Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!

A huge welcome to 2011!

Jonsi sings you in!

The year has been full of ups and downs, like a roller coaster. I am happy to see it end and am looking forward to 2011.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Girl Can Dream...12/29/10

I haven't the money for these boots but I want them badly:

Above: Crystal Mountain Mukluk Knee-High Boot by Timberland

They are my kind of boot and would go well with my grey wool coat.

A girl can dream...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Shoes!!!!

I got these shoes for Christmas:

Above: Suede Platform Pumps in Grey at Arden B.

Pointy heels!!! I have never owned pointy heeled shoes before and I found I cannot walk on carpet well in this type of heel. No matter because as soon as the snow takes a hike (in about three months) I shall be wearing these shoes out and about. Of course, I will give them a trial run to see if they kill my feet first before walking all over town in them.

So, I scored when it came to shoes for Christmas...but I failed with another gift....

This skirt that I loved so much:

Above: Flirty Grey Skirt at Lulu'

It was gifted to me by my mum and it was too small. :(

I followed the measurements on the site for sizing and I could not get the back zip all the way up in a "small" though the dimensions of the skirt were correct. Now, they have sold out of everything but "large" size so I am out of luck with that skirt. :(

I am wondering if the "medium" would even fit since a size up means more fabric and I just had a bit of a zip close issue. A "missed it by that much" on the zipper closure. So it is possible a "medium" would be too gappy.

But, I got cool all is well in my world at the moment.

I hope you go what you wanted this Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

It is that time of year again!

Above: One of my favorite Christmas tree decorations: the fluffy lamb

I am hoping that everyone is having a great Christmas season. May you receive at least one gift you have wanted and may you have a stress-free Christmas day.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Perfect birthday present for me.

I have been dreaming of San Diego, California a lot these past few weeks. I was born there and try to get back there once a year. It is where my heart is a lot of the time and while I would love to live in Seattle because I like the landscape, rain, and mood of the west side of Washington heart will always hold a very special place for San Diego.

I came across this necklace yesterday and instantly had to send it to family members as a birthday present idea for me.

Above: I love california reminder necklace with gold dipped california by Dogeared Jewels

It is simple and a fun way to show my love for the state I was born in.

Above: Close-up of necklace.

I am sure that no matter where I live or end up in life, I will always be a California girl at heart.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bracelet Love: 12/22/10

Above: 2 inch glass beaded bracelet by Precious Hands

If the bracelet were not sold out in this style at Blue Planet, I would be buying it this very instant. I love it that much and the price ($12) is so right for it!

I have asked to be notified if it comes back in stock.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Retro Love.

I love 1970s, retro, clothing because it fits my tall and thin body type so well.

Above: Margo Sandal in Denim by Kors Michael Kors

Denim Sandals! Love it!

Above: Adriane Mid Rise Bell in Seaform by Genetic Denim

Jeans just like my babysitter used to wear.

Above: Harbor Clog in Flint by Kors Michael Kors

I love the heel cut-out that modernizes the clog's look while remaining 70's retro.

I would love any one of the above to join my wardrobe.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful simplicity.

Sometimes, simple is beautiful.

Above: 18-karat blackened gold diamond rectangle ring by Diane Kordas

Above: 18-karat rose gold diamond tear drop ring by Diane Kordas

Above: 18-karat rose gold diamond necklace by Diane Kordas

All three pieces look "barely there" on the hand or neck.

Above: The necklace on a model.

That is not a bad just gives a tiny bit of accent to the wearer instead of really drawing the eye like a larger piece of jewelry would.

Delicate and simple in style can be so pretty.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting orgainized in the new year.

Last year, I bought myself a daily planner because I am one of those people that can fall into periods of procrastination which halts my productivity. I figured a daily planner, set up in a style that suited me, would help me out in conquering this tendency in myself to "put off until later" things I should do.

It worked.

While using a daily planner did not conquer the tendency entirely, it did make it a lot less often that I fall into procrastination. It helped that the daily planner I bought, broke up days into list form which really appeals to me. I have always been a list maker since a very young age, be it lists of bands I liked, lists of movies I wanted to see, or lists of books I wanted to read. I also have the tendency to revisit the lists I make and cross or check off the items I do, see, read. So a list form of daily planner is perfect for me. I can just write down what I need to do and then go back and check off what I have completed that day.

Moleskines has the best daily planners for my style. I have ordered and received one to use in 2011 and am excited to start filling it up with plans and things to do.

I wanted something more compact than last year's planner so chose this one:

Above: Moleskine 2011 Pocket Daily Planner

I love the style which is clean and reminds me of sketchbooks. I love the set up of the days which allows me to make my lists of things to do.

