Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Spring Days.

I haven't felt very fashion-y these past few days beyond thinking I need to purge my wardrobe of well-worn, hole-y, clothing again. I think I shall be doing this sometime this week. It just is on my mind and needs to be done.

I have started collecting photos of how I want my style to evolve. I am going to start printing them out and putting them in style book so when I am in need of inspiration, I can go there and be inspired by looking at the photos. I want to do this because I feel a bit blah about my sense of style at the moment and know how I want to dress, I just need to get some ideas from sources online and start molding my wardrobe a little. I have too much of the "old me" in the wardrobe still and that isn't me anymore. I am slowly starting to convert the wardrobe to who I am now but it is a slow process.

We have entered the first, early spring, phase of rainy days today. I am hoping that it starts to green up the lawns, plants, brings forth flowers, and encourages the leaves to spring out on trees. The first song that comes to mind in days like these?

Anne Lennox had a strange, mannequin-like, beauty to her back then. I love her look in this video.

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WendyB said...

I think Annie was/is a stunner.