Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ISO White Embroidered Tunic Top.

There are times when I really miss living in San Diego.

For example, I have been eyeing tops like this one in stores here:

Above: Beach Tunic in White by Vegas & Mia

I love these tops/beach cover-up tunics and they are all so expensive when I see one that I love, and that is comfortable against the skin. The one in the photo is $80.

And it kills me to know that in Old Town (or along the beaches) in San Diego I could get something like this for under $80 and probably even prettier with the embroidery plus some beading.

I mean the embroidery on this tunic is pretty:

Above: Close-up or embroidery on top.

Just look at it...and the material has to be so soft! But $80 is a bit much for me at the moment. I know I could get something like this for less in San Diego.

*Sigh* I hate my location so much. Tops like this are $149 at the cheapest in stores here.


Anonymous said...

i bought something of this sort from value village and it was a steal for $2.50!! pretty orange/gold embroidery on white soft material thats all flowy and summery.

SnapandPrint said...

Then you truly scored a good deal.

It can be hard to find something you truly like in secondhand stores sometimes. It all depends on the area you live in and the day you go thrifting!

Anonymous said...

i live in spokane and anything good is hard to come by here.. let alone anything good! l0l. i guess i was lucky!!

SnapandPrint said...

I agree...Spokane is crap for thrifting...lots of those free t-shirts they hand out at events and Walmart cast-offs at the thrift stores in Spokane.