Friday, July 02, 2010

Sharing Some Great Finds.

I have been running in and out of the house a lot recently taking photos and enjoying the weather. I have a photo shoot this coming week and am planning to head to San Diego for Comic Con (if all goes well) near the end of this month. Yeah, I have been busy but enjoying being busy.

It does not mean that I have been ignoring fashion, just that fashion takes a little bit of a "back burner" position in my life at the moment. I actually indulged myself in the "nautical striping" trend that has popped up for the summer.

I purchased this top set (a really cool two-for-one deal) from mark at Avon:

Above: Seeing Double Tops by mark.

I purchased the set for the blue/white striped top and was thrilled to get both tops for $28.00. They are perfect for summer with their body hugging style, breathable material, and stretchy weave. I wore the blue/white striped top with a pair of jeans and a sea turtle necklace. I definitely recommend the tops and warn they wear true to size so size up if you don't like tight and clingy.

I also discovered this curl enhancing haircare product also from mark at Avon:

Above: mark Curl Goddess Curl and Wave Defining Gel With Conditioning Sunflower by mark.

I have recently gave in to the natural wave of my hair and am styling my hair with the shag-like flip to the ends. This gel really helps out. I love the smell of it and the constancy. It really makes my waves behave the way I want them to and is great when used during blow drying (my way of using it) or leaving it in hair while air drying.  It leaves the waves soft and extra springy. The fact my hair feels soft after using the gel is also a draw for me. I may try out the other offerings in the Curl Goddess line by mark.

So, I am hoping everyone else is having a July and discovering many fashion/beauty finds they are enjoying.

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