Saturday, August 18, 2012

Warhorse 'Joey' Presentation, Spokane, August 2012

A few weeks ago that I got an e.invite to meet 'Joey' from the Warhorse play which is coming to Spokane in March. The INB Perfroming Arts Center put on a presentation for the Joey Horse puppet for the public. This helps get people excited about the play coming to town. 

They encouraged photography and I whipped out my Sony Cybershot and took a few photos from the event.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey interacting with the crowd.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Full body shot of the Joey horse puppet.

The puppeteers mimic a horses personality, actions, movement, and noises. They have it down to being very similar to a real horse.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey looking my direction.

Warhorse Presentation at INB

Above: Joey side-by-side with real horse.

They brought a real horse in and had them interact. It was to show how well the puppeteers can mimic horses. The real horse was a good sport and wasn't too freaked out. She did side-eye the people inside the puppet with a look that said, "I see you you crazy humans. You are not a horse and acting silly!"

I have a lot more shots from the event that you can see here:

There is also a short video at that Flickr that I made with my camera.

It takes three puppeteers to animate the horse puppet. There are 28 other puppets in the show and in key scenes the actors mount the horse puppets and "ride" them into battle (the play takes place during WW1).

I really want to go and see this play now! It looks fascinating!

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