Saturday, November 27, 2010

Booties Can Be So Tempting.

As the snow continues to fall (it has been falling for 4 days now)  and we continue to be snowed in due to lack of snowplow action on the city's part, I have been wandering the sales online to see what has been discounted. In this wandering, I noticed that Victoria's Secret has the boots I love on sale for $58.

Above: Open Heel Bootie by Colin Stuart

It is taking all my strength not to press buy as these booties sit in my shopping cart at the site. I cannot justify buying them even though I love the dearly. It is just out of my budget at the moment and I cannot just ask for them as a Christmas present as the family is all out of work this year. So, I get to sit there and drool over them and pine for them...and wish they were mine, my precious!

So, as I sit here and watch the snow fall outside, I long for these booties and wait for them to sell out so I can stop being tempted.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold Weather Means Sweaters.

I awoke on Friday to the weather attempting to snow. Little snow flakes streaked toward the ground only to melt on impact. I heard on the news that they received a lot of snow at the local ski resort that day. The temperatures also are not getting out of the 30s (F) during the days. Yes, winter has arrived and very swiftly.

This has me pulling out warmer outfits and layering what clothing I own. I noticed I do not own many sweaters and have no idea why not since I am living in Washington state and am just a few hours drive away from the Canadian border. It is not like I am in a warm climate.

I think it may have partially to do with the fact I despise turtlenecks. Many years ago I had to wear turtleneck shirts/sweaters for a job in the winter time (the dress code was conservative) and always felt like the turtlenecks were choking me. I promptly gave them all to the Goodwill when I moved on from the job. I would never, willingly, wear a turtleneck and in the wintertime, a lot of the tighter fitting sweaters I see offered in the local stores are in that style.

Now, if I could find a sweater like this one:

Above: Cowl Neck Sweater by Alexander Wang

I would be extremely happy. I like the overlong sleeves and the colour. I think I would be able to deal with the cowl neck as it is less constricting than a turtleneck. The trick is finding a similar version of this sweater that I can afford. I am going to keep my eye open for that.

Despite the cold weather, I am heading out to take photos this afternoon downtown. I just hope that the model shows up like planned she she keeps getting the time wrong and asking me when she is suppose to be there! Cross your fingers that all goes well for the photo shoot. Every little bit of good vibes sent my way helps.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look-a-likes Can Be Awesome.

I know, we all HATE imposers who appear to borrow a bit much from the original. Let us boo and hiss them for a moment.

Boooooo! Hisssssssss!

Okay, now that we have that out of our systems, let's look at our bank balances and cringe to get some perspective on our funds. Not pretty and definitely will not stretch to buy this beautiful handbag:

Above: Marcie small leather bag by Chloe

Marvel in the clean lines of the bag. Drool over the beautiful colour of it. Sigh with deep need for the bag. Curse the gods for making you unable to buy it because it is too expensive. Resign yourself to the fact that it was not meant to be in your possession.

But wait....what is this?

Above: Laura Buckle Hobo at Handbag Heaven 

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Does this bag look similar to the price-y Chloe one? Yes, it does!

And look at the price tag: $50.11. Now that isn't as hurtful to the savings account. Can you get over the fact it is a "knock-off" of the style? I know I could because it comes close, but not too close to the Chloe bag in style. Heck, the tan colour is even easier to match up with clothing than the orange-brick colour of the more price-y bag.

So, maybe, just maybe, lower cost versions exist for women just like me. Who like to look well pulled together but cannot pay the hefty price tags of higher designer looks. I am definitely putting the Handbag Heaven bag on my wishlist this holiday season.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Perfume For Me To Love: Alien by Thierry Mugler.

I want this perfume but it is way too expensive:

Above: Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler

This perfume was in a sample strip in a magazine and I loved it the moment I smelled it. It reminds me of Ma Dame by Jean Paul Gaultier which I love to death but has been discontinued.

