Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ink-Print Bag and Clogs.

I was leafing through fashion magazines and came across this bag:

Above: Bayswater ink-print leather bag by Mulberry

I loved the ink-print and how what looked like an ink stain on the leather turned into birds flying away. The bag is actually a warmer tan colour in person and very beautiful. It makes me wish I had the money to purchase it.

I also found another pair of clogs I love online:

Above: Suede and wooden clogs by Miu Miu

I love the warm colour of the tan suede and the style of these clogs but they are out of my price range. I hope one day that will not be a problem for me but right now, it is. So, I will just look at them and pretend they are part of my wardrobe.

Admiring these clogs online reminds me that I must take up my search for the perfect (affordable) clogs again soon.