a blog entry.

I have started on one of my new year's plans. I bought myself this daily planner:

Above: Moleskine Colour A Month 2010 Daily Planner

I have vowed to get more orgainized this year even if it is just making a daily list of things to check out or a reminder to think of blog entries. This daily planner totally will get me in the spirit since it is in list format for the days, or at least I am using the daily entries like lists.

I have a deep love for lists because I can make them and check off list items as I complete them. So, this planner is perfect for me. I am already loving it and I have only added a few things for tomorrow to be done so far. I think the planner and I are going to have a great relationship this year. We have already started out on the right foot.

If you simply must have a planner like mine...hurry up and buy it because this style sells out fast.

And now, to chase out any bad feelings that may linger from the past year, I give you PiL (Public Image Ltd.):

Happy New Year To Everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Camoflauge Evidence Of Those Late Nights.

I have never been a woman who liked concealer despite being a bit of a night owl who got little sleep.

I just hated the stickiness of the concealing sticks and liquids that just never seemed to stay put. I would resort to patting a bit of foundation over the dark circles, blemishes, and imperfections as opposed to using concealer to avoid concealer failure when it came to hiding things on my face that needed camoflauge.

Then I was gifted with this in my Christmas stocking this year:

Above: Smooth Minerals Concealer by Avon

I didn't think that a powder concealer would work and figured it would be too clumpy on top of foundation. I decided to give it a try and decided it is the BEST concealer I have ever used!

You use a brush to apply a tiny amount to the dark circles, blemishes, and imperfctions. They just disappear and it only takes a tiny bit of the concealer! It also is extremely long lasting and that is important for us ladies on the go.

The price tag is only $9.00 (at the moment) so hurry over to and order yourself will be glad you did.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

In Which I Use Christmas Money.

I am a huge fan of the brightly coloured tennis shoes available in Europe. I curse the fact that most US stores have boring sneakers. in black, white, or blue. We miss out on so many interesting colour combos living here in the States.

Then I saw these at the Puma website and fell in love:

Above: Cabana Racer II Women's Running Shoes

So, that is where my Christmas cash is the purchase of these shoes. I cannot wait to get them and wear them. So excited!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sometimes...I Just Need To Splurge.

I was wandering the Internet and came across this ring:

Above: Royal Wreath Ring by Francesca's Collections.

It is just so gorgeous and looks really impressive on the hand:

Since it was only $12.00 (US) I decided to splurge and buy it. I know, I should not have and it is the last thing I buy for a while. I need to save for my move after the New Year so, no more fun buys for me.

The ring also comes in goldtone:

So, if the ring catches your eye and you were not into the silvertone version....there is goldtone for you.

Just had to share.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post In Which I Love On Peep-Toe/Sci Fi Boots.

I know, a lot of you detest peep-toe booties. You claim boots are not suppose to show off your toes and it makes them "useless" as boots. You hate and spit venom in their general direction. Fine and dandy.

Me? I LOVE them.

They have that sci-fi, "the world has come to an end and I am a survivor", I will kick your ass with my ninja moves, lock and load your gun, look to them. Like something out of Road Warrior, Blade Runner, or Resident Evil , worlds in celluloid where a woman makes do with what she has whilst battling off mental, evil,  people or zombies trying to kill her.

I love the clothing looks from films because the costume designers can get creative and when that happens, it catches my eye.

How can a girl into edgy shoes not love these?

Above: Sandra Open Toe Wedge Booties by Pour la Victoire

The weathered-looking brown leather, the strap criss cross, the side zip, the open toe and heel, and the wedge all make me smile at the booties. I would wear them in a heartbeat because they are unique looking and look sturdy for walking in.

Or these, How can you hate these?

Above: Plenty 01 Chestnut Peep Toe Belt Wrapped Bootie by Anne Michelle

They have a heel and a wrapped buckle. That is all I need to make me seriously want them. The colour is perfect as well. Heck they are even affordable at $38.50!

I will also be the first line for these beauties:

Above: Black Cinch Tall Boots by Jeffrey Campbell

They are not peep-toe but, scream sci fi/martial arts/vampire movie a la Underworld. Yes please!