I really want this perfume but when the smallest and cheapest is $75? Yikes. So out of my range right now when it comes to money.

A girl can dream.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Outfit Post!!!!

As long promised, an outfit post! I have never done one of these before because I lack a good photographer to snap my photo and am awful at self portraits. I just can never get the camera to shoot when I want it to and have myself in focus when I try to self-portrait myself. But enough rambling about my lack of a crack photographer...

I was offered to try out an item from the PB&J Boutique website. I was happy to give them a try because I am in the middle of updating my wardrobe and need new clothing items to add to it. Plus I wanted to do an outfit post for a while but never had the reason...this gave me a good reason.

I picked out this cardigan:

Above: Pleats Detailed Cardigan by Mystree

I loved the taupe colour, the pleating, and the style which goes with most the clothing I already own.

I awaited the arrival and then the box showed up on my doorstep. My face looked like this when I opened the box and pulled the cardigan out:

Above: Me all surprised at the wonderful quality of the cardigan.

The Pleats Detailed Cardigan is super soft and the pleating is sewn into pleats. That's right, that means the pleating will not be vanishing the first time the cardigan is washed like it often does with lesser quality clothing. A HUGE plus in my book!

I tried on the cardigan and it fits me well.

Above: My mum's photo of me in the cardigan. (Excuse the horrid 60s wallpaper, it is parent's house original.)

The cardigan has a drape-y quality and feels very soft to the touch on my skin. It is just heavy enough to keep me a bit warmer than just wearing a t-shirt.The pleating is great and the fabric does wrinkle a tiny bit with wear (if you sit down or throw on a coat) but that wrinkles tend to 'fall away' quite a bit as you wear it. The cardigan care label says "hand wash" so I will be doing just that to avoid shrinkage and hanging it to dry so that the dryer doesn't shrink it as well.

I am a thin person in body shape and a Small worked well for me. It was just right for the tie at the front of the cardigan and the draping to drape yet not make me look lost in the fabric. It is hard to see from the "short mum shoots down the stairs at me" angle of the photo, but the cardigan curves with my waist and is a bit body hugging there. I am sure that by sizing up, more curvy ladies would look great in the cardigan as in a lot of the clothing found PB&J Boutique's site.

Above: Me, wearing the cardigan and enjoying it.

I was definitely impressed with the cardigan and am liking the liquid metal bracelets, hammered circle necklace, the layering tanks, and many others that PB&J Boutique offers...perfect basics for my wardrobe. I will definitely keep them in mind when I need to replace more of the very basics of what I own.

This was fun...and I may do outfit posts from time to time in the future if I can get someone to take decent photos of me. I have a lot of cool clothing in my wardrobe and would love to share how I wear what I own. I just need to find a kick-ass photographer to take the photos.

Loafer Platform Pumps.

I have an outfit post in the works...and it will be posted by Monday at the latest. I had a bit of trouble getting someone to take a photo of me in the outfit so it has been delayed far too long. So, be watching for it.

I have a request...I am looking for a pair of shoes similar to these:

Above: beige leather platform loafer pumps by Fendi 

Just not as expensive though in the same style and either the same colour or grey.

Anyone know of anywhere that I can locate a pair of shoes like this?

I would love to add them to my wardrobe and wear them out and about. So, if you know of anywhere having a less expensive version of these shoes...let me know.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Outfit post in the works.

I am working on my first real "outfit post" to show a new cardigan from PB & J Boutique. It should be up by the end of week if I can find someone to take a decent outfit photo of me.

I had planned this for this past weekend but that petered out when the weather was rainy and the indoor lighting is bad. I will definitely be working on this over the next few days because the cardigan is beautiful and I want to show it off!

So keep your eyes on this blog.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Why? Oh Why?

Why can I never find shoes like these when I am out and about shopping?

Above: Studded Clog Wedge by See By Chloe

And why do these clogs have to be so expensive? They need to be mine.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Forever 21 Package Arrived! Socks! Socks! Socks!

