Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Handbag!

It seems a new website has a contest going for their launch date.

Enter here:

They will be giving away 24 handbags in 24 hours.

Take a peek and enter to win.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Marimekko make-up!

I want to start out by saying sorry for the week lapse in blogging here. There was a death in the family that was expected but sudden in the quickness.

My grandma died on Monday the 15th (at the age of 88) and I haven't felt much like blogging though I have thought about it this past week.

But, now I am feeling a bit more like normal and have something I want to share.

My mum is an Avon lady and I managed to get this:
Above: Marimekko for Avon Eyeshadows

Yes, you saw that right..Marimekko designed eyeshadow and blush:

for Avon!

I love Marimekko designs because they are so cheerful and interesting in seeing the eyeshadows and blushes in the Avon catalog just made me so excited! I had to get my mum to order the Poppy Bouquet eyeshadow for me.

I got it on Monday and have worn it since and love it!

Then I got this months issue of Nylon Magazine and found the eyeshadow featured in it! So now, both the eyeshadow and blush are bound to sell out quickly.

So if you are interested, clickty click the photos in this blog and order it now before it becomes hopelessly back ordered!

Also, I discovered the wonderful UK series Skins. It is like Degrassi but way edgier.

It is not for the faint of heart because it depicts teenage sex, drug use, and highly dysfunctional families. In other words...reality is reflected in the show and it is so refreshing to see since most American shows are so "watered down".


Yeah, parts of the show are that wild and then some. It's British tv after all.

It brings laughs and tears...and the characters will stick with you long after you see it. I highly recommend it and point you to to check it out since it hasn't been released in the US on DVD yet...though I am sure it has run on BBCAmerica.

Just don't watch it 24 hours at a stretch, both seasons, like I did starting yesterday. Yeah, I am weird like that.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Winking At The 70s/Late 60s.

I am loving the 70s/late 60s clothing and accessories that have come out this season. I cannot believe the beauty of the retro the halter dresses I posted yesterday.

What caught my eye today you ask?

Above: Faithful Hat by Eugenia Kim

It is a beautiful hat and very retro. It looks like something Marianne Faithful would wear around the time she was dating Mick Jagger.

It would go perfect with these boots:

Above: Patchwork long boot by Yves Saint Laurent

These boots are so retro in the patchwork design. I love the wacky heels and soles on them as well.

And then I found these pants:

Above: Grace Flare Pant by Nightcap Clothing

They are a nice update of the flare pant and I love the bronze colour. They come in black as well but I am not as impressed by the black colour.

And this ring is almost time warped out of the 70's:

Above: Oval Antique Ring by Urban Outfitters

I love the purple stone but it also comes in turquoise and black stone. It has a "mood ring" look to it without being a mood ring.

These shoes:

Above: Loreli Peep Toe in Metallic Multi by Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent

Could have easily been found in my hip next-door neighbor lady's closet during the 70s. Pretty, multi-colour, and metallic!

Above: Rollins cashmere cape by Jamison

You cannot get much more late 60s and 70s than a button front cape or poncho. The whole outfit in the above photo is very retro and is so cool.

The same neighbor lady that would own the metallic shoes would have had this in her closet as well:

Above: Magdalina Coat by For Joesph

Mid-thigh length coats in leather and suede were the thing in the 70s...paired with flared jeans, a floppy hat, big sunglasses, and a pair of clogs or wedges.

Maybe even a pair of clogs like these:Above: Swing72 Heels in Teal by Bamboo

And finally...the best for last:

Above: black metallic dotted silk keyhole halter dress by Tibi

Want to go out to the disco? This dress is for you! It is dressy, shiny, retro, and very classy. And check out the back!

Grrrrrrr! Gorgeous!

Ahh I need to make some decent money so I can purge my wardrobe of clothes I no longer wear and add some newer styles to it. Including some of the seventies looking clothing and accessories I have been eyeing and loving!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Retro Halter Maxi Dresses!

Maybe I have been watching way too much Swingtown or maybe it is just there is a lot of retro 70s inspired clothing out this season.

Either way, I am loving the retro clothing that is available because it looks great and makes me nostalgic for my childhood in San Diego, California.

The many BBQ gatherings, the pool parties, the beach parties, the CB meet-ups, the disco/classic rock music, the rockin' babysitter with her Farrah hairdo and bell bottoms, and all.

So when I came across these halter maxi dresses at

Above: Color-block Braided Rope Halter Maxi Dress in Red by Ajax

Above: Multi-Colored Halter Maxi Dress in Purple by Eila

Above: Color-block Halter Maxi Dress in Gray by Tress

I just had this urge to throw on some wooden jewelry like this bracelet:

Above: Dark Brown Bohemian Beaded Bracelet by Cutesygirl

And some nice flip-flops or strappy sandals/wedges and a cocktail ring to rock a pool party complete with BBQ, mixed drinks. and disco/classic rock music.

Ahhh...what bliss that would be!

Green With Envy!

I was on tonight and found this dress:

Above: Ravine Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

At times like this I wish I were able to afford clothing like this dress. Sadly, my bank account cannot handle such a purchase.