So hate the look to these boots all you want. I will be the small, but growing, group of people who embrace these styles and stick my tongue out at you all.

I just be over there...drooling.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa,

Wanted From Santa For Christmas: Serious boyfriend who is intelligent, funny, caring, compassionate, supportive, attractive, and well-read.

Must dig: movies, books, travel, art, music, good food, cultural events, and good conversation.

Must like wearing clothing like this:

Above: Red/Black Hunting Check Jacket by Woolrich John Rich & Bros.

I mean look at this jacket!

It would look smashing and a bit Alexander McQueen-esque! I would so love to see  a guy wearing this and not have the guy go "No thanks!" on my suggesting a look like this for him when we go out.

Look at the back:

It's just a stunning jacket!

So, Santa, I know you are out there listening some where. Please take note of my request and see if you cannot stir up a guy for me who WOULD be caught dead in this type of jacket my way.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What Shoes Would You Pair With This Gown?

Remember this gown:

Above: Silk-Blend Plunge-Front Dress by Alexander McQueen

It looks like this from behind:

Let's say, you were going to wear it to a formal event. Ignore the fact that the plunge may put you off wearing the dress because you are not that daring. That is besides the point.

The point I am making?

What shoes would you pair with this dress?

I love the dress and it got me thinking about this very thing since the colour of the dress is so intense and not the usual formal occasion colour. I know it needs heels (possibly platform heels to make sure the dress hangs right) but, am not sure what heels to pair with it. Something unique or strappy? Silver, gold, black, or another colour?

What shoes would you pair/wear with this dress?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things I Love Round-Up.

Just a quick post sharing things I have found online and love in the past two weeks.

Above: Ariana Striped Jersey Dress by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

Above: Silk-blend Plunge-front Dress by Alexander McQueen

Above: Prussian Blue Leather 'Jackie' Shoulder Bag by Hype

Above: Gunmetal Leather 'Sage' Platform Sandals by KORS Michael Kors

Above: Le Poisson Leggings at

Above: Pyramid Double Knuckle Ring by Noir Jewelry

Above: Grey Leather 'Ciceletta' Motorcycle Jacket by For Joseph

Above: Yaritza Platform Wedge Sandals by Pelle Moda

Life just got uber complicated this week with another family member's job lose. I am going to have to speed up my move now. So, I will still be scare here for a while.

And time for PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke to play this blog post out:

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Short, Quiet, Blog, Interlude.

I am going to be a bit quiet here for a while. I have real life things just filling up my time plus I am focusing on two different creative projects. I will be spurrodically blogging now and again because of this but, not everyday. I am hoping things will calm down shortly and fashion will inspire me to blog here more often.

I have a post in the works about who my favorite desigenrs are and why I don't talk about high fashion that much in this blog. That is in the works at the moment.

Okay, off to get some things done today.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kings Of The Wild Frontier: Boots Boots Boots!

These boots:

Above and Below: Slouchy Leather Calf Boots by Alexander McQueen

Are simply gorgeous and remind me of this song:

I would wear them in an instant and probably dig out my Adam and the Ants cd to dance around to this song in them.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Alexander McQueen...I Get Your Appeal Now.

I used to not understand why people loved Alexander McQueen but after seeing his Fall offerings, I get it now.

I wandered the Internet seeing what I would buy if I were to spend some hard earned cash on McQueen clothing and came up with this:

Above: Pleated Jersey Dress by Alexander McQueen

I am a fan of grey as a colour for Fall/Winer clothing and I love the pleated front. I also like the slit down the middle of the bust which adds a bt of 'sexy' to the dress. I would totally wear this dress in a heartbeat.

And maybe with these boots:

Above: Leather Ankle Boots by Alexander McQueen

They are simple in style, yet gorgeous. I would totally love to own them.

Now, if I could just get the income coming in to support my love for high fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories I will be very happy...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gorgeous Marimekko Tote

I have a deep love for Marimekko and the designs of this Finnish company. I have bedsheets, postcards, and even eye makeup featureing the floral designs from Marimekko.