After becoming fed up with not finding knee and over the knee socks in colours I wanted at local stores, I decided to buy some from Forever 21. I decided to shop online because the nearest Forever 21 is 30 to 45 minutes away (depending on traffic) by car. I figured the small shipping/handling fee was worth it to avoid daygo, 80s re-treat, hell when it came to socks that the stores nearby have as offerings. That is the only style I am finding in stores here that is not very expensive. I just cannot see paying $15 or $25 for a pair of socks that may not last very long. I also have enough patterned, bright coloured, socks and wanted some basics in basic colours. Forever 21 had them...and very inexpensive.

Today, the package arrived! Just in time for the beginnings of layering involving tights due to the weather really starting to get chilly.

The socks! One pair black, one pair olive, one pair light grey, one pair brown, and a pair of grey sunglasses I got on sale of $3.50 at Forever 21.

I cannot wait to wear the socks and the sunglasses. They go with everything in my wardrobe. I also placed an order for this cardigan today:

Above: Striped Yoke Sweater by Forever 21
Which will fit nicely into my wardrobe and is not like anything I could find locally.

And this skirt:

Above: Simple Knee Length Skirt by Forever 21

I bought the skirt because I need more skirts. I only have 5 in my wardrobe and 2 are very lightweight for summer weather.The colour on this skirt will go well with all I own.

I am having to buy basics online because locally, all the true basics are extremely expensive ($45 and above) and the inexpensive stuff is all trendy, one season, stuff that I cannot see myself wearing for more than one year. Forever 21 is one of those stores that is great for finding inexpensive basics for the wardrobe without breaking the bank account which is important for me right now.

Now, to find a skirt like this:

Above: Woven Professional Skirt by Forever 21

I have been looking for a black skirt in that style for ages. Time to fill the hole in my wardrobe with either this skirt or one like it.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hairstyle Change Possiblity.

I am not sure if I really am enjoying my current hairstyle as much as I should. I love how it allows for my hair to flip up at the ends with it's natural wavy growth but, I don't know, I am feeling a bit blah about it lately.

Blurry, not great, current hairstyle photo:

Yep, that is me, holding the camera, trying to wait for the camera to take my photo, blurred from trying to get myself in frame, with stuff from the computer desk piled on the floor.  I have a sort of shag, shortish, bob, with flipped up ends going on which I like because of it being naturally flippy but also am growing a bit bored of.

I have been considering growing out my hair longer but that means more hair-dye upkeep since I am in my late 30s and my hair grows fast.

Then I saw this photo in (of all places) People Magazine:

Yes, that is Scarlett Johannson's asymmetrical bob you are looking at. I think it might look good on me as we have similar shape to our faces. I also like the longish pieces at the front of the hairstyle and it would work good with my wavy hair as it would hit the "first curl" of my hair at that length. It is also not really long so won't require huge hair-dye upkeep.

So, I am going to keep this in mind as I did "rip this out" of the magazine and see if I keep coming back to the style as my next haircut draws near. I have just gotten my hair cut in the past three weeks so I have some time before that to ponder.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Christmas Wishlist Entry #1

I know, it is a bit early to be thinking of Christmas but blame the two Christmas commercials I saw Halloween night while watching The Walking Dead (great show by the way). It made me want to start up my Christmas wishlist to hand loved ones so they know what I have my eye on and can think about getting me. It makes shopping and gift-giving a bit easier.

Number one on my list?

Above: COCO Mademoiselle Perfume by Chanel

I happened to smell this perfume in a magazine test strip and then tried it at a department store downtown. It sinks into my skin and has that wonderful "barely there but there" smell while on me. It smells delicious and is a huge improvement to me from the traditional COCO perfume. Or maybe I am just biased because I like how the updated version smells on me. I definitely want this in my stocking this season.

So, I have #1 on my Christmas wishlist will be interesting to see what else makes the list as Christmas approaches.