Friday, April 20, 2012

So, I am gone for a few days and Blogger changes it's look and format. I decided to do a slight make-over to this blog and well and may change the look of it again in the near future. Yes, this is probably only a temporary look and if you blink you may see it change design again.

I am in the middle of editing photos at the moment. I am almost done with the edit which makes me extremely happy. I will be done well before the next photo shoot and that makes me feel less stressed.

Editing photos is part of what is keeping me from writing a proper blog post. The other part? I am feeling a bit out of sorts and isolated these days so I tend to withdraw form interacting when in that mood. I do not like to inflict people with my poor mood because that is never fun and friendly.

I will now go back to editing photos and I will leave you with a slightly murky (due to weather conditions) Spokane River photo.

Above: Spokane River with winter snow run-off. April 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photography Ahoy!

I have been largely missing in action lately. I am working on getting photo shoots lined up, taking photos, and having connectivity issues with the ISP that are not resolved. All have kept me away form computer and busy elsewhere. The warm weather also makes me want to not sit in front of the computer very long.

I did a warm up photo shoot two weeks ago and am on my second go-through with editing. I also have some out takes since the model wanted photos taken with his friend. I thought I would share one here in this blog.

Above: Johnny and friend by Brie A. Edwards April 2012

I will be finishing up the editing of this shoot by the end of the week and may share a photo from it when completed.

I have another shoot for my Superhero/Villain shoot at the beginning of May with a model dressed as Spartacus/gladiator. That will be a lot of fun and I cannot wait!