Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Off To San Diego Comic Con!

I will be getting up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. flight to San Diego to be at Comic Con.

This means I will have little to no Internet access until Sunday. I am actually quite happy with this.

So I will be here:

Above: Downtown San Diego plus marina

Attending Comic Con:

 Kevin Takes My Photo.
Above: Storm Trooper form Comic Con in 2006

See you when I get back!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Convertible Summer Top For Under $20.

My mum, the Avon lady, bought this convertible top for me in fuchsia:

Above: Wear Your Way Convertible Top by Avon.

The fabric is rather thin and light-weight...perfect for hot summer days. Definitely gives the skin breathing ability to beat the heat. It also has rather simple instructions to follow for the different looks.

I gave it a try and was able to copy all the looks following the instructions. Now I just need to practice a little so that it doesn't look as "unpolished" when I try out on of the styles. I am thinking of wearing it to beat the August heat which is bound to come if you judge by the very hot July temps we have been having.

Definitely an inexpensive top at $19.99 and it has so many possibilities. I am glad my mum gifted it to me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Read It!: One Day by David Nicholls

I had one of those experiences last night of reading a book that really touched me and broke my heart. It is rare that a book will give me this feeling, usually it is a movie or tv show episode.

The book: One Day by David Nicholls:

The book follows two people Emma and Dexter who spend a night together the last night of college, each acknowledges (without telling the other) that they feel attached to another, and then go there separate ways in life while maintaining a friendship that borderlines on spilling over to a love relationship. If they would just talk and have their lives collide at the right time without pushing each other away.

The story is told on one day (July15th), every year, for twenty years. It seems like that couldn't possibly work, just dropping in on both characters on one day every year, but it does. It works very well. Throughout the time they live very different lives but rubber band back to their friendship over and over. Always doing the dance of attraction and the hurt of not connecting on that level due to life (and themselves) preventing them from exploring it.

You come to really care for the characters despite Dexter becoming a bit of a semi-famous, party boy and Emma having her own life troubles. The connection between them fairly crackles with life on the pages. And the ending, I won't say anything except it broke my heart.

It was a surprise I liked this book as much as I did since it has been featured in a lot of publications getting rave reviews. I usually don't connect with books that the masses and critics like. Instead of going "Eh" like I usually do after reading a book that everyone says is good, it left me sobbing like a silly girl and thinking about my life. I definitely recommend it and strongly encourage EVERYONE to read it.

So, definitely a book to check out, especially if you like fiction that explores relationships between people and is all about "not seeing what is right in front of your face" when it comes to emotions/love.

Read it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things Distract me And Keep Me From Blogging.

I had the surge protector die on me so I could not turn on my computer for the last few days. That was not at all planned and rather annoying so, I just didn't bother to come online. It totally kept me from blogging about where I am heading off to next week.

I purchased a pass to Comic Con in San Diego way back in Nov (2009) and wasn't sure I was going to be able to go until just this last Friday. A friend kindly offered to have me stay with them and their friends in a hotel room really close to the convention center where Comic Con is held. I had to rush and buy a plane ticket on Friday and instantly have switched into my usual "nervous traveler" mode that I exist in until I get to my destination.

I will be in San Diego from the 21st until the 25th and will take heaps of photos from Comic Con and around the downtown area of San Diego. I am looking forward to time away form Spokane and checking out what has changed since I was last in San Diego in 2007.

Traveling is always fun for me and it will be fun to be back in the city of my birth.

Above: The Old Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego, California

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fun Stuff.

I just got a top that is convertible and will be playing with it. I will get back to this blog to report my findings on how it works. Fun stuff!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Sharing Some Great Finds.

I have been running in and out of the house a lot recently taking photos and enjoying the weather. I have a photo shoot this coming week and am planning to head to San Diego for Comic Con (if all goes well) near the end of this month. Yeah, I have been busy but enjoying being busy.

It does not mean that I have been ignoring fashion, just that fashion takes a little bit of a "back burner" position in my life at the moment. I actually indulged myself in the "nautical striping" trend that has popped up for the summer.

I purchased this top set (a really cool two-for-one deal) from mark at Avon:

Above: Seeing Double Tops by mark.

I purchased the set for the blue/white striped top and was thrilled to get both tops for $28.00. They are perfect for summer with their body hugging style, breathable material, and stretchy weave. I wore the blue/white striped top with a pair of jeans and a sea turtle necklace. I definitely recommend the tops and warn they wear true to size so size up if you don't like tight and clingy.

I also discovered this curl enhancing haircare product also from mark at Avon:

Above: mark Curl Goddess Curl and Wave Defining Gel With Conditioning Sunflower by mark.

I have recently gave in to the natural wave of my hair and am styling my hair with the shag-like flip to the ends. This gel really helps out. I love the smell of it and the constancy. It really makes my waves behave the way I want them to and is great when used during blow drying (my way of using it) or leaving it in hair while air drying.  It leaves the waves soft and extra springy. The fact my hair feels soft after using the gel is also a draw for me. I may try out the other offerings in the Curl Goddess line by mark.

So, I am hoping everyone else is having a July and discovering many fashion/beauty finds they are enjoying.