Today I got this:

Above: Crusade Tote by Marimekko at Avon

It is roomy enough to carry quite a bit but, also purse size so not overwelmingly big. The colours are MUCH brighter in real life (as in bright red/pink) and it has a cool "Marimekko" tag on it so that makes me happy. It's simply gorgeous.

The best thing? It is $10 and all proceeds go to breast cancer research so if you love Marimekko, head over to and snap one up!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Perfect Kiss: Wonderful Draped Dress.

This dress:

Above: Gotham City Dress in Black at

The dress is just so gorgeous and it makes me think back to the underground dance parties/raves I went to in the late 80s/early 90s that were held in warehouses. Ahh those were the days.

Just imagine what it would look like dancing on a podium to this song:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gogol Bordello Kick Ass Live!

It was like being a huge, gypsy, after-wedding, party due to the music and the spirit of the crowd. Much dancing around anf clapping to the songs. So much clapping I discovered a huge, purple, bruise on the underside of my ring finger on returning home.

Bands usually don't go all out in Spokane because the town is smaller and the crowds are smaller. Gogol Bordello didn't hold back and really performed full force! Their encore was 30 minutes long because they don't like to stop playing. They mentioned they may be back in Spokane in the future and the amusing thing?

They didn't play in Seattle this time at all.

I could have gone to the afterparty but wasn't sure how to get home in the early morning hours so passed...sadly. If I had my own car I would have gone for sure.

I took a few random snapshots with my Sony Cybershot which are a tad blurry but, the whole audience was jumping up and down to the music (and there were constantly changing lights) so it was hard to get a steady shot even with that option built into the camera.

So far, in the last two years I have seen 3 bands I had on my "Must see live"" list: radiohead, Flight of the Conchords, and now, Gogol Bordello.

I would see any of them again in an instant...especially radiohead and Gogol Bordello.

If you get the chance to see Gogol Bordello, YOU MUST GO!

I saw Gogol Bordello on Sunday night and......The concert KICKED ALL SORTS OF ASS!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

These Boots Are Cool.

I think I may need these boots:

Above: Peep Toe Ankle Boots by Forever 21

I love the brown colour and the buckles. They are not expensive at all at $32.80.

Time to think about how badly I want them and if they are worth the expense.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Fashion Items I Love.

I have happened across some clothing/accessory items I love while playing around with my stylefeeder. I am going to share them now with you.

Above: Spear Necklace by Pade Vavre

The necklace really looks good on a living, breathing, person:

Just simple and great looking with a scoop neck or off-shoulder top.

Or maybe a shirt like this:

Above: Mega Wide Organic Cotton T-shirt by Bassike

I love the shirt's flowy look and the off-shoulder style as well. It just looks comfortable and classy at the same time. Now that I own a great strapless bra...I am more willing to wear this sort of shirt.

I am really lking this hat:

Above: Stormy Earflap Cap by Eugenia Kim

It is a bit too spendy for me, at $176 but, I would so wear one like it if I found a similar style for cheaper. Even in San Diego it would be great for those early, winter, mornings at the beach or out and about before the marine layer burns off.

Above: Sweet As Can Be Wrap by Francesca's Collections

The wrap is lacy, long enough to use over tees, short-sleeved, and would actually look good with so many different outfits. Even when teamed with the grey knit cap that I posted above this.

This shirt is very cool with it's design and colours:

Above: Darcy Blouse by Diane von Furstenberg

It looks comfortable and goes well with jeans teamed with a pair of wedges. Olive green is my favorite colour and I love it teamed with black.

Above: Short Leather Necklace in Turq & Brass by Victorian Hippie

My love of turquoise continues though this time teamed with leather and brass. I would definitely wear this necklace often.

And why not end the post with a pair of shoes I would love to own?

Above: Blue Suedette Ankle Boot by Forever 21

I love the blue and I love the side zipper. These boots would be so much fun to wear!

I may not be a big fan of a lot of the Fall fashion that is out in the stores but, I can find some items that would be fun to own. I could mix any of these fashion items into my existing clothing wardrobe to "refresh" it this Fall.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Yay! Gogol Bordello!!!

I just scored a ticket to Gogol Bordello live this Sunday!

