Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Expensive, Yet Cool.

I keep looking at this top on the Forever 21 website and want it like Gollum wanted the One Ring.

Above: Boatneck Knit Tunic at Forever 21

I just love the cut of it and the flowy sleeves. The tie at the waist is great too.

It would just fit into my wardrobe so well. I keep stopping myself from buying it, despite it's "not breaking the bank" price of $13.80 because I am trying to cut back on spending (to save up for a move) and wear what I already own. I cannot help the draw it has to me as if I were raven and the tunic were something shiny.

I must try and resist!


WendyB said...

I'm not a fan of F21 but...will $14 really make that much of a difference to your move?

SnapandPrint said...

Actually, the expense would because I am trying to cut down my spending and have no cash flow coming in at the moment to replace any going out. If I buy one thing I will buy more so I am clamping the "full stop" on excessive spending.

They have sold out anyway so I am not able to buy the tunic now anyway.