Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Radiohead Plays As I Walk Into The Furture...

This fun quiz result amused me greatly:

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You don't remember that Radiohead is your band. Why you gucci little piggy! Pretty much the all-around perfect indie band, they're popular, but they're still really good and very original and they're constantly evolving.

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Anyone that knows me knows that radiohead is one of my favorite bands. I even saw them live last year. Their music just seems to fit my life more and more these days.

The music of radiohead always makes me think of fashion as well...not sure why. Maybe because the quality of the music is so well done and layered?

The above song instantly made me think of these clothing items I had added to my stylefeed:

Above: Leather trench coat by Aminaka Wilmont

The song just has that "end of a movie walk away into the future after a struggle" and this coat would be what I would wear when that happened. Sort of a "sci fi" spy feel to it.

And these booties:

Above: Cut-out Bootie in Black by Chie Mihara

Would be on my feet as I walked away. Very "sci-fi" and bad ass!

Perfect with the coat, a pair of dark jeans, and big sunglasses like these:

Above: Grey Cutout Detail Oversized Sunglasses by Marc Jacob

Yes, "15 Step" by radiohead would be playing and I would be walking off into the future with these clothing items on. That would be the end of the movie I would be in.

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