Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!!!

Since to day is my birthday I will indulge myself a little here and post some non-fashion related things!

Song/TV moment that makes me laugh at the moment:

Suga Lumps by The Flight of The Conchords

And my two favorite birthday songs:

Happy Birthday by Altered Images


Birthday by The Sugarcubes

Heading out to dinner with family to Rancho Chico, the best local Mexican restaurant. Same as the last 5 years.

No presents as of yet, no party planned at all.

Wish for future?

A party with a theme like this one surrounded by good friends, good music, and fun! You are never too old to have fun and have themed parties. I WILL have one in the future!

Happy Birthday To Me!

A year older, a bit wiser, and looking forward to spontaneous happenings this year.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Mess With My Blue Suede Shoes!

These shoes at Browns:

Above: Blue Platform Suede Shoe with buckle by Nicholas Kirkwood

I want really really badly!

Above: Side view

Look at the gleaming silver buckle! The racecar-esque cut to the sole! The five inch heel!

They are so blue and so plush suede looking! I want to own them!

Elvis agrees:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Have Way Too Many Purses But....

I have way too many purses...and just bought three new ones. I am an accessory loving girl and cannot pass up a good sale or deal on purses (or shoes).

I have been wandering the Internet, I have come across some beautiful purses that made me glad the are so expensive so I won't be buying them. But a girl can drool over them, can't she?

Above: Caramel suede 'Secret Code' bag by Fendi

How 70s yet modern is this Fendi bag? I love the caramel coloured suede and the closure!

Above: Black patent leather 'Riki' shoulder bag by Jimmy Choo

The black patent leather draws the eye in and the closure is cool on this Jimmy Choo bag. I like the size and the metal buckle on the bag as well.

Above: Brown patent leather 'Malena' bag by Jimmy Choo

I love the brown colour and the style of that Jimmy Choo bag. It looks like something I would carry often!

Above: Optimism Handbag in Yellow by Shopintuition

I am not usually a fan of the colour yellow but that Shopintuition bag is so cool I make an exception. I love the size and the classic "turn lock" closure.

Above: Darjeeling Shimia Tote by L.A.M.B.

I can say that that L.A.M.B. tote is 100% more drool worthy in person. I saw it in Nordstrom a few weeks back and wanted it so badly. I just didn't have the $650.00 they were asking for it

Above: Katie Large Tote in Black by Joe's Jeans
This Joe's Jeans tote just seems like the perfect tote to carry around while shopping. Sturdy handles, good shape, and lots of room to stuff smaller purchases into it.

Above: Rouse Clutch in Black by L.A.M.B.

I love this clutch by L.A.M.B. ! The white accents are great and I even love the L.A.M.B. emblem in the flap of the clutch!

Above: Medium slouchy hobo in Black by See By Chloe

The See By Chloe..what is there not to love? Large, eye-catching, and functional.

So, I will drool over handbags like these due to how spendy they are and be satisfied with the ones I own.

Like these two new bags I acquired recently (please excuse the bad snapshots):

Above My H&M tan coloured handbag

I was so excited to be able to shop in H&M while I was in NYC. I saw this bag and HAD to have it. It is a gorgeous colour tan...very reddish in tone in person...and holds so much! I carry it EVERYWHERE.

I am so glad I found it and it has become my new favorite handbag that I own!

Above: My dark grey clutch by GAP.

The clutch was on close-out pricing of $4.99 and I snapped it out because it is huge and has room for things in it...without being overly large. The colour doesn't translate well in snapshots but it is a lovely dark grey and patent!

The handbag loving girl in me smiles in contentment.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Caved...

I am tired of fumbling around for cards (like the Metrocard in NYC) or change (here in Washington) in fingered gloves.

It causes an embarrassing amount of time wasted and taking off the gloves is a pain since most my gloves go quite far up my arms.

With the weather still giving us 20 (F) as a high and snow still in the forecast...I broke down and bought these armwarmers:

Above: Fair Isle Armwarmer at Urban Outfitters

Those armwarmers are on sale in exactly the colour I wanted. They only cost me $8.99 after tax and shipping since they are on sale for $2.99. I will be using them since they will go with my wool peacoat. I had to get them...and online sicne we do not have a Urban Outfitters store here.

No more fumbling for change though my fingers will be a bit cold I fear. Have to unbutton the jacket pockets and use them when I am waiting in the cold for too long.

Just had to share.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am Liking W Magazine!

I was offered a W Magazine subscription at a professional price rate so jumped at it since it is usually a bit of a spendy magazine to subscribe to.

I just got my first two issues and LOVE it!

I totally recommend it to people who love fashion and the finer things in life.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Ass Rings Go Bling!

I have long been a lover of HUGE rings...and own many of them which I wear when I want to make a statement without overdoing it accessory-wise.

This season seems to be the season of HUGE rings and I have been buying quite a few.

