Wednesday, July 06, 2011

SuperSHOCK Mascara- Thumbs Up!

I decided to give Avon's SuperSHOCK Max Mascara a try since I have been trying out various brands and trying to find an everyday mascara that really enhanced my lashes. I saw SuperSHOCK Max in the Avon catalog so placed an order.

Above: SuperSHOCK Max Mascara by Avon

The mascara really coats each lash and doesn't flake. That is a real worry of mine as a contact wearer...that the mascara will flake and irritate my eyes. It also is not too stiff once dry which can also be a problem with mascaras. I am not a fan of spike-y lashes.

It is a bit clumpy going on but a comb through with a lash comb fixes that as does taking excess off the brush before you apply it to lashes. Really easy application and it does enhance the lashes well.

It doesn't make you look like you have false lashes which is fine because mascaras that claim that are full of crap. Only fake lashes will give you a fake lash look.

I would definitely buy this mascara again and recommend it to ladies who want to have every lash coated by mascara so their lashes have a bit more pop to them.

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