Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Your Che...Che...Che...Che...Che...Che...Cherry Bomb!

Due to much posting of paparazzi shots of Kristen Stewart (as Joan Jett) and Dakota Fanning (as Cherie Curry) on the set of The Runaways biopic, I got reminded of the band The Runaways.

The Runaways were a band made up of 15-17 year old girls from Southern California that formed in the 1970s...Joan Jett was a member from the start, as was Lita Ford. They were fronted by Cherie Currie who was all of 15 years old when the band started.

Their music was a mixture of glam rock, punk, and rock n' roll. Their most famous song being "Cherry Bomb":

The band was extremely popular in Japan and opened for The Ramones on a US tour before finally imploding due to drug use, band member conflict, and the abuse of the girls from both their manager and producer.

Check out the documentary Edgeplay on will really enlighten you on the band and what was going on with the girls during the time of the band. It will get you shaking your head at what they went through.

Both the photos of the girls back then as well as the paparazzi set photos from the movie set got me excited about the clothes they were wearing. I am predicting that daring fashionistas will be wearing updated versions of the clothing worn by the band and the actresses in the film.

Some updated clothes I find that are in the spirit of the Runaways?

Gotta start with my favorites, shoes:

Above: Sculpted leather platform boots by Giuseppe Zanotti

Above: Freya High Heel Sandals on Wooden Platform by Loeffler Randall

Above: Living Platform Booties by Robert Clergerie

Above: Nude Patent Carved Wooden Platform Sandals by Miu Miu

Above: Black Leather Lace-up Platform Boots by Sam Edelman

And then the tops:

Above: Couture Colorblocked Tee by Lucca

Above: Heather Gold Jersey 'T.Rex' V-neck T-shirt by Chaser LA

Above: Red Striped Jersey 'Bold' Tunic by C & C California

Above: Black Keyhole 'Jillian' Halter Top by Tart

And on to pants:

Above: Lightweight Lovestory Jean by J Brand

Above:Skinny Leather Pants by A.C.L.

And jackets:

Above: Brown Leather Zip Front Pintuck Bomber Jacket by Stella & Jamie

Above: Faux Fur Coat by Rebecca Taylor

And then to bags:

Above: Sunshine Leather 'Village' Medium Shoulder Bag by Cole Haan

Above: Signature Grocery Bag in Gray by Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent

And then throw on some fun jewelry like this cuff:

Above: Hunter Cuff in Dark Brown by Kettle Black

Or my favorite:

Above: Mud Flap Jill Necklace by Wendy Brandes

It's fun to update the styles and I am guessing there will be some daring fashion loving ladies out there inspired by the clothing in the film, discovering the music of The Runaways, and updating the band members looks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Radiohead Plays As I Walk Into The Furture...

This fun quiz result amused me greatly:

Your result for The Indie Band For You Test...


You scored 57% popularity, 59% maturity, 60% individuality, and 64% intensity!

You don't remember that Radiohead is your band. Why you gucci little piggy! Pretty much the all-around perfect indie band, they're popular, but they're still really good and very original and they're constantly evolving.

Take The Indie Band For You Test

at HelloQuizzy

Anyone that knows me knows that radiohead is one of my favorite bands. I even saw them live last year. Their music just seems to fit my life more and more these days.

The music of radiohead always makes me think of fashion as well...not sure why. Maybe because the quality of the music is so well done and layered?

The above song instantly made me think of these clothing items I had added to my stylefeed:

Above: Leather trench coat by Aminaka Wilmont

The song just has that "end of a movie walk away into the future after a struggle" and this coat would be what I would wear when that happened. Sort of a "sci fi" spy feel to it.

And these booties:

Above: Cut-out Bootie in Black by Chie Mihara

Would be on my feet as I walked away. Very "sci-fi" and bad ass!

Perfect with the coat, a pair of dark jeans, and big sunglasses like these:

Above: Grey Cutout Detail Oversized Sunglasses by Marc Jacob

Yes, "15 Step" by radiohead would be playing and I would be walking off into the future with these clothing items on. That would be the end of the movie I would be in.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Products I Like. July 2009

So, my mum is an Avon lady and I get products before they go on sale for the general public. Yeah, I get perks like that and I like it that way.

Two products I love recently are:

Above: liiv botanicals Naturally Glossy Lip Conditioner by Avon

It's nice and a bit of shine...and make my lips so soft. Definitely gets a thumbs up from me. It's also currently on sale for $4.99 down from $8.00.


Above: NATURALS Smoothie Hair & Body Shampoo by Avon

I got it in coconut (it comes in strawberry and mango as well) and it is perfect for travel since it is a shampoo and body wash in one. It smells delicious as well as being $2.49 on sale from $5.00 so rush out and get it!

My hair was badly affected by Spokane's dry climate so I invested in Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner and HIGHLY recommend it. My hair has fully recovered and it didn't wash out the colour either. I may have to switch to this shampoo from the one I was using because my hair goes through blow-drying each day now.

It's nice to find some inexpensive products that work well for me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taking A Mini- Break.

I am limiting my online time at the moment to recharge my batteries. I have just hit "burn out" level when it comes to online. Of course, the warm weather and other activities beckon to me so it makes it easier for me not to log online for long periods of time.

So, call it a "mini-break" from blogging if you will. I need to time to recharge my batteries and just relax.

So I will be sitting around in the warm weather, as happy as this doggie:

(Say "Hi" To Kaiya.)

Or running around so much I am just a blur:

I have a fashion post in the making so keep an eye on this is coming. It just will be when I feel like writing it instead of forcing myself to forgo the nice weather and be a slave to the keyboard.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hey Babe...Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

I am in the process of researching for a post in this blog. I know...seems a bit weird but I want to have more to talk about since it is a whole "update of a look involving a band." So that post will be coming in the weeks ahead. I am waiting on a documentary I ordered from Amazon...told you I was really researching it.

Until then I will be sporadically sharing some fashion finds with you like this GORGEOUS dress:

Above: Asymmetric Silk Maxi Kaftan by Roberto Cavalli

I love how the leopard print fades to black on this flowly kaftan. It's wild and it stands out in a crowd without looking cheap like some animal prints can.

And just look at the back! Love the baring of skin while not dipping too low and only baring the one shoulder.

It's so stunning!

It's price reflects how classy it is being $1,290 at Net A but it is silk....and imagine how wonderful it would feel against the skin!

The dress is definitely not for the faint of heart or people who do not want to stand out in a crowd. It's for people who want to walk on the wild side while having class.