Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Ass Rings Go Bling!

I have long been a lover of HUGE rings...and own many of them which I wear when I want to make a statement without overdoing it accessory-wise.

This season seems to be the season of HUGE rings and I have been buying quite a few.

Avon has been a great source for very large rings. I recently acquired this one in silver:

Above: mark Rosette Ring "Everything's Rosette" by Avon.

It has that primitive, cool, look to it and is very large. It also gets bonus points for not snagging clothing, tights, or anything in my surroundings due to lack of pointy edges. It was also only $14.00 so very affordable in this economic climate.

I also ended up with this one (also from Avon) this past summer:

Above: mark Flower Ring by Avon (sadly, ring is no longer in production. Check Ebay.)

Which is large and does snag things...but isn't overwhelming bright with the pretty blue stone in the center.

I have a huge love for all jewelry that is turquoise so just ordered this:

Above: Spring Blossom Ring by Francesca's Collections

I decided to splurge a little for it since my birthday is next week...make it a birthday present to myself. It isn't that expensive at $18.00 since it is "costume jewelry" and it resembles rings I have been eyeing for quite some time. I figured why not buy it?

I love the cartoon quality to this ring:

Above: Women's Flat Laminate Ring - Gem (Gold Glitter) by Steven Shein

It just is wacky, large, and fun! It's $30.00 as well which isn't too bad but places it in the realm of "I wouldn't mind being gifted this ring but I am not buying it myself."

This ring:

Above: Mother of Pearl Ring by Francesca's Collections

Is following the crop of flower design rings that has been popular for the past few season. It is also $18.00 so affordable, yet pretty.

As I mentioned, my birthday is next week and this ring would be a great, "splurge a little", gift for me:

Above: Oblong Ring in Silver by Elizabeth and James

It is "out of stock" at Revolve but I am sure with a little searching it can be found elsewhere online and runs around $225.00.

Or you could be super cool and buy me on of these rings:

Above: Cleves Ring by Wendy Brandes ($625.00)

Above: Diana Ring by Wendy Brandes ($450.00)

Both I equally love, both are beyond my bank account reach at the moment, and both are designed by the gorgeous blogger Wendy Brandes, NYC fashionista with a love of the eye-catching in fashion.

I am not expecting expensive gifts, of course, but if a friend or family member were to ever gift me with either of those two rings, I would cry and carry on in happiness.

I am fan of huge rings and am so glad to see they are in style this season. I will keep adding to my collection and wearing them long after the fickle fashion world heads on to the "next best thing".


Dana said...

I love huge rings too, the bigger the better!

Have you seen the Olsen's rings? My god, they're lovely!!

Thanks for visiting, and I really, really recommend the film :)

SnapandPrint said...

I have seen the Olsen's rings...they are quite lovely but so spendy at the moment. Dang economy and work slowdown.

You are welcome about the visit!