Monday, September 22, 2008

Marimekko make-up!

I want to start out by saying sorry for the week lapse in blogging here. There was a death in the family that was expected but sudden in the quickness.

My grandma died on Monday the 15th (at the age of 88) and I haven't felt much like blogging though I have thought about it this past week.

But, now I am feeling a bit more like normal and have something I want to share.

My mum is an Avon lady and I managed to get this:
Above: Marimekko for Avon Eyeshadows

Yes, you saw that right..Marimekko designed eyeshadow and blush:

for Avon!

I love Marimekko designs because they are so cheerful and interesting in seeing the eyeshadows and blushes in the Avon catalog just made me so excited! I had to get my mum to order the Poppy Bouquet eyeshadow for me.

I got it on Monday and have worn it since and love it!

Then I got this months issue of Nylon Magazine and found the eyeshadow featured in it! So now, both the eyeshadow and blush are bound to sell out quickly.

So if you are interested, clickty click the photos in this blog and order it now before it becomes hopelessly back ordered!

Also, I discovered the wonderful UK series Skins. It is like Degrassi but way edgier.

It is not for the faint of heart because it depicts teenage sex, drug use, and highly dysfunctional families. In other words...reality is reflected in the show and it is so refreshing to see since most American shows are so "watered down".


Yeah, parts of the show are that wild and then some. It's British tv after all.

It brings laughs and tears...and the characters will stick with you long after you see it. I highly recommend it and point you to to check it out since it hasn't been released in the US on DVD yet...though I am sure it has run on BBCAmerica.

Just don't watch it 24 hours at a stretch, both seasons, like I did starting yesterday. Yeah, I am weird like that.


Sebastyne said...

Hahaa, isn't it funny that the nation known for its sad and moody nature is producing these cheery designs of Marimekko? :p Personally, I've never been a big fan, but just before I left Finland they produced a series of cow prints that I thought were absolutely adorable.

The Marimekko Cows I can't remember the name of.

WendyB said...

My condolences about your grandma.

SnapandPrint said...

I guess they try to have cheerfulness somewhere is it is dreary and sad in Finland.

I am into bold colour and prints so I love them. :)

SnapandPrint said...

Thank you Wendy.