Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Dada Burst" Gown Hotness.

How hot is this gown?

Above: Beige 'Dada Burst' Silk Deep V-Neck Maxi Dress by Nicole Miller

I would love to own it and wear's beyond gorgeous.

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles.

I like ruffles but tend not to be the type of woman that loves overly girlie things. So, when it comes to ruffles, I like them but not in huge amounts in most cases. I have been looking and a few ruffled tops trhat have caught my eye.

Above: Gold Floral Brocade Ruffle Trim Belted Blouse by BCBMAXAZRIA

Thta blouse would be perfect for a Fall/Winter classy and a mixture of modern, as well as the antique. It's no wonder it is selling out quikly at

For a more casual look you could always go with this top:

Above: Black Cotton U-Neck Flutter Sleeve T-Shirt by Fluxus

The shirt not only looks very comfortable, but also has that bit of ruffle on the sleeves that give it a tiny bit of a dressy look.

I have discovered Aryn K as a designer and think their designs are great for nights out on the town:

Above: Black Layered Pleat Flutter Sleeve Blouse by Aryn K

I love that blouse because it is "out on the town" ready as well as having a ruffled, yet sophisticated, look. It also isn't very expensive at $41.00!

While being causal and colour-blocked, this top has a tiny bit of ruffle to the neckline:

Above: Charcoal Heather Cotton-Modal Side Colorblocked Top by linQ

I love the side colour-blocking and the slight ruffle to the neckline. Very cool in my book.

And, to finish off the "ruffles" theme of this post, I have to add a VERY ruffled top that just thrilled me:

Above: Paola Halter Top by One Vintage

Very spendy, very ruffled, very lacy, very girlie, yet so pretty I could not pass it up in my favorite, recent, ruffle, finds. It has a touch of 60s/70s retro to it and I would wear it proudly with flared/boot-cut jeans and wedges.

I always think ruffles when the weather starts to get cooler and I am thinking of going out. So, decided to share ruffled tops that caught my eye.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Women Do For Fashion.

I was looking at new arrivals at and came across these maternity jeans:

Above: Maternity Straight Leg Jeans by Jbrand

How can that possibly be comfortable??? I mean it looks like they would cut into the area under your pregnant belly BADLY!

I can understand wanting to look fashionable even when pregnant but, seriously...that can not feel good when you sit down. Even with the elastic inserts in the front it looks like it would be a tight squeeze and not have much give them them. Of course I may be way off base since I have never been pregnant but, they just look weird and tight.

On top of it all they look odd in their tightness and they are $187.00! That much for a pair ofjeans you may only wear for a few months and look so odd on the body? No thanks

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Found A Little Viking In My Jewelry Box.

I was being all blue about the fact the True Blood series has ended it's second season and won't be on with a third season until next year. Yes, I am obsessed with this show like a lot of the world sue me.

It made the little "memory light" go off in my head as I thought of the characters.

One of my favorite characters is Eric Northman (Yes, I am aware almost every woman who watches this show is all hot and bothered by him. Me? No comment.) and, as I thought about the character's growth over the last season (Yes, I do this sort of geeky thing often when it comes to characters on my favorite shows.). I then remembered a necklace my grandmother had given me back when I was 14 years old for Christmas.

It is a silver necklace, made in Sweden (so it says on the back of the pendant.), with a stylized Viking as the pendant. I wore it in my "punk rock years" and then stashed it away somewhere with all the jewelry I like but never wear anymore. This prompted me to do a mad search for the necklace.

I found it!

Isn't the Viking just cute as hell? He is about an inch long and the necklace hangs about to 2 inches above my cleavage. Perfect length for me!

I am thinking I am going to rotate this necklace back into my every day wear just because I still like it but, just haven't thought about it in ages.

Let's watch the Viking Eric Northman get turned vampire in celebration of my rediscovering this necklace!

"Bell Bottom" Boots

I really want a pair of these boots:

Above: Suede Eden Bell Bottom Boots by Ash

If not them, then some in a similar style. I am liking the whole "bell bottom"/fold-over  look they have. I just have to find a pair I can afford.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

These Shoes Should Be Mine!

As a shoe girl, I have long loved the shoes of the 1930s and 40s in their huge platform beauty. It has to do with my love of classic films and the clothing in them.

I saw these shoes at

Above: Impress 06 Black Crinkle T-Strap Sandal by Qupid

I just fell in love with them. So many different ways to wear them...with dresses, with skirts, with vintage clothing, with shorts, with jeans, and they are only $28.00! I may have to splurge on them and have them added to my shoe collection.

They sit in the shopping basket at the website waiting for my decision.