Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hey Babe...Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

I am in the process of researching for a post in this blog. I know...seems a bit weird but I want to have more to talk about since it is a whole "update of a look involving a band." So that post will be coming in the weeks ahead. I am waiting on a documentary I ordered from Amazon...told you I was really researching it.

Until then I will be sporadically sharing some fashion finds with you like this GORGEOUS dress:

Above: Asymmetric Silk Maxi Kaftan by Roberto Cavalli

I love how the leopard print fades to black on this flowly kaftan. It's wild and it stands out in a crowd without looking cheap like some animal prints can.

And just look at the back! Love the baring of skin while not dipping too low and only baring the one shoulder.

It's so stunning!

It's price reflects how classy it is being $1,290 at Net A but it is silk....and imagine how wonderful it would feel against the skin!

The dress is definitely not for the faint of heart or people who do not want to stand out in a crowd. It's for people who want to walk on the wild side while having class.


WendyB said...

I adore that dress!

SnapandPrint said...

I saw it and leopard print is my favorite animal print...and it wasn't over-powering on this dres but there.

I am tall and thin so this dress would be perfect for my body type!

Wish I had the cash...and place to wear it. :)