Wednesday, March 31, 2010

03.31.10: Longing For...Euro Style Hoodie

How much do I want this hoodie?

Above: Leipzig Hoodie at

I can imagine all the places I would wear it and all the outfits it would complete for me this spring.

Sadly, I cannot spend any more money (except to pay bills) if I want to move as planned. I am devastated that this jacket will not be mine.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outrageously cool boots!

I saw these boots and just had to stop and go, "They are weird but I like them!"

Above: Leather cut-out platform boots by Versace

I wasn't too sure I liked them until I saw them on a living, breathing, human being:

Above: On model.

I just love them and would definitely wear a pair, and get stared at for it.

They also come in python and a pastel colour combo:

Above: Python cut-out platform boots by Versace

And here that colour combo is on a living, breathing, human being:

Above: On model.

I am not a fan of the colour but the style just catches my eye in both offerings.

Just wow! These boots have ignited my love for unique shoes/boots.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Spring Days.

I haven't felt very fashion-y these past few days beyond thinking I need to purge my wardrobe of well-worn, hole-y, clothing again. I think I shall be doing this sometime this week. It just is on my mind and needs to be done.

I have started collecting photos of how I want my style to evolve. I am going to start printing them out and putting them in style book so when I am in need of inspiration, I can go there and be inspired by looking at the photos. I want to do this because I feel a bit blah about my sense of style at the moment and know how I want to dress, I just need to get some ideas from sources online and start molding my wardrobe a little. I have too much of the "old me" in the wardrobe still and that isn't me anymore. I am slowly starting to convert the wardrobe to who I am now but it is a slow process.

We have entered the first, early spring, phase of rainy days today. I am hoping that it starts to green up the lawns, plants, brings forth flowers, and encourages the leaves to spring out on trees. The first song that comes to mind in days like these?

Anne Lennox had a strange, mannequin-like, beauty to her back then. I love her look in this video.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ink-Print Bag and Clogs.

I was leafing through fashion magazines and came across this bag:

Above: Bayswater ink-print leather bag by Mulberry

I loved the ink-print and how what looked like an ink stain on the leather turned into birds flying away. The bag is actually a warmer tan colour in person and very beautiful. It makes me wish I had the money to purchase it.

I also found another pair of clogs I love online:

Above: Suede and wooden clogs by Miu Miu

I love the warm colour of the tan suede and the style of these clogs but they are out of my price range. I hope one day that will not be a problem for me but right now, it is. So, I will just look at them and pretend they are part of my wardrobe.

Admiring these clogs online reminds me that I must take up my search for the perfect (affordable) clogs again soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

03.22.10: Longing For....Stain-Glass Looking Miu Miu Sunglasses

How can a fashion-loving woman not love these?

Above: MIU MIU model 66HS color 1BI1R1 at EyeWearUS

They are just so stunning and mimic stained-glass windows! I really love the violet gradient because they really draw attention to the sunglasses but the brown gradient is gorgeous as well:

Above: MIU MIU model 66HS color 1BI8C1 at EyeWearUS

I think that if I were to buy them, which lens gradient hue I chose would be totally on whim though I admit the brown gradient would get more usage in my life. The violet is so pretty though that they would be hard to pass up.

Just gorgeous sunglasses!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Freeing Feeling Of Sorting Old Jewelry.

Friday night I set about sorting out my jewelry. I had so many items I no longer wear or that are broken/too worn to wear anymore. I had been putting it off for quite some time because I knew I would not be able to resist polishing my silver jewelry, which takes a lot of time. I did give in to that impulse while I was sorting the jewelry because I knew if I polished off the tarnish from some of the pieces that I had not worn in ages, I would start wearing them again.

I couldn't help but notice that I tend to buy a lot of silver jewelry because I like the clean look of silver. I have started to add pieces of gold jewelry into my jewelry collection but still find myself drawn to silver more often. I don't know if that attraction is left over from my being a punk rock teenager/young adult or it is just a personal preference. Either way it has led to my jewelry selection being dominated by silver jewelry and my eye being caught by silver jewelry to this day.

