Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look-a-likes Can Be Awesome.

I know, we all HATE imposers who appear to borrow a bit much from the original. Let us boo and hiss them for a moment.

Boooooo! Hisssssssss!

Okay, now that we have that out of our systems, let's look at our bank balances and cringe to get some perspective on our funds. Not pretty and definitely will not stretch to buy this beautiful handbag:

Above: Marcie small leather bag by Chloe

Marvel in the clean lines of the bag. Drool over the beautiful colour of it. Sigh with deep need for the bag. Curse the gods for making you unable to buy it because it is too expensive. Resign yourself to the fact that it was not meant to be in your possession.

But wait....what is this?

Above: Laura Buckle Hobo at Handbag Heaven 

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Does this bag look similar to the price-y Chloe one? Yes, it does!

And look at the price tag: $50.11. Now that isn't as hurtful to the savings account. Can you get over the fact it is a "knock-off" of the style? I know I could because it comes close, but not too close to the Chloe bag in style. Heck, the tan colour is even easier to match up with clothing than the orange-brick colour of the more price-y bag.

So, maybe, just maybe, lower cost versions exist for women just like me. Who like to look well pulled together but cannot pay the hefty price tags of higher designer looks. I am definitely putting