Avon has been a great source for very large rings. I recently acquired this one in silver:

Above: mark Rosette Ring "Everything's Rosette" by Avon.

It has that primitive, cool, look to it and is very large. It also gets bonus points for not snagging clothing, tights, or anything in my surroundings due to lack of pointy edges. It was also only $14.00 so very affordable in this economic climate.

I also ended up with this one (also from Avon) this past summer:

Above: mark Flower Ring by Avon (sadly, ring is no longer in production. Check Ebay.)

Which is large and does snag things...but isn't overwhelming bright with the pretty blue stone in the center.

I have a huge love for all jewelry that is turquoise so just ordered this:

Above: Spring Blossom Ring by Francesca's Collections

I decided to splurge a little for it since my birthday is next week...make it a birthday present to myself. It isn't that expensive at $18.00 since it is "costume jewelry" and it resembles rings I have been eyeing for quite some time. I figured why not buy it?

I love the cartoon quality to this ring:

Above: Women's Flat Laminate Ring - Gem (Gold Glitter) by Steven Shein

It just is wacky, large, and fun! It's $30.00 as well which isn't too bad but places it in the realm of "I wouldn't mind being gifted this ring but I am not buying it myself."

This ring:

Above: Mother of Pearl Ring by Francesca's Collections

Is following the crop of flower design rings that has been popular for the past few season. It is also $18.00 so affordable, yet pretty.

As I mentioned, my birthday is next week and this ring would be a great, "splurge a little", gift for me:

Above: Oblong Ring in Silver by Elizabeth and James

It is "out of stock" at Revolve but I am sure with a little searching it can be found elsewhere online and runs around $225.00.

Or you could be super cool and buy me on of these rings:

Above: Cleves Ring by Wendy Brandes ($625.00)

Above: Diana Ring by Wendy Brandes ($450.00)

Both I equally love, both are beyond my bank account reach at the moment, and both are designed by the gorgeous blogger Wendy Brandes, NYC fashionista with a love of the eye-catching in fashion.

I am not expecting expensive gifts, of course, but if a friend or family member were to ever gift me with either of those two rings, I would cry and carry on in happiness.

I am fan of huge rings and am so glad to see they are in style this season. I will keep adding to my collection and wearing them long after the fickle fashion world heads on to the "next best thing".

Shock Me Like An Electric Eel.....

Okay, this song has been running through my head for days now.

Electric Eel- MGMT

There is a better video verison (without random commerical before it and the cheesy special effects during) but it is not for imbedding it just close your eyes and listen to the song and ignore this video.

MGMT are the shit. They make me want to shop for flared jeans, oversized sunglasses, deep v-neck tight tees, and platform sandals like these:

Above: silver metallic leather platform wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti

Or these:

Above: cream leather cut-out platform wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti

Or these:

Above: wedged sandal by Chloe

Just to share a few of the great platform sandals out there right now.

Enjoy the song (and the shoes) and ignore the crap video.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boots Boots Boots!!!!

I saw these on and really want them now:

Above: vicuna leather 'Altitude' wedge boots by KORS Michael Kors

I could see myself walking around NYC in them and the brown colour is just so pretty when matched with the lighter plush cuff.

I just cannot justify spending $264.00 on them right now. Maybe they will still have my size when they go on sale?

I need to move to NYC so I can actually get work and increase my bank account.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back From NYC!!!

My faithful blog readers...NYC is my type of place!

I love the energy, the things to do, the not feeling out-of-place, the being stared at in a good way by people, the shopping offerings, and the bigness of the city! I would move there in a heartbeat if a job presented itself to me!

I did a lot of shopping and wanted to cry with joy at actually shopping at a H&M (we don't have that store here) and Urban Outfitters (ditto). I bought some great stuff because of the sales going on with the 70% off.

Take me back to NYC! I am so done with the place I live now.

In celebration of both my finding NYC great and the new year I give you this song:

Ceremony- New Order (Live 1984)

I may be a bit quiet for a while this new year as I get some projects started in my photography and overhaul my living space. I have a lot of sorting, getting rid of, plotting, and deciding to do these next coming weeks.

Still, check back because I will try and post from time to time.

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, January 02, 2009

NYC Update!

I have decided that NYC is like Seattle...only MUCH bigger and with less rain. I am actually liking what I have seen of it so far and will be heading back to Manhattan tomorrow.

I am staying with a good friend in the Bronx so the train/subway ride lasts about 30 minutes to get downtown. We went in town today and saw Times Square, parts of the Village, and I got to actually shop at an H&M. We also ate at a pub where George Washington was rumored to have frequented in his time. Tomorrow we head to the Met, the Planetarium, The Village, and a few other places.

I got to shop at H&M for the first time ever and I bought almost a whole outfit for under $70. I really wish we had one of these stores in Spokane because the stuff they offer for sale is cool and rather inexpensive. I will be doing just a little more shopping tomorrow and also try and pick up some postcards before I fly home.

This place is very cool!