Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heading To Comic Con.

I have been caught up in San Diego Comic Con preparations recently. I cannot wait to get to the event and have fun. I have also been working on editing my last photo shoot and getting that all done with before my next photo shoot when will be after I return home from San Diego.  This means I have been neglecting this blog a little bit.

I will be posting once again when I get back from Comic keep an eye out for a post from me. I will leave you with a photo from the last photo shoot.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My needs a recharge.

By this time next week, I will be at San Diego Comic Con. This time away is much looked forward to by me and could not come at a better time.

You see, my life has had a few setbacks in recent days and a whole lot of negative energy has flowed my way from almost everyone I interact with. Some plans I had have fallen through and I am going to be struggling to figure out what the hell to do when it comes aspects of my life. I am feeling frustrated and like I need to primal scream out my disappointment, frustration, and annoyance at life as it is for me. Too bad it is the wee morning hours so actually carrying out a primal scream can not happen.

I feel as if I really need to catch a break. I am tired of being socked in the face without warning by life and feeling helpless in my destiny despite efforts to get a hold on it. I hate feeling like a victim of forces that affect my life that are totally out of my hands.

So, Comic Con could not come at a better time. I need the 4 days away from what is going on here and have the chance to enjoy myself, meet up with friends, have positive energy around me, and just feel like I am myself again. Comic Con always recharges my batteries and amps up my creativity. I am definitely looking forward to that.

And the margaritas and good Mexican food that San Diego offers.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

SuperSHOCK Mascara- Thumbs Up!

I decided to give Avon's SuperSHOCK Max Mascara a try since I have been trying out various brands and trying to find an everyday mascara that really enhanced my lashes. I saw SuperSHOCK Max in the Avon catalog so placed an order.

Above: SuperSHOCK Max Mascara by Avon

The mascara really coats each lash and doesn't flake. That is a real worry of mine as a contact wearer...that the mascara will flake and irritate my eyes. It also is not too stiff once dry which can also be a problem with mascaras. I am not a fan of spike-y lashes.

It is a bit clumpy going on but a comb through with a lash comb fixes that as does taking excess off the brush before you apply it to lashes. Really easy application and it does enhance the lashes well.

It doesn't make you look like you have false lashes which is fine because mascaras that claim that are full of crap. Only fake lashes will give you a fake lash look.

I would definitely buy this mascara again and recommend it to ladies who want to have every lash coated by mascara so their lashes have a bit more pop to them.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wrap Dress Love!

I was wandering the Internet in my quest to get tired and actually get some sleep. I ended up checking in at Boden USA and saw the perfectly printed wrap dress for me.

Above: Jersey Wrap Dress by Boden

The dress is the perfect length and the colours in the pattern are subtle while the pattern has a kick to it.

Above: Another view of the dress.

I think I am in love!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Rings Rings Rings.

I am a lover of bold rings. I have mentioned this many times before and it seems the love is still going strong. My eyes are always drawn to rings that well, draw the eye to them.

Rings that seemed to scream at me, "Mine, My Preciouuuuusssssssss!" recently?

Above: Egyptian Ring by Belle Noel

It looks like something right out of a museum. So simple in style yet eye-catching.

Above: Oval Chrysophase Ring by Alex Bittar

The colour of the stone goes well with the textured gold plating.

Above: Fusion Ring by Kora

I love the striping of the natural horn used in the making of this ring.

Above: Arrow Shield Ring by Fortune Favors The Brave

The silver is so shiny and I love the woven look that is inspired by Native American art.

Above: Moonstone Ring by Low Lux X Erin Wasson

The ring looks like it could adorn the finger of medieval royalty.

Above: Orchid Ring (Rose Gold) by Obey

The contrast of the rose gold and the turquoise stone really appeals to me. It is unique to me due to that.

Above: Fabulous Coralesque Ring by Avon

I love how the faux coral stones and the brass play off one another.

Above: Color Cluster Ring by mark

I have the perfect summer top that would go well with this ring.

So many rings to want to clutch, get all Gollum about, and slip on my finger.

My Preciouuuuussssssssssss!