Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More PowWow Photos.

I thought I would share a few of the "normal" PowWow photos I took this past Friday. I prefer the impressionistic looking ones but these show what was going on there in realistic way.

Seated Dancer
Above: Waiting for Grand Entry in regalia.

Young Drum Circle
Above: Young boys in drum circle.

Grand Entry Dancers 4
Above: The "military look" regalia is a style natives made after stripping military officers that they fought against.

Fancy Headdress
Above: I love the headdresses and the colours of the regalia.

Ready for Grand Entry
Above: Lined up for Grand Entry. They enter with elders (usually military veterans) holding the US flag, The Canadian flag (for First Nation participants...we are only 2 hours from Canada after all.), The POW flag (for those who have fallen in battles/wars), and the eagle Staff (representing the assembled tribes of the US).

Gathering Around The Flags
Above: At the end of the Grand Entry all the dancers slowly dance in circle around the flags held by the elders in the center of the dance area. All while native drumming and singing takes place to accompany the dancers.

Grand Entry Dancers 6
Above: Dancers during Grand Entry.

Grand Entry Amassing
Above: I love the guy's carved American Bald Eagle staff in the center of this photo.

Prairie Chicken Dancers
Above: Prairie Chicken dancers!

Prairie Chicken Dancer 2
Above: Prairie Chicken Dancer really getting into the dance.

It was very low light since this happened just as the sun was setting. We got there too late for the afternoon dance competitions, right at dinner break. The cool thing we got to see the Grand Entry and a few dance competitions as well as "All People Dance" songs. There was a huge turnout of dancers and people watching the PowWow up on the hill that surrounds the "bowl" (dance area).

You can see more photos here:

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