Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taking A Mini- Break.

I am limiting my online time at the moment to recharge my batteries. I have just hit "burn out" level when it comes to online. Of course, the warm weather and other activities beckon to me so it makes it easier for me not to log online for long periods of time.

So, call it a "mini-break" from blogging if you will. I need to time to recharge my batteries and just relax.

So I will be sitting around in the warm weather, as happy as this doggie:

(Say "Hi" To Kaiya.)

Or running around so much I am just a blur:

I have a fashion post in the making so keep an eye on this is coming. It just will be when I feel like writing it instead of forcing myself to forgo the nice weather and be a slave to the keyboard.


WendyB said...

Come back soon!

SnapandPrint said...

I won't be a long break...I just need some time to enjoy the warm weather. :)