Monday, September 14, 2009

I Found A Little Viking In My Jewelry Box.

I was being all blue about the fact the True Blood series has ended it's second season and won't be on with a third season until next year. Yes, I am obsessed with this show like a lot of the world sue me.

It made the little "memory light" go off in my head as I thought of the characters.

One of my favorite characters is Eric Northman (Yes, I am aware almost every woman who watches this show is all hot and bothered by him. Me? No comment.) and, as I thought about the character's growth over the last season (Yes, I do this sort of geeky thing often when it comes to characters on my favorite shows.). I then remembered a necklace my grandmother had given me back when I was 14 years old for Christmas.

It is a silver necklace, made in Sweden (so it says on the back of the pendant.), with a stylized Viking as the pendant. I wore it in my "punk rock years" and then stashed it away somewhere with all the jewelry I like but never wear anymore. This prompted me to do a mad search for the necklace.

I found it!

Isn't the Viking just cute as hell? He is about an inch long and the necklace hangs about to 2 inches above my cleavage. Perfect length for me!

I am thinking I am going to rotate this necklace back into my every day wear just because I still like it but, just haven't thought about it in ages.

Let's watch the Viking Eric Northman get turned vampire in celebration of my rediscovering this necklace!

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