Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lariat Style Necklace On The Way!

I am so excited!

I have long wanted a lariat style necklace but have found them either too price-y or too cheap looking when I did stumble across them in my store and online site wanderings. It had me a bit bummed because I loved the style and wanted one for my own.

I got the latest catalog in the mail and stumbled across this lariat necklace:

Above: Hoku Lariat Necklace at

I pondered buying it for exactly 1/2 hour..while looking at my "10% off order" code on the back of the catalog. Then I quickly booted up the computer and bought it. Yes, the quickest purchase I have ever made since I loved the materials: suede/feathers/metal, colour, and the price was right.

I got the email that the package is on the way to me and I am actually excited and planning outfits featuring the necklace.

I think this will be a purchase I will not be regretting. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Updating....Yes, I am Still Alive And Kicking.

I am still alive...taking a bit of a break from blogging to regroup.

My cat had to be put down this past week due to having cancer and growing so weak and skinny. It was sad because he was such a sweet kitty. The vet said it was time and my family had to agree.

Above: Sheba: Nov. 1995- March 2001

Sheba was just suffering too much and always in pain. He had even stopped eating and wasted from his former hefty self. His sweetness and friendly attitude will be missed. He was always so happy to be in his owners' presence.

R.I.P. Sheba. Hope you are chasing butterflies, lazing in the sun, eating way too much, and getting good scratches in the  kitty afterlife.

On top of that, I am scrambling trying to get some jobs lined up this spring and am falling really short. It worries me because I have bills (like everyone else) and they are sucking my savings quickly. I hate having to worry about money and now I do.

It is always on my mind.

If you live in the Spokane area, please check out my website and let me know if you need portraits taken:

I am doing a special "Spring has sprung, so shoot me!"  photoshoot discount so get at me if you are needing updated photos.

Contact info is at my website.

I have a little money set aside for going to Comic Con in July and almost have that all situated. I have the 4 day pass, the plane ticket, and will be paying my part of the room fee to a friend soon. I had set away this money because I always make new, positive, contacts at Comic Con and I never know where that may take me. It gets me out of Spokane for a few days and enjoying being around people who love what they are doing for a living.

This year is my year of clearing the clutter and making some changes. It is working out to be exactly what is going on in my life and it involves a lot of self-refection. It also means I need to get working on my photography and fight against the stagnation that has overcome that side of my life.

Send positive vibes my way...I am in need of them to help keep me moving in a good direction.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love these shoes!

So much is happening these days. I am getting travel situated for July to Comic Con, working on a painting, worrying about Japanese friends (one lives close to the earthquake epicenter but on the west coast of Japan), and have a past exchange student that stayed with my parents heading to visit this Friday.

Still, I check in online and see cool things like these shoes:

Above: Tactful Trendsetting Wedge by Jeffrey Campbell at Modcloth

I would love to own them because they are a thing of beauty. So modern, yet having a touch of classic style to them.


Friday, March 04, 2011

New Hairdo!

I got a haircut! I changed the style and feel so much perkier and less boring.

Yes, I felt dragged out and boring so needed a change. I was nervous about changing my hair for the first time ever but that is only because I have run up against some people making rather strange comments about what length a woman's hair should be and that was working my mind over a little. I finally shook off the negative comments and did what I wanted with my hair:

Above; Cellphone photo of me with new hairstyle.

The hair is shorter in the back than the front and still needs to grow a bit more in the front to achieve the look I want which is something similar to the one I discussed in THIS POST.

So a new hairstyle to get used to and rock. I am liking it so far and it is so much less hassle than the one I had.

Just had to share.