Sunday, July 18, 2010

Convertible Summer Top For Under $20.

My mum, the Avon lady, bought this convertible top for me in fuchsia:

Above: Wear Your Way Convertible Top by Avon.

The fabric is rather thin and light-weight...perfect for hot summer days. Definitely gives the skin breathing ability to beat the heat. It also has rather simple instructions to follow for the different looks.

I gave it a try and was able to copy all the looks following the instructions. Now I just need to practice a little so that it doesn't look as "unpolished" when I try out on of the styles. I am thinking of wearing it to beat the August heat which is bound to come if you judge by the very hot July temps we have been having.

Definitely an inexpensive top at $19.99 and it has so many possibilities. I am glad my mum gifted it to me.

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