Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still Alive!!!

I am still alive and kicking...just working on photoshoots recently and taking time off from staring at a computer screen inbetween. I shall try and get back to blogging very soon but have to admit, I love being busy. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Newest Photoshoot Results.

I have been busy with photoshoots recently and thought I would share two more photos that I have taken.

Above and Below: Ashley, May 2010 (click to see more from this shoot)

I have two more photoshoots next week and then will be changing photos out and around at my website. I am truly enjoying taking photos. I am in my element when behind the camera.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birds of Paradise.

I was wandering the Internet tonight looking to see if anything new was out there on the clothing sites that populate the netverse. Things are a bit slow in the fashion world these days, or so it seems to me since not a lot is catching my eye. It makes me glad that I am busy with photoshoots to take up my time or else I would be helplessly bored.

I did see a bag that just made me pause and check the price tag on it to see if I afford it.

Above: Birds of Paradise Bag at

I am loving how the colourful embroidery on the bag is really set off by the ivory hued cotton bag. It is just the kind of bag that is perfect for summer and begs to be worn with sandals and either cut-off jean shorts or flared jeans.

Now that I have noticed it, I am sure the bag will sell out really fast at Modcloth since most the things that catch my eye there, usually sell out in 24 hours. So if you want one, jump to it and order it because it will be gone very soon.

Later this afternoon, I have a photoshoot and am really looking forward to it. The day is to be sunny and warm so it is just perfect for taking photos. Here's to hoping that it goes well for me and I end up with many beautiful images!

Friday, May 14, 2010

05.14.10: Shoe Love...Fish Scale Sandals With Stylized Bow

I love the stylized bow on these sandals:

Above: Dusty Pink Fish Scale Leather Bow Sandals by Ferragamo

The fish scale style of the leather is beautiful but the bow makes the sandals extra special. So funky yet upscale looking.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

05.13.10: Shoe Love...Fendi Platform Boots

Just look at these platform boots!

Above: Taupe Leather Platform Boots by Fendi

So smooth looking. So soft looking, So sleek. Such great colour to the leather.

I love them!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photoshoot planning and pretty things.

I am still working on setting up photoshoots to add new images to my portfolio. No money coming in from these recent shoots but it gives me more images to use as examples of my work. It also keeps me busy which is something I love. I enjoy being creative and taking photos of people. It just makes me so happy and feels like I am actually working toward something instead of watching life pass me by. It is a nice feeling.

I did finally order the hat I fell in love with on Sunday. I decided it was one item that needed to be added to my wardrobe so I am doing just that. It is in the process of being shipped to me. I cannot wait until it arrives.

I also found two fashion items online that really caught my eye and made me take notice of them.

These booties:

Above: Shantel Open Toe Platform Booties in Beige by Pelle Moda

I am just loving how sleek and well made they look though I am unsure of the Velcro closure at the back on the ankle strap.

Above: Back view

Velcro closures just get so messy with wear and are so pre-school in my mind. I understand the designer though that it would make the bootie look sleeker to not have a buckle closure, or zip up the back. I just think Velcro is, well, nasty and doesn't hold up well over time.

Still, I like the look of the booties despite the Velcro closure.

I also spotted these rings:

Above: Slinky Ring at

The silvertone version has a lovely "gunmetal" shade to the metal. I love the concept of te ring being all one piece but looking like many rings on the same finger. The ring is actually affordable as well at $14.00. Definitely a ring to keep in mind in case I get a little extra money to spend. I have so many rings that I am not in dire need of this one.

So, off I head to wander the Internet a little bit more and plot my photoshoots. I will be sharing a few shots from future shoots here so keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

05.09.10: Longing For...Crocheted Sunhat

When the weather starts to warm up and the sun starts to shine more often, I get a huge urge to get a sunhat to wear while out taking photos or relaxing in the sun.

I have a huge desire to buy this hat:

Above: Straw Crochet Hat in Grey by Pins and Needles

It's perfect and goes with so much in my wardrobe. I have it sitting in my checkout cart at Urban Outfitters since we do not have a UO store here.

It is just what I was looking for in a hat and I am very tempted to buy it. Let's see if I go through with the purchase or not.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Still In The Midst Of Photoshoots.

I am still hugely busy with photoshoots and editing the photos that they produce. It is leaving me busy and distracted so I haven't really been ooohing and ahhhing over any fashion these past few weeks. I have two more photoshoots in the works, and am hoping that they pan out. Then I should be back to writing about fashion again.

Until then, enjoy this photo from the last shoot I did this past Friday (April 30th):

Above: Lexi, April 2010

And back to editing photos I go.

See more photos from this photoshoot CLICK HERE .