I was happy in the sorting out of the jewelry I own. It is such a freeing feeling to finally just place jewelry that I no longer wear in a box. It simplifies my jewelry selection and makes pieces easier to find. I rediscovered quite a few rings and necklaces I had forgotten I owned. I have a wide selection of jewelry I can wear now and all the clutter is gone. It feels so nice!

Plus I bought three, Forever 21, costume jewelry pieces that are being shipped to me as I write this. The shipment includes this ring:

Above: Dimpled Armor Ring by Forever 21

I cannot wait to get the ring, and the other two pieces of jewelry. They are items that are unique, at least if they are compared to the rest of my jewelry.

Now, to finally sort through the broken, old, no longer worn, jewelry in the box I am storing them in. I will be putting them in piles of "Throw Away", "Give Away" and "Sell" depending on condition, materials, and expense paid for them.

I feel so free after tackling this task and de-junking the jewelry storage containers and basket.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Coats And The Perfect Pair Of Clogs Search Continues.

I met up with my friend yesterday and have a good girlie chat about life. We have made tentative plans to head to Seattle for a weekend once she gets moved. I hope this will happen before I get moved myself because I would love to head on a trip with a friend for once in my life. Yes, I have never been on a trip with a friend though I would so like to do this. It would be fun to be able to do this and I hope the plans come through.

I did a little shopping after meeting for lunch and found a great scarf. It is a light, brightly flowered, endless scarf and I love it. I will be wearing it often in the coming months. You can see it in the following photo, along with my new spring coat:

Above: Tan Trench Coat by Sequin Hearts at Macy's and Brightly Coloured Endless Scarf by Tarnish at Nordstrom

The scarf was found for me by the ever-helpful sales clerk at Nordstrom. I swear, the Nordstrom sales clerks are the best I have encountered here in Spokane and they will stick with you, helping you find exactly what you are looking for without being annoying. I suspect they may work on commission but am not entirely sure. Even if they do (or do not), I will choose Nordstrom over other department stores in a heartbeat just because the sales clerks are so attentive but, not over-bearing.

Onwards to talk about the trench coat.

I found out yesterday when walking to four blocks from the restaurant to the downtown area that my grey, wool, trench was too warm for the weather. The problem was, it was too chilly to go without a coat. I made up my mind then and there to buy a spring coat since I looked in my closet yesterday and saw tons of heavy winter coats, a poncho, and cardigans but no spring coats. So, I headed to Macy's, which always have a huge selection of coats in stock perfect for the season you are in.

I wanted a trench style coat because with my 5'9" height and thin frame, trenches look great on me. I saw the Sequin Hearts trench in the plaid in plaid black/white and it was a bit too "winter" to me with those colours. Then I saw it in tan and it was love at first sight. I had the sales clerk hold it for me at the register and looked around a bit, though I knew I would not see another coat that I loved as well.

I had to get the coat in a Large size due to the length of the sleeves. I am tall, my arms and legs are long. It makes it a tiny bit large but, not too bad since I wear it over clothing. Usually I am a size Medium but, in this coat, the sleeves just fell a bit short. It will go with much of my wardrobe since I tend to have so much neutral hued clothing in my closet with colourful shirts and accessories to perk it all up.

So, my shopping yesterday was almost totally successful. Except when it came to my quest for the perfect clogs.

I saw many expensive, and extremely heavy on the feet clogs at Nordstrom. Just not fitting my bank account or style I wanted. Then I saw these by Steve Madden:

Above: Black "Barc" Peep-Toe Clog by Steve for Steve Madden

They seemed perfect in the fusing of the clog with the lighter weight of the mule style of shoe. I told the sales clerk my size and said I would not mind if they were black or the tan colour offered just I wanted to try the shoe. She came back with the black in my size and I tried them on. They fit perfectly but then the true test came. I said I wanted to give them the "walking test" even though it was on carpet in the shoe section. The sales clerk understood and watched my stuff as I wander the shoe department in the clogs.

Sadly, just seconds into the walking around the realization came over me that the foot bed of the shoe was too steep. I could feel the pressure building up on my Achilles tendons as they were being forced to bend at a weird angle and the shockwaves from the walking just on carpet travel up the back of my legs. Uncomfortable! I had to decline buying them, much to my sadness, and will be looking for the perfect pair of clogs elsewhere.