Yes, One of my favorite bands is coming to town!

*does a happy dance!!!*

Just had to share. :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Lime Crime Lipsticks!

You may remember my love of Lime Crime's eye dust.

Now the site is having a presale for the lipstick line being launched:

Lots of nice, intense, pastel, colours and a true red, as well as a black.

Check it out!

How I Spent My Weekend.

How did I spend my weekend?

Cuddled up in bed, in a toasty comforter, devouring these books:

Above: 8-book Sookie Stackhouse set by Charlaine Harris

Yes, the books that True Blood (the tv show) is based off of.

I laughed a lot out loud. I got excited about, well, a lot of what went on in the books. I yelled at Sookie because she is an idiot who cannot see what is right in front of her nose.

 (Sookie. Tall, blonde, viking, vampire, male. Yeah him. Stop playing like you don't like him, be upfront with your feelings, tell him how you feel because he will be beyond thrilled, and stop torturing the man. Seriously.)

I have decided I liked the character of Eric much more after reading the books. I have read all the books except for book 9, which I am on the verge of buying because I have to see what happens!

Now, I need to re-read them slower. I need something to do between True Blood seasons and this works.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Inspired By History.

I am thinking that we are gong to see Celtic/Norse inspired, or Historical based, jewelry and clothing items become popular in the next few months.

Ancient designs with a wink at the modern so to speak.

Feast your eyes on this necklace:

I love, love, love, this necklace! It feels like it could be in a museum but, would be great for wearing out and about too! Look at the knot design! Wow!

This bag is also very "I woud see it in a museum but, would wear it":

Above: Rust Suede Pouch by JJ Winters

I like the colour of the leather and the chains well as the studding. It just looks like something that would be worn in the 4th century or around that time. I would wear it today with just the right outfit.

These boots:

Above: Ballard Brown Laced Up and Buckled Boot by Wanted

The boots just make me want to take up sword fighting, take a sailing ship to and pillage a village, or kick some invader's ass! I love them and the lacing is just so cool to look at.

Yes, I think the whole Celtic/Norse (and other early historical times)  inspired, items are going to start invading the fashion world in the next few months. It's just a deep feeling I have. Let us see if I am right.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Dada Burst" Gown Hotness.

How hot is this gown?

Above: Beige 'Dada Burst' Silk Deep V-Neck Maxi Dress by Nicole Miller

I would love to own it and wear's beyond gorgeous.

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles.

I like ruffles but tend not to be the type of woman that loves overly girlie things. So, when it comes to ruffles, I like them but not in huge amounts in most cases. I have been looking and a few ruffled tops trhat have caught my eye.

Above: Gold Floral Brocade Ruffle Trim Belted Blouse by BCBMAXAZRIA

Thta blouse would be perfect for a Fall/Winter classy and a mixture of modern, as well as the antique. It's no wonder it is selling out quikly at

For a more casual look you could always go with this top:

Above: Black Cotton U-Neck Flutter Sleeve T-Shirt by Fluxus

The shirt not only looks very comfortable, but also has that bit of ruffle on the sleeves that give it a tiny bit of a dressy look.

I have discovered Aryn K as a designer and think their designs are great for nights out on the town:

Above: Black Layered Pleat Flutter Sleeve Blouse by Aryn K

I love that blouse because it is "out on the town" ready as well as having a ruffled, yet sophisticated, look. It also isn't very expensive at $41.00!

While being causal and colour-blocked, this top has a tiny bit of ruffle to the neckline:

Above: Charcoal Heather Cotton-Modal Side Colorblocked Top by linQ

I love the side colour-blocking and the slight ruffle to the neckline. Very cool in my book.

And, to finish off the "ruffles" theme of this post, I have to add a VERY ruffled top that just thrilled me:

Above: Paola Halter Top by One Vintage

Very spendy, very ruffled, very lacy, very girlie, yet so pretty I could not pass it up in my favorite, recent, ruffle, finds. It has a touch of 60s/70s retro to it and I would wear it proudly with flared/boot-cut jeans and wedges.

I always think ruffles when the weather starts to get cooler and I am thinking of going out. So, decided to share ruffled tops that caught my eye.