Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alligator Ring On My Finger.

I was gifted an Avon ring by my Avon selling mum. I had spied it in the "What's New" brochure that she gets as an Avon representative and thought it was cute. I pointed it out to her and made the "This is cute." comment about it. She ordered for me and gifted it to me.

What ring you ask?

Above: Animal Magnetism Rings by Avon

I am proud owner of the alligator version of the above rings.

It is beautiful in real life and the coloured stones show up well against the brass coloured metal of the ring. I had a sales clerk ask me where I got it and she expressed shock at it's origin. She thought it was from somewhere exotic and I had bought it while traveling.

It is a substantial ring, not for the woman who doesn't want to have her jewelry noticed. It is also not that expensive ($14.99) so there is no buyer's remorse, which I end up having often since money is a bit tight at the moment.

I will have a lot of fun with this ring.


Birgitte said...

Love the ring!

Xoxo Birgitte

SnapandPrint said...

He is gorgeous and I wear him a lot!