Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost 2010, Happy New Year!

Why am I staying in on NYE you may wonder?

I am saving money for a move within the next two (or so) months so need to pinch every penny I can for it. I would love to be out in a big city, enjoying the nightlife, this NYE but, that was not an option this year. So, I sit here in my robe, with a glass of champange, and listen to Pandora radio while writing a blog entry.

I have started on one of my new year's plans. I bought myself this daily planner:

Above: Moleskine Colour A Month 2010 Daily Planner

I have vowed to get more orgainized this year even if it is just making a daily list of things to check out or a reminder to think of blog entries. This daily planner totally will get me in the spirit since it is in list format for the days, or at least I am using the daily entries like lists.

I have a deep love for lists because I can make them and check off list items as I complete them. So, this planner is perfect for me. I am already loving it and I have only added a few things for tomorrow to be done so far. I think the planner and I are going to have a great relationship this year. We have already started out on the right foot.

If you simply must have a planner like mine...hurry up and buy it because this style sells out fast.

And now, to chase out any bad feelings that may linger from the past year, I give you PiL (Public Image Ltd.):

Happy New Year To Everyone!

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