Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brian, August 2012

I had a wonderful shoot with Brian on August 23rd. He is starting out in modeling/acting and just moved here in the last year from England. I am sure he has a good chance at accomplishing his goals.

Above: Brian, August 2012 By Brie A. Edwards

I am still completing the edit on this photo shoot and have a few photos of his younger sister as well.

I have another photos shoot for senior photos on the 9th and a possible wedding photo coverage in the works. Everyone cross your fingers for me on the last one that it comes into being. So, I have been keeping busy recently with my photography.

I hope everyone has had a great summer and looking forward to autumn.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Spokane Falls Northwest Encampment and Powwow, 2012

After not being held last year due to lack of funding, the Spokane Falls Northwest Encampment and Powwow was held in Riverfront Park on Friday (Aug. 24rd) and Saturday (Aug.25th) this year. I enjoy attending the Powwow to see the dancing competitions, regalia the dancers wear, and hear the drumming during the dancing. It just makes it feel like the end of summer and I really like how the Powwow is open to the public so they can see Native American culture a little.

I took way too many photos while at the Powwow (567 in fact) so spent two nights editing them. I only edited the ones I really liked and I will share a few here.

Above: Elder Dancer with feathers by Brie A. Edwards

Above: Female Fancy Dancer by Brie A. Edwards

Above: Young Prairie Chicken Dancer by Brie A. Edwards

Above: Young Traditional Dancers wait for the start of dance by Brie A. Edwards

Above: Male Fancy Dancer by Brie A. Edwards

See more photos from the Powwow by clicking HERE

It was a hot day on Saturday but, thankfully, not blazing hot like the two weeks before. Just a perfect day for a Powwow. If anyone is in Spokane at the end of next August, they should attend the Powwow and support local culture. It is a lot of fun and amazing to see.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Warhorse 'Joey' Presentation, Spokane, August 2012

A few weeks ago that I got an e.invite to meet 'Joey' from the Warhorse play which is coming to Spokane in March. The INB Perfroming Arts Center put on a presentation for the Joey Horse puppet for the public. This helps get people excited about the play coming to town. 

They encouraged photography and I whipped out my Sony Cybershot and took a few photos from the event.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey interacting with the crowd.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Full body shot of the Joey horse puppet.

The puppeteers mimic a horses personality, actions, movement, and noises. They have it down to being very similar to a real horse.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey looking my direction.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey side-by-side with real horse.

They brought a real horse in and had them interact. It was to show how well the puppeteers can mimic horses. The real horse was a good sport and wasn't too freaked out. She did side-eye the people inside the puppet with a look that said, "I see you you crazy humans. You are not a horse and acting silly!"

I have a lot more shots from the event that you can see here:

There is also a short video at that Flickr that I made with my camera.

It takes three puppeteers to animate the horse puppet. There are 28 other puppets in the show and in key scenes the actors mount the horse puppets and "ride" them into battle (the play takes place during WW1).

I really want to go and see this play now! It looks fascinating!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Kelly 2012

My last photo shoot from July was of Kelly.

Above: Kelly 2012 by Brie A. Edwards

Kelly loves retro clothing and is a singer/performs in burlesque. I loved working with her and had many great images come from this shoot. She her a very classic 40s look to her which made the photo shoot fun.

I have a little more editing to do with this shoot and then I am getting my camera cleaned professionally. Then I can start scheduling new photo shoots.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Melissa 2012- Another photo.

Another image from Melissa photo shoot this past July.

Above: Melissa 1 2012 by Brie A. Edwards

I am really liking this image and her pose.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Melissa July 2012

During Melissa's photo shoot I discovered the issue with the black spot showing up on images. I could not fix it during the shoot so tried to take photos in such a way that it didn't end up on her eye or lips making editing it out impossible. It was frustrating but, I got some pretty decent images.

Above: Melissa 2012 by Brie A. Edwards

I have one more photo shoot to edit after making last minute tweaks to the edit on Melissa's photos. After that, into the shop for a professional cleaning goes my camera. It seriously needs it.

I have nothing planned for August when it comes to photography so it will be a "lets see what comes up" month. I am hoping to get very creative in this month and maybe work on a project or two.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Photography on summer days.

I admit it. I have been very quiet and not blogging often these days. I have just not felt like writing about life much and been busy with photo shoots. I want to get back to blogging but am unsure when I will be doing any blogging at a more frequent rate.

I will share a great image form a recent photo shoot with you since I am sure any one reading this blog post is curious about my photo shoots.

Above: Rita 2012 by Brie A. Edwards

I was really happy how this image turned out and wanted to share.

I am in the middle of editing two other photo shoots and will be sharing images from them once I am done with the edit. Then I need to get my camera looked at since it is throwing a black spot into the images I capture with it. It needs a professional cleaning and I hope that will clear up the issue.