Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chelsea and Ricky- Sept. 2012

I had a senior yearbook photo shoot recently with Chelsea. She brought along her boyfriend, Ricky who was in many of the shots. It was a mixture of senior photo/couples photo shoot and I rather enjoyed it.

Above: Chelsea and Ricky, Sept. 2012 by Brie A. Edwards

I am now in a lull between photo shoots with nothing planned in the next few weeks. I am needing a little bit of a break because I am feeling a little bit burnt out after photo shoots, canceled shoots, tons of rescheduling, and editing tons of photos.

I will probably look for more people with costumes for the Superheroes project I am doing closer to Halloween. People tend to have costumes around Halloween that may work and that makes it easier to find people to pose for this project in late Oct.

I will also be updating my website which is in a huge need up updating. It has been a while since I put new images on there and I now have a lot of images to choose from to add into the site.

I am going to try and move toward more paying photo shoots because, like most everyone else in the world, I could use the money. So, that is in the plans as well. I will still have projects (like the Superheroes one) where I have the model pose in exchange for images but if someone approaches me with ideas they want me to shoot them in? I will have to charge them. It has to happen because I need to upgrade my equipment and also save up some money. Start moving into the professional realm more often.

It is nice to have a breather before I head on to the next shoot. It will give me a little time to recharge and plan.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rose- August 2012

When I was taking photos of Brian in late August, his younger sister (Rose) was along on the shoot. I took a few photos of her and this is one of them.

It is really refreshing to see a 15 year old girl who looks her age in clothing and make-up. I love her freckles as well.

I just had a photo shoot of a high school senior and her boyfriend that I will be starting the edit of tomorrow. I am excited about this shoot's results and will, of course, share a photo from it when I have them edited.