Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things Distract me And Keep Me From Blogging.

I had the surge protector die on me so I could not turn on my computer for the last few days. That was not at all planned and rather annoying so, I just didn't bother to come online. It totally kept me from blogging about where I am heading off to next week.

I purchased a pass to Comic Con in San Diego way back in Nov (2009) and wasn't sure I was going to be able to go until just this last Friday. A friend kindly offered to have me stay with them and their friends in a hotel room really close to the convention center where Comic Con is held. I had to rush and buy a plane ticket on Friday and instantly have switched into my usual "nervous traveler" mode that I exist in until I get to my destination.

I will be in San Diego from the 21st until the 25th and will take heaps of photos from Comic Con and around the downtown area of San Diego. I am looking forward to time away form Spokane and checking out what has changed since I was last in San Diego in 2007.

Traveling is always fun for me and it will be fun to be back in the city of my birth.

Above: The Old Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego, California

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