So, despite the failing at finding the perfect clogs for me, yesterday was a very good shopping day. I found a coat I liked, a nice spring scarf, and sales clerks complimented me on my ring and outfit often. Hopefully, it will be the first of many great days out in the wonderful spring weather to come.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heading To Lunch With A Friend.

Yes, I am meeting up with a friend and we are having lunch later today. I am looking forward to girl talk and being downtown. I have been feeling a bit cooped up here at home since getting back from Seattle and need to start venturing out more now that the weather is warming up.

I am hoping to check out second-hand/thrift stores while downtown and maybe check out a boutique or two as well. I haven't been thrifting in ages and it will be fun to see what I can find amongst the poorly made, Walmart, clothing that turns up at local thrift stores. There has to be a few clothing diamonds mixed in with all that rough , "coal", clothing.

I am wishing I had someone who wanted to see the Spokane Symphony Orchestra this Saturday because there is a great event I would LOVE to see. I have one of Gautier Capu├žon's cds (Hayn Cello Concertos) and would love to see him perform with the Spokane Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately, I get the "yuk face" from everyone I mention it to.  Or they try to claim it's too expensive when the priciest seat is $48 so, that excuse does not fly.

Really, I wish I knew someone who loved cultural activities like this because it is a huge bummer to go on my own. Nothing is more awkward and boring than going to a conert by yourself and having no one to talk to or share the experience with. I also have the perfect outfit to wear if I go! *sigh*

And to play out this post some Hayn:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She Who Hesitates Loses Out.

Remember the bag I wrote about yesterday? Well, after coming to the conclusion it would make a pretty cool camera bag to carry around after seeing this photo showing it's true size:

I decided it needed to be mine. So I logged back on today at to buy it and, guess what? It's out of stock!

I guess I wasn't the only one to be "longing for it" yesterday. I am a bit disappointed because it would have been the perfect classy camera bag for me. I did sign up to be notified if they got it back in but, with Modcloth sometimes they get items that sell out back in, sometimes they do not.

Moral of the shopping story? She who hestitates loses out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

03.15.10: Longing For...Brightly Coloured Saddle Bag!

If I did not have too many purses already (and that I had a little more money to spend), I would definitely buy this saddle bag!

Above: Back In The Saddle Bag at

It's only $59.99 so rush out and buy, it if it catches your fancy, then comment here and let me be jealous of you!

03.15.10: Trying Out...

Sometimes it is quite nice to have a mum who sells Avon. I get to try out new things before they are offered to the general public and she tends to have me try them out so that she can recommend them to her customers.

This week I got two Mark items and love them both.

The first is a tube of Juice Gems:

Above: Mark Juice Gems by Avon

The Juice Gems are a really sheer gloss with flavor to it. I had previously bought the papaya flavored and was wearing it over a light pink lipstick because the product is great to making lipstick last with a touch of shine. My mom bought me the honeydew flavor which is both very sheer and I enjoy the flavor even more than the papaya. I am definitely liking this product and do recommend it because it is similar to Philosophy flavored lipshine but, less expensive at $6.50 a tube.

The other product is:

Above: Mark Vintage Bloom Ring by Avon

I got it in the seaform colour (blue/green) and it is really pretty on the hand. It has a little bit of heft to it but, is not overly heavy. I think it will look great with a lot of the taupe, beige, light grey, and white clothing in my spring wardrobe. I almost chose the nude colour but, I wanted a bit of colour to add a bit of pop to my outfits. The ring is pretty affordable as well at $14.00 which is great price.

I know I promised to talk about what I bought in Seattle and those posts are coming as I start to wear the clothing and use the beauty products I purchased while there. They are just geared more toward warm weather and we have been a bit too cold since I have returned home. Overcast and rain is not good weather for lightweight, spring, clothing. So, be watching for me to start talking about my purchases in the near future, weather pending.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Shoes, Equally Cool.

I was wandering the Internet and came across two very different styles of shoes that have caught my eye.