So I will drool over the green hue, the black lace at the bodice, and draped fabric. I will wish I had it in my wardrobe to team with black tights and strappy sandals or high-heels.

It's just gorgeous!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Toast! It's Not Just For Breakfast!

Cheesy headline for an entry I know. I just have to talk about Toast, my newest fashion site discovery.

I found Toast through another blog many months ago...I thought, "I will sign up for the catalogue even though they are UK based so not even affordable to me". I got the catalogue yesterday and was drooling over the clothing offered.

First I drooled over the photos like this one:

And this one:

And then I started seeing items of clothing that I loved as I browsed the pages!

These lace-up wellies are gorgeous:

Above: Lace-up wellies by toast.

I usually hate rainboots/wellies but these, with the red laces, I would wear.Then there were this skirt:

Above: lissa skirt by toast

I love the pattern and the colours in the skirt. It would look great under a body-hugging sweater/tunic or a long sleeved jacket.

Look at it in a photo:

And I saw this bracelet:

Above: hexagonal bangle by toast

I love the deep brown resin and the style...though I worry the stretchy elastic will wear out over the years.

This tunic:

Above: fedosia tunic by toast

Has great buttons in the back and I love the button-closure pockets in front as well. It would look great with a long-sleeve black shirt underneath, black pants/leggings, and knee-high boots.

This wrap shirt:

Above: kristina wrap by toast

Looks great on a living, breathing human being:

And then there are these boots:

Above: chelsea boots by toast

Which remind me so much of "Monkey Boots" of my youth are great!.

Toast is similar to J. Crew when it comes to clothing...only a lot more European in styling of the clothes.

Toast's catalogue is a lot more "bookish" and sturdy in design than a lot of the catalogues I received from US companies and the photos....

Are just gorgeous to look at.

If you are in Europe/UK, have the cash do check out the site or just wnat to request a catalog to drool from afar. Feel free to do so!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Late Addition To The Feathered Hair Pieces Offerings!

I was on lulu's fashion lounge a few minutes ago and found this feathered hairpiece that would go great with the one's I posted yesterday for that "1920's flapper" look:

Above: Peacock Feather Hair Clip (on blonde hair) at Lulus.

Above: Peacock Feather Hair Clip (on brunette) at Lulus.

I love the use of the peacock feather and it would look great on long hair done up in a loose bun or loose hairstyle. And the clip is only $9.00 so won't break the bank!

So, if feathers are your thing, wear them proudly!

Next ode to the wonderful British site Toast complete with fashion picks from it.

A Step Aside From Fashion Posting...

I am a person who ALWAYS votes in elections because I think it is VERY important to have my vote entered into the system.

I figure if I do not vote, I have no right to complain because I didn't try and do my part to change the outcome by voting.

So, I will post this because we are coming down to the wire on the election for President of the USA (a very important election):

Please pass on these voter registration sites that cover all states. Re-post them in your own LJ and other blogs, newsletters, etc.

It's amazing to think that after all these months of campaigning, the election is now only eight weeks off!

Voter registration deadlines almost everywhere are only four weeks off, at the most. And remember to be registered at your current address, so you might need to re-register.

Here you go: Project Vote Smart
Rock the Vote

NOTE: If you're living out of the country and will still be gone on Election Day, use Federal Voting Assistance Program.

Remember deadline to register to vote for this election is in four weeks.

Vote and try and make a difference. Let your vote be counted.

Flapper Feathered Headgear!

I could never pull off the look of these headpieces myself. I just am not a "feather headband" type gal. I do see the beauty in them and wanted to share.

Above: J'Adore Headband by Shopintuition

Above: Feather Headband in Dots by Shopintuition (comes in three feather types)

Above: Feathered Salon Clips in Brown by Shopintuition (comes in three feather patterns)

Not too big a fan of the above hair clip because it looks like a bug is in your hair...but I am sure other women will love it.

This one I LOVE:

Above: Flapper Headband in Royal by Shopintuition (two feather pattern choices)

I would go with the blue on if I was choosing one for myself. I like the wasthe feathers lay on the headband and the colour just pops out at you!

All the above are rather inexpensive (prices range from $45 to $12 for the hair clip) as well if you head over to

So if you are feeling 1920s and want to get your flapper on. Head on over there and indulge!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Perfect Coat!

I am sad at the passing of summer. The weather has that fall chill to it already and the window can no longer stay open overnight to let fresh air in.

It does make me think to autumn fashion and I found the perfect coat for me!

Above: Kelsey Belted Peacoat by dELiAs

I have decided that if I can get some extra cash in the next month (and if they still have it in my size) it will be mine.

My mum asked why I would buy it if I plan to move to San Diego. I told her it would be my "cold weather coat" for when I left California on trips in the Fall. It's a classic style that won't go out of style, so I will get years of use out of it.

Makes the coat a sensible purchase to me. Now to get the money for it.

I also like these shoes:

Above: Segment Flat by Blowfish

I won't be getting them though because I prefer to save for the coat. They are cute though and look comfortable.

So the coat will be mine if I can get the extra cash and the shoes will remain a thought.