Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Freeing Feeling Of Sorting Old Jewelry.

Friday night I set about sorting out my jewelry. I had so many items I no longer wear or that are broken/too worn to wear anymore. I had been putting it off for quite some time because I knew I would not be able to resist polishing my silver jewelry, which takes a lot of time. I did give in to that impulse while I was sorting the jewelry because I knew if I polished off the tarnish from some of the pieces that I had not worn in ages, I would start wearing them again.

I couldn't help but notice that I tend to buy a lot of silver jewelry because I like the clean look of silver. I have started to add pieces of gold jewelry into my jewelry collection but still find myself drawn to silver more often. I don't know if that attraction is left over from my being a punk rock teenager/young adult or it is just a personal preference. Either way it has led to my jewelry selection being dominated by silver jewelry and my eye being caught by silver jewelry to this day.

I was happy in the sorting out of the jewelry I own. It is such a freeing feeling to finally just place jewelry that I no longer wear in a box. It simplifies my jewelry selection and makes pieces easier to find. I rediscovered quite a few rings and necklaces I had forgotten I owned. I have a wide selection of jewelry I can wear now and all the clutter is gone. It feels so nice!

Plus I bought three, Forever 21, costume jewelry pieces that are being shipped to me as I write this. The shipment includes this ring:

Above: Dimpled Armor Ring by Forever 21

I cannot wait to get the ring, and the other two pieces of jewelry. They are items that are unique, at least if they are compared to the rest of my jewelry.

Now, to finally sort through the broken, old, no longer worn, jewelry in the box I am storing them in. I will be putting them in piles of "Throw Away", "Give Away" and "Sell" depending on condition, materials, and expense paid for them.

I feel so free after tackling this task and de-junking the jewelry storage containers and basket.

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