Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Need This Blouse!

I am loving this blouse:

Above: black silk cutout shoulder drawstring blouse by Rebecca Taylor

It is sold out on the site so I know I am not the only one loving it.

I need to find a similar style somewhere else and preferably for less than $177.00.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cool Sandals On My Feet and a Bracelet I Want To Find.

I saw this leather bracelet at and instantly wanted it:

Above: Kettle Black Triple Wrap Bracelet

Especially after seeing it on a human wrist:

I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a bracelet like this because I love it, fringe and all.

I bought a cool pair of sandals at Payless Shoe Source a few weekends ago.

The sandals:

Above: American Eagle Kayjay T-Strap Sandal

They are a lot more "orange" than the photograph at the site. Sort of a cheery, terra cotta, orange colour in real life.

They are also VERY comfortable, were on sale when bought them (SCORE!), and I will be wearing them a lot this summer with jeans.

I haven't been posting as much because I am doing more photoshoots. I am trying to line one up with a model as I type this. I go through busy times and then a lot of slack time when it comes to my photography. I have just entered a busy time.

I will try and post more often in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ISO White Embroidered Tunic Top.

There are times when I really miss living in San Diego.

For example, I have been eyeing tops like this one in stores here:

Above: Beach Tunic in White by Vegas & Mia

I love these tops/beach cover-up tunics and they are all so expensive when I see one that I love, and that is comfortable against the skin. The one in the photo is $80.

And it kills me to know that in Old Town (or along the beaches) in San Diego I could get something like this for under $80 and probably even prettier with the embroidery plus some beading.

I mean the embroidery on this tunic is pretty:

Above: Close-up or embroidery on top.

Just look at it...and the material has to be so soft! But $80 is a bit much for me at the moment. I know I could get something like this for less in San Diego.

*Sigh* I hate my location so much. Tops like this are $149 at the cheapest in stores here.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Learn How To Ska Dance.

Just finished with the photoshoot editing tonight and will be back to fashion blogging soon!

If you want to see a few of the photos take a peek here:

My Photoshoot Photos!

And until I blog again (probably this weekend) enjoy this instructional video on "How To Ska Dance":

Be back to fashion blogging soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy With Photoshoot Editing.

I am taking a little bit of a time out since I just did a photoshoot and have been getting out of the house more often. I am currently madly editing a photoshoot and that is taking up a lot of my time.

So, until I can post again...I leave you with this cool song:

Human by Elastica

I am loving this song right now.

And a photo of me in my grey trench coat and over-sized sunglasses taken last weekend in Leavenworth, Washington:

Okay, back to editing photos.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

These Need To Be Mine!!!

Just look at these gorgeous sunglasses!

Above: Burgundy oversized rectangular wrap sunglasses by Valentino

They are so me! I wish I could afford them right now!

Monday, April 06, 2009


These are the beehive of the 21st Century: <---maker sure to watch the demo video.

Just...Yikes! Who doesn't want to have hair like this though:

Be very afraid.

You too can look like a 60's throwback...using a Bumpit!

Big thumbs down from me!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Almost An Outfit!

I found three things that could almost make an complete outfit. I had to share!

This dress:

Above: Blue Pleated Jersey Cross Back Gown by BCBGMAXAZRIA

Which has a definite nod to the 1970's going on in the design and style but still is quite modern. Love the colour, the slit in the front of the cleavage, and the back:

Above: The backside of the dress.

I love when dresses have a criss cross tie at the back. It just strikes em as so pretty and it shows off the bone structure of the shoulders and back...with all the hills and valleys of a woman's back. Just gorgeous.

This bracelet:

Above: Rosette Organic Bracelet at

The bracelet could be worn with the dress. It is simple, not expensive at $12.00, and pleasing to the eye while not being hugely flashy. Pretty and organic looking.

Now these sandals:

Above: Janette Woven Wooden High Heel Sandals by Frye

Well, they don't go with the dress or the bracelet. That dress calls for strappy sandals not something woven and brown with a wooden heel. Still ,I wanted to share the sandals because the woven detail just catches my eye and I could see myself wearing them.

I just love all three items and could see myself wearing each and every one of them so had to share the cool finds.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why I Do Not Make Outfit Posts.

I am a bit "meh" about putting myself dressed in outfits online because, well, I live in a smaller city full of scary people who do act freaky and stalker-like (especially the men) if they have seen your photo online and then recognize you in public.

They seem to think this means you are some sort of porn star that you are posting your photos online so, of course, you are desperate so will give them your phone number and maybe meet up with them for a hook-up. So not my thing.

That is the first reason why I don't do outfit posts. Which may change when I move to a big city where I can be a bit more "anonymous" due to the dense population big cities have.

The second reason?

I am crap at self portraits and always have awful expressions in photos if I put the camera on a tripod after setting the timer. I frown, make weird faces, have my hands in weird positions, etc as I wonder if the timer is ever going to finish counting down and take the photo. Then it may not look good so I have to fuss with the set-up to try again. Definitely not something I want to spend time on.

The third reason?

No one I encounter every day can take a photo worth a damn. I tried to get my mum to take a photo of my outfit today. All the photos were blurry and at a bad angle since I am 5'9" while she is 5'4". Can you say "shooting up my nose and distorted body due to this"? I knew you could.

Having my mum take my photo resulted in this:

Note the drive-by blur of Siamese cat who had to get in the photo at the last second.

That was the best result from that "try-out" of taking an outfit photo.

Enough said.

Cut-out Boots/Shoes/Sandals Are Growing On Me.

You may have seen this post where I was excited about a great pair of boots with cut-outs.

It took a while for me to warm up to the whole cut-outs/peeptoe/ancient look to boots and sandals. They seemed so odd at first but now, they have grown on me.

I think I will share some recent finds of mine that really made me pause...and add them to my stylefeed.


Above: 8020 Sophie Hidden Wedge Thong in Black

The thongs resemble boots and have a hidden wedge. They also have a buckle at the ankle and a side zip closure. Pretty cool and pretty functional.

Above: J Shoes Sorrento in Black

I love the mixture of the ancient style sandal and the modern these shoes have. They look like they are sturdy enough to walk around in and the rubber soles would cushion the foot well. Very odd, but very cool.

Above: Warm Leatherette Sandals at

I love the canvas and soft, tan, leather mixture in the sandal. It looks very modern and comfortable. I also love the buckle at the ankle.

Above: Women's Hi There Susanna (Black) by Irregular Choice

These are great! I love the tie closure, the cut-outs at mid-foot and toe, the heel, and the way there is a "bumper" type design t the toe to protect your toes. Just cool!

Above: Canvas Wrap Wedge by We Who See

The wedges look bulky and a bit loose but I am liking the buckle and the cut-out hell, as well as toe. I also like the mixture of the canvas and the black leather. Very modern looking. I would just worry about the looseness which would get on my nerves when I was walking around.

Above: Drew Open Toe Apron Pumps by Omelle

The above shoes have a throwback to a much earlier time. They look Victorian or earlier in influence but have a touch of 2009 to them. The fact they have a ribbon tie makes me think of the British dandies and the peep-toe, as well as the low cut back, just catches my eye.

And finally...the most ancient looking cut-out sandals of them all:

Above: Acropolis Tan Suede Split Body Wrap Up Sandal by Jeffrey Campbell

So ancient Greek and also amusing to me because the toe is fastened with Velcro. Who'd have though Velcro would make a come-back in the design of shoe closures? I do love the wrap part of the sandals but the Velcro closure? I don't know what to think of that.

I am finding the cut-out trend to be very interesting and many interesting designs are coming out of it. I just thought I would share the ones that caught my eye with you.