The first pair:

Above: Trish Wedge Leather Mules by Alexander Wang

I am loving these mules. They are similar to clogs in style but, not as bulky or heavy looking. The wedge heel makes for easy walking which is always a plus in my book.

And the fringe on the top of the shoe is great and something I would definitely go for.

The other shoes that caught my eye are very different from the mules of Wang.

Above: Tick Black And Tacked Platform Booties by Jeffrey Campbell

While not as versatile as the mules, these booties are extremely eye-catching.

They are peep-toe which is great for warm weather. The leather has a slight sheen to it, and the tacks do not stick out too much so will not be snagging everything they encounter.

And just look at the tacks! So shiny and cool. They booties are so modern and I keep seeing them sell out on every website they are offered on, in every colour they come in.

Personally, I would probably buy the mules over the flahs of the booties but, the booties would tempt me hardcore.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

03.10.10- Longing For...Accessories.

This clutch is gorgeous:

Above: Envelope Clutch by Ports 1961

It is just so modern and loks a bit like an orgami folded project. It is just a really cool clutch.

Classic mules with a twist:

Above: Charm Wood Platform Sandals by Elizabeth and James

I love a great pair of mules and these have a cool soles which give them a modern feel. The black suede is the perfect material for them.

Classy sunglasses:

Above: Rees Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples Eyewear

The sunglasses are a great colour and I would wear them often if I owned them.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Warm Weather...Where Are You?

I have been thinking about warm weather ever since I got back from Seattle. Seattle ruined my love of scarves and warm coats by being in the 50s (F), and sunny, while I was there this past weekend. A rare thing since Seattle is known for it's rain. So, when I was wandering websites today I found myself attracted to clothing and accessories that just seem "warm weather of spring" to me.

Above: Yellow Floral Print Link Detail Halter Top by Versace

The yellow floral print has slight abstraction to it in style and I am loving that. It just would be great for warm days and just seems so spring-like.

Above: Bosa Nova Tote by Francesca's Collections.

I love the brown straw with the colourful fabric shot through the weave of this tote. It just reminds me of spring and walking around outdoor markets in search of fresh produce and flowers.

Above: Rancher Sunhat by Bop Basics

I would love to have this hat to sit out in the sun in...even if it is very "country western" and I am not. It just seems a lot like spring to me and I love the slightly "lived in" look it has.

Above: Cinderella Blouse by Francesca's Collections

I love the tan colour of the blouse, how it hangs on the model, and the slight floral print on it. It's girlie but, not over the top in it's girlie-ness.

Yes, I am really looking forward to spring weather now and being able to wear less layers. Winter is fun with all it's warm clothing but, spring is due right when I am getting bored with coats and scarves.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Back From Seattle!

I am back from Seattle and slowly getting caught up with online happenings. I had a great time except for my mum snoring both nights and keeping me awake since we shared a hotel room. I did a lot of shopping and will be slowly sharing what I got over the week. What I did not find?

Clog shoes!!! Or clog sandals like these:

I will still be searching and searching for them...and will hit up the new DSW that opened here in Spokane to see if they have anything I like there. I am not holding my breath though because it is Spokane.

I hope to be heading over to Seattle near the end of the month again. I want to hit up H&M again and also a few other stores. Cannot wait!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Heading To Seattle Tomorrow For The Weekend.

I will be missing in action this weekend as I am heading to Seattle for a short trip. I will not have Internet connection and am actually looking forward to unplugging for a while. I am also looking forward to shopping and hitting up stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Sephora which we do not have in Spokane. I will be looking for clog style shoes and a decent pencil skirt on my shopping wandering.

I will return on Monday to blogging and will leave you with two songs that remind me of Seattle:

03.04.10: Longing For...Jeffrey Campbell Sandal Clogs

I saw these clog sandals and simply MUST get a pair exactly like them!

Above: Splendid Clog Sandals in Black by Jeffrey Campbell

This is the exact style of clogs I have been searching for and will be keeping an eye out when in Seattle...and buying these upon returning if I cannot find other shoes on my shopping spree there that interest me.

Just look how gorgeous they are from the front view:

I am drooling here! I need a pair like this!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Manic Panic Is Back!

I am sure I will probably hear from many people that Manic Panic never went anywhere since it is the cheap, brightly coloured, hair dye of choice for many a punk rocker/goth/emo/alternative subculture. It has always been the hair dye of choice by the alternative set, even when I was punk rock/goth back in the late 80s and early 1990s it was widely used and I am sure it was before then.

Above: Manic Panic Hair Dye in Ultra Violet at Urban Outfitters

I even bought a tub in a blue/green colour but, chickened out and gave it to a friend who dyed his hair with it. I just didn't want to go through the whole "bleach the hair to white" experience to allow the colour to take to my hair true in the same hue as the colour in the tub. I wanted the bright hue I saw in the tub but, not the destruction my hair would have to go through to get to that high voltage colour.

Now, Urban Outfitters is selling Manic Panic for $10.00 a tub in Ultra Violet, Cotton Candy Pink, Shocking Blue, Vampire Red, and Raven.

For those of you who make a big deal about "selling out" this is the kiss of death to have a huge, chain store, sell Manic Panic. Sort of like when Hot Topic cornered the market on punk rock clothing many years ago. I am sure their carrying of the hair dye in such wild colours has everything to do with the trend I have been seeing of outrageous coloured streaks in hair.

So, I will not be taking part in this trend because, well, been there and done that years ago. It will be amusing to see who does go for the Manic Panic and start colouring their hair in wild streaks of colour.

And, to end on a totally unrelated note, I am so sad to see that Alexander McQueens 2010 Fall/Winter Pre Collection is up as a Archive at his site. Will it ever be sold in stores? Look how gorgeous the clothing is! Such talent gone too soon.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

So Many Shoes, What's A Girl To Do?

I am on a quest for the perfect pair of shoes to replace my black clogs that are beat-up beyond belief. I had bought the clogs way back in 2005 and they are now so beat up that I need to replace them. Heck, most my cool shoes are starting to look worn so I need to replace them.

The problem, so many shoes are catching my eye at the moment which makes it hard for this shoe girl to decide.

Should I go the clog route and buy a style like this:

Above: GS1 Clog Wedge in Black by Jeffrey Campbell

They are really cool looking and I love the clog style. They would replace my clogs nicely and would be more stable than the ones I own since mine are heeled and these are wedge.

Or should I go peep-toe boots in grey:

Above: Mainst Peeptoe Booties in Grey by Steve Madden

I love the snake-skin embellishment in the heels and the buckles. The grey colour has a touch of purple to the shade that makes the booties darker which I like. They are heeled and may not fit right at the ankles (I am not into gappy shoes that make legs look spindly) so, that makes me go..hmmm.

Or I can go all mirrored mules:

Above: Black Xmas Mule with Platform by Jeffrey Campbell

The mirrored insert to these mules is gorgeous and the style modern. I am loving them though they may rock forward when I walk because of the shape of the wedge heel.

Or I can go with the nude colour that is so popular now:

Above: Georgie High Heel Booties in Nude by Modern Vintage Shoes

I love the style of these booties, minus the back zipper. I am not sure why designers are making shoes that would be great with a buckle closure zip up because zippers break. The colour is very "now" but, will I still like them next year? That is the question.

I suppose I will hold off on deciding until after I come back form my trip to Seattle this coming weekend. I may see some shoes that catch my eye there instead of ordering shoes online. We shall see what I find there and if I still need to decide on new shoes when I return home from my trip. There are just so many great shoe choices out there right now, it makes it hard to decide.

Monday, March 01, 2010

03.01.10- Longing For...Cavalli Snake Jewelry!

Me wants it! My Precious!

Above: Enamel Snake Ring by Roberto Cavalli

The pink and the green enamel with the gold...gorgeous!

And on the hand:

And the matching bracelet is beyond cool too:

Above: Enamel Snake Bracelet by Roberto Cavalli

*Drools* So hot looking!

And a close up of the snake head and tail of the bracelet:

Above" Close-up of bracelet

So abstract, yet definitely a snake. The colours just pop and look great.

On the arm:

I love these pieces of jewelry and wish I had the money to buy them right now! They are a perfect accent piece for an outfit.