Above: My badly lit photo of the pages.

I also love the place to put the temperature of the day and weather type at the bottom of the page. That also is very appealing to me.

So, I am set with my new daily planner and really cannot wait to start using it. Bring on 2011!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Adoring these heels...

Above: Eastney 16 Camel Touch of Stud Platform Heels by Qupid


I really like these heels. They have a retro feel to them and I like the smaller sized studding.

If you like them as well, they are $33 at

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Budget Friendly Lip Glosses!

I buy make-up that fits within my budget and tend to try new products out when I wander Walgreen's. Still, despite the many tubes of lip gloss I have tried there are 3 different kinds that are my "go to" glosses.

The first is Avon's Glazewear:

Above: Glazewear Lip Gloss by Avon

My mum is an Avon representative and she gave me my first tube of Glazewear lip gloss many years ago to try. I loved it! The gloss is long wearing, not too sticky, doesn't dry out your lips, and if you put it over lipstick, it extends the wear of the lipstick. This lip gloss is my "go to" lip gloss and isn't horribly expensive at $6.00 a tube. They have many shades which add a sheer tint to you lips and are always adding new colours, as well as limited time colours, to the line. If you haven't given this gloss a try, do check it out.

The second is Lipicious Lip Gloss at Bath and Body Works:

Above: Lipicious Lip Gloss in Frozen Daiquiri

Lipicious lip glosses come in many flavors...yes, they are flavored as well as long lasting! My favorite is the Frozen Daiquiri that I have pictured here. Some of the glosses are matte and others have a bit of sparkle to them. All are long lasting, taste great, and are great to use over lipsticks as well as alone.

Unlike the Glazewear, Lipicious does not really add colour to your lips so much as add a glossy shine though the matte colour versions add a tiny bit of colour. They are not horribly sticky though your hair may stick to your lips with this product. The gloss is long-lasting ( as is the flavor), it does not dry out your lips, and is only $7.00 a tube.

The third, and last, favorite lip gloss is mark Juice Gems by Avon:

Above: mark Juice Gems by Avon

Juice gems has a thicker formula so it really makes your lips feel glossy. It is non-drying to your lips, long-lasting, and produces a nice shine since all colours have added sparkle. It is lightly tinted so is fun to put on alone or over lipstick to give lipstick the added shine. Juice gems comes in many flavors, my favorite being Juicy Honeydew, so there is a flavor to appeal to everyone. It is $6.50 a tube and the tube is a little bit larger than most I have come across.

All these glosses are the ones I keep in heavy rotation and are affordable yet not so cheap that they do not last long on the lips. If you haven't given them a try, I highly recommend each one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Inner Shoes Girl Loves Inexpensive Shoes.

I have been looking at shoes a lot lately because I have a very vocal, inner, shoe girl who insists I must look at shoes and consider buying them. She has expensive tastes but occasionally is thrilled to find cool, interesting, unique shoes that are less expensive. When that happens she tells me I must share them so that is what I am doing in this post.

Above: Dany Light Tan T-Strap Platform Heels by Jessica Simpson

I am loving the style of these platforms and have been considering getting a pair but have not found them online until now. I love the light tan but love them even more...

Above: Dany Grey Stamped Snake T-Strap Platform Heels by Jessica Simpson

In the grey, snake stamped, version They look more my style and would fit better into my wardrobe. They are the same price ($98) as the light tan version.

Above: Eastney 18 Black Nubuck Bow Toe Platform Heels by Qupid

I am loving platform sandals right now which is amusing since it is snowy outside. I am guessing my inner shoe girl is looking forward to spring. She loves these sandals because they are slightly retro and the bow embellishment on the toe is appealing. She also loved that the shoes are $32 which is quite affordable.

Above: Eastney 02 Khaki Criss-Cross Strappy Platform Heels by Qupid

I love strappy heels and these totally fit that bill. The khaki colour is perfect and the criss-cross ensures me that my feet will be well strapped in. These sandals are also $32 and would be great for when the weather starts to warm up this spring.

Above: Demi Black and Cheetah Double Platform Pumps by Privileged

I am totally loving the heels of these pumps. The two tier platform style is so modern! I love that the heel of these shoes are what is cheetah print so the print does not overwhelm the shoe. It seems I am not the only person who's eye was caught by these pumps since they are currently sold out at It is not surprise if you add the fact that they were $35 to the coolness of the style. Maybe they will get them back in?

Above: Driven 43 Gold Glitzy Glitter Strappy Platform Wedges by Bamboo

The gold, glitter, wedges give a nod to the 1970s and Disco. They look like fun shoes for going out or wearing to a party. Definitely not too over-the-top in their gold sparkle which makes them very versatile. You can snap them up for $33 and wear them anywhere you like.

All these shoe finds were at which is a fun site to find less expensive fashion with an indie feel to it. It is one of my favorite surfing grounds when online.

And now I head off to write a Christmas card or two while listening to:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shoes Love!

I saw quite a few shoes that I loved while wandering the Internet this afternoon. Most of them at a site called Nasty Girl where there is a wide selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Above: Foxy Platform in Pink Suede by Jeffrey Campbell

I am not a huge fan of pink but these caught my eye. They would look great with tights and/or socks.

Above: Songbird Shearling Boots by Jeffrey Campbell

Very 1970s and look like they would have been worn in the film Almost Famous. I love them and would wear them often.

Above: Stitched Platform Wedge at Nasty Girl

They are very retro 70s as well and I love the colour of them. I would be teaming them with socks or wearing them sockless with flared jeans in warm weather.

And then the site has a pair of socks I would be happy to own:
Above: Crochet Away Thigh Highs in Wine at Nasty Girl

They would look great alone with a short dress/skirt and platform shoes. They would also look great over tights. They are $18 so under my $20 spending limit for socks since socks do not last very long before they get holes in the toes. I just cannot see the point of buying expensive socks that are only going to be worn a season before they get holes in the toes or elsewhere.

I may have to check back at Nasty Girl occasionally to see what new shoes they get in stock. Definitely a great find for me site-wise as their selection of shoes has quite a few that match my personal style.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Found: Jeffrey Campbell Loafer Heels!

If you remember, I found some real drool-worthy, loafer-style, shoes by Fendi while surfing the clothing sites a while back. They were gorgeous but expensive.

Well, tonight I was at Modcloth looking at what was offered in their "new arrivals" section and I came across these loafer heels:

Above: Bookshelf Browsing Heel by Jeffrey Campbell at Modcloth

Yes, that is right, Jeffrey Campbell designed the shoe and they are not as price-y at $131.95. They are a very versatile colour and have a softly, padded, inner sole for comfort in walking. So, anyone looking for less expensive, yet well-made loafer heels may want to snap these up.

Me, I am going to continue browsing the offerings out there to see what else I can find since I still love the Fendis a lot more.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12/12/10: I want..I want...

I was wandering the Internet and saw this bag:

Above: Pecan basketwoven distressed leather hobo by Cole Haan

I love the basketwoven look with the tassel and the colour. I need this purse in my life.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Product review: blinc mascara

I received a tube of blinc mascara in the mail after being surprised with a shipping notice in my inbox that said it was shipped to me without cost. My only guess is that I won it in a contest of some sort to be receiving it free of cost. Winning things is always fun so a thumbs up for that.

Above: blinc mascara at

The Pros:

- It comes in a really cool metal container that you screw the top off of and can store the mascara tube in.
- It goes on smoothly without clumping.
- It really makes my already long eyelashes seem longer.
- It doesn't make my lashes overly stiff which is something I dislike in a mascara.
- Did not run in the rain or when my eyes watered.
- It washes off easier than the packaging would have you believe. You just rock your lashes while you wash them with water/cleanser/soap and the "tubes" of mascara encasing you lashes come right off.

The Cons:

- It takes forever to dry...I could feel my lashes sticking top to lower when I blinked as it took the minute to dry.
- It made my long lashes look spiked but did not give them volume. I have long lashes to begin with but they need a bit of "plumping" to make them impressive.
- If you have a boo-boo when putting the mascara on, it is hard to get it off you skin/eyelid unless you remove it immediately with cotton swab.

The mascara is made for contact wearers but people who buy it should be aware that your eyes will sting a tiny bit when you remove it due to the way the mascara has to be taken off.

Overall, it was a nice mascara but I would not purchase it on my own due to the "non-volumizing" factor. I need that to make my lashes look full and impressive. This mascara just doesn't do that and that factor is very important to me.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Loving this Zodiac necklace.

I have a soft spot in my heart for jewelry that features my zodiac sign, Aquarius.

This necklace is a great design for my sign which is rather rare since it is usually composed of two, rather boring, wavy, lines.

Above: Astrology Pendant Necklace in Aquarius by Gorjana

Very nice and soft take on the sign plus it hangs at just the right length and size for my tastes.

Above: On model

The other signs are just as interesting in how Gorjana has designed them for this necklace.It is definitely worth checking out.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

12/8/10- I am loving...

Shoes I love the style of:

Above: Suedette Buckled Wedges at Forever 21

Yes, they are not expensive or real suede but I probably would not wear them all that often so that wouldn't matter. Of course, the fact I wouldn't wear them often makes them "admire from afar" and not "buy me now!" material. I still love how they look.

And something I do need:

Above: Dazzling Doxin Jewelry Stand at Forever 21  

I have a huge love for large rings and they are over-flowing the small tray on top of my dresser. I would love something like this (or the cute elephant one that sold out in one day at Forever 21) to hold my rings. I really must invest in one and get my jewelry more organized.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Affordable and very me.

I really like these:

Above: Knitted Poncho at Forever 21

I am a huge fan of ponchos because they can be worn over t-shirts like sweaters but are drape-y. I own one and just may have to buy this one as well since it fits my budget.

Above: Boatneck Tunic at Forever 21

I mentioned my love of this tunic before and they just got it back in at Forever 21. I am loving the belting to it and it also fits my budget.

Now to decide just how much I would wear the above and if I should buy them to add to my wardrobe.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kate Bosworth: I admire her style sense.

I was happy to receive Lucky Magazine in the mail this afternoon. It gave me inspiration as I spent my afternoon reading it. I love how it tells you the price and where to find everything it has within it's pages.

Kate Bosworth was on Lucky Magazine's cover for January.

Above: Kate Bosworth

I have always found Bosworth very pretty and she has an interesting, of the moment, casual, sense of style that I also enjoy. She seems to know what colours look good on her which I really admire.

I am not so interested in who she dates (Yes, I know she dated Orlando Bloom and Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, so what?), that she isn't an A-list actress, that some people deem her "too skinny" at times, or even that she doesn't appear super-intelligent to some people. I am more interested in her style and admire her for that.

I also really like her two-toned eyes:

How cool would it be two have two different colour eyes? It looks stunning on her.

Her fashion choices are always interesting to me:

And sometimes, she does a bit of a fashion misfire like any woman would:

Above: A bit "nightie" is it not? Definitely a miss in fashion but a bold choice.

But, I really enjoy her look and have since I saw her in Blue Crush many years ago.

Bosworth has teamed up with her friend Cher Coulter to launch JewelMint, a website that offers affordable jewelry for your casual, every day, life. It sounds interesting to me and I may have to check it out. Yes, I am a sucker for checking out sites when people's who have styles I admire are involved.

Bosworth looks stunning in Lucky Magazine and that is what prompted me to write about her. I think she is just gorgeous.

Monday, December 06, 2010

So Comfortable!

These slippers:

Above: Blush Plush Slipper Booties by Avon

Are so comfortable, warm, and heaven on my feet. I am glad they were gifted to me.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Falling in love with grey as a fashion shade.

My love for grey as a fashion shade started about 4 years ago. Before that time, I was a tired and true black lover for all things fashion/clothing. I think my hanging on to black as my 'go to' shade was a left-over from my Goth/punk rock youth. I was so addicted to buying clothing and accessories in black that my whole wardrobe was practically that colour.

Then, for some reason beyond my control or knowledge, I grew tired of black after so many years. It is like the love affair suddenly fizzled out without warning. I started eyeing brown, taupe, beige, and grey as my neutrals and buying clothing accordingly. Grey suddenly became what black had been in my fashion sense. I had found a replacement, a new "shade as steady boyfriend" for my wardrobe. As the black items of clothing faded and grew old, I phased them out only buying very few pieces in black as replacement. Instead, I was buying most my  replacement fashion basics in grey.

Now, when you look in my wardrobe you will see grey makes up a large portion of the colour selection in it. Along with the other neutrals I mentioned and pops of colour of course. I still love black but it isn't the shade I buy everything I wear the most often in anymore. There has been a shade shift in my brain. A welcome one I would like to think.

Today, I found two new grey clothing items I would love to add to my wardrobe.
Above: Suede Platform Pumps in Grey by Arden B.

Classic in style, great contrast in shades between the grey suede upper and black heels, and the pumps would go with so much in my wardrobe. Definitely will be adding these to my Christmas list.

Above: Shake It Up Grey Skirt at

I love the length of the skirt and the folded look to it. So crisp and I am liking the high waist.

It has a hidden back zipper which I always look for in a skirt that zips since I am not a fan of exposed zipper closures.Yes, I can definitely love this skirt and can think of numerous outfits that I can incorporate it into. Another clothing item that could be added to the Christmas list.

My love for grey fashion items grows and grows and I will be indulging in it as the years pass.