Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Caught Within Frame looking for guest photographers/artists!

My blog, Caught Within Frame is taking a short break this week but will be back with a new post this weekend.
Currently we are looking for guest photographers/artists from all over the world who want to be featured in Caught Within Frame’s Photographer/Artist Spotlight." Hobbyists, semi-professionals, and professionals can apply to be spotlighted. 
Have something new you are trying creatively and want to share it? Have photos that don't quite fit into your website but you love and want to share? This is the blog for you!
Your work can be watermarked/signed and you can provide links to your other work and places you sell your work at online. 
To inquire, send an email to:  caughtwithinframe @ gmail . com. I can then fill you in on the details of becoming a Spotlight poster.
I really hope you will take the chance to share your work with others.
Caught Within Frame blog: http://caughtwithinframe.wordpress.com/

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Jundt Gallery and Sketch Group.

Saturday the 2nd of November, I headed to the Jundt Art Museum in Spokane, Washington to meet-up with the Spokane Sketchers. I am again attempting to try and get out once a month to meet up with them to get back into sketching/drawing. I fell out of meeting up with the group over the summer due to projects and visitors form out of country. Now, I am ready to get back into meeting up to sketch again.

Currently, there is a showing of art by Leslie W. LePere so the sketching group wandered around to look at it before settling into the couches in the gallery area. I took some horrifically bad cell phone photos of the artwork which I will share here. Lucky readers that you are!

LePere seems obsessed with hiding images of male penis' in his work and seems to enjoy drawing roosters, sheep, cows, dogs, and birds. I got to smirk at people noticing the "cock" imagery after staring at his work for a long time. I give LePere a thumbs up for how well he puts it in the artwork so it is usually totally obvious.

After looking at the LePere work I noticed the wonderful Rodin statue that is in the Jundt collection.

The last time I saw a Rodin statue was in the MET in NYC. It was a pleasant surprise to see a Rodin in Spokane. It makes me wonder what else the Jundt has in it's collection since it rotates art from vaults to showing and back. I also love the blown glass, huge, light fixture by Chihuly in the large gallery.

Simply gorgeous.

 I settled down to sketch while listening to my Ipod. It seems a bit anti-social since we are sketching in a group setting but it helped me focus to listen to music. I am happy with my sketch and you can see it here:

Overall, a Saturday well-spent and I look forward to having more sketch meet-ups to write about in the future.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fall Foliage and Caught Within Frame

It was my turn to post at Caught Within Frame again. So, I let the autumn weather inspire my photo taking. I took photos like this:

You can see more and get a link to the rest here: http://caughtwithinframe.wordpress.com/

Besides taking photos of fall foliage, I went to another Sketch Group Meet-Up this past Saturday. I will share my sketch in the next few days after I get it on my computer. I am slowly making progress there and feeling artistic again. I need to grab hold of my inner artist and make her create more.

The weather is turning to winter now and snow flurries will fly this week. I will share winter photos with you here and try to post a tiny bit more often. I am just busy with Caught Within Frame and trying to be creative again.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Where have I been?

I have been quite quiet on this blog. Where have I been you ask?

I have been running this blog: Caught Within Frame

I am really enjoying it and even contribute to it myself as you can see if you take a peek this week. Yep, that is my post about the Superheros/Villains/Cosplay photos I have been doing for the past few years.

You know, like the ones I have posted in the past. Like this one:

Above: Rebecca as Catwoman  By Brie A. Edwards

Running the blog has kept me really busy and it is a good kind of busy. I hope it keeps going and growing because it is getting mildly good response. There are also people who want to contribute which is exciting.

I am also happy to have picked up two cool framed prints at a antique sale this past week. Here are two crappy cellphone photos of them.

I am quite happy with the purchase because they will look cool on my wall when I get around to redoing the artwork I have on them.

I am in a bit of a "keep to myself" stage these days which means I am working behind the scenes (like with the Caught Within Frame blog) and making plans for what to do next. I will try and post here about things I do though I cannot promise it will be often.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More PowWow Photos.

I thought I would share a few of the "normal" PowWow photos I took this past Friday. I prefer the impressionistic looking ones but these show what was going on there in realistic way.

Seated Dancer
Above: Waiting for Grand Entry in regalia.

Young Drum Circle
Above: Young boys in drum circle.

Grand Entry Dancers 4
Above: The "military look" regalia is a style natives made after stripping military officers that they fought against.

Fancy Headdress
Above: I love the headdresses and the colours of the regalia.

Ready for Grand Entry
Above: Lined up for Grand Entry. They enter with elders (usually military veterans) holding the US flag, The Canadian flag (for First Nation participants...we are only 2 hours from Canada after all.), The POW flag (for those who have fallen in battles/wars), and the eagle Staff (representing the assembled tribes of the US).

Gathering Around The Flags
Above: At the end of the Grand Entry all the dancers slowly dance in circle around the flags held by the elders in the center of the dance area. All while native drumming and singing takes place to accompany the dancers.

Grand Entry Dancers 6
Above: Dancers during Grand Entry.

Grand Entry Amassing
Above: I love the guy's carved American Bald Eagle staff in the center of this photo.

Prairie Chicken Dancers
Above: Prairie Chicken dancers!

Prairie Chicken Dancer 2
Above: Prairie Chicken Dancer really getting into the dance.

It was very low light since this happened just as the sun was setting. We got there too late for the afternoon dance competitions, right at dinner break. The cool thing we got to see the Grand Entry and a few dance competitions as well as "All People Dance" songs. There was a huge turnout of dancers and people watching the PowWow up on the hill that surrounds the "bowl" (dance area).

You can see more photos here:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Impressions of a PowWow.

I always try to attend the Spokane Falls Northwest Market, Encampment, and PowWow which happens at the end of August each year in downtown Spokane, Washington. It is held for 4 days in Riverfront Park which was traditional fishing grounds centuries ago for the Spokane Tribe. I have many traditional PowWow photos from years past. So many that I felt like trying to do something different this year, something that was aided by the low light conditions of the evening dancing competitions. So, after taking some more traditional photos and candid type shots.


I decided to let the low light, fast moving dancers, situation create a "painterly" effect and go impressionistic in style when it came to my photos. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and they really appeal to the artist






You can see more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shadownlitephoto/sets/72157635238106708/

I shall be posting more traditional photos at Flickr in the next few days.

Also posted: http://caughtwithinframe.wordpress.com/

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caught Within Frame and Creativity.

The Caught Within Frame blog project continues to grow and grow. I am happy with this and hope it continues to move into new areas of content. It will start to do this when I introduce the "Artist Spotlight" this coming weekend with the first guest post that will feature the art of a friend of mine who paints. I am hoping it will be the first "Artist Spotlight" of many.


I am the next poster after the guest artist so am trying to think of what to take photos of for my post. I have a little time to think about it and hope that something will come to mind soon.

Personally, my photography and art have been at a stand-still due to too hot weather, visiting family friends, and just trying to get some life things done. I am hoping to dive back into being creative starting this coming Saturday. I am going to attempt to make a Spokane Sketchers meet-up in Manito Park. I need to have that kind of structured yet loose setting to start focusing on my art again.

I also have been thinking of painting again and am merely awaiting cooler weather to do so. It is just too hot in the house since it does not have air-conditioning to really dive into painting in a room. I would have to have the door almost closed to the room I paint in to keep the cats out. That would up the "too hot" factor right now. So, I will start mapping out a painting and then get painting in Sept. sometime most likely.

Yes, summer has been a mixture of being busy and not. I am not complaining at all and hope that the Fall will be full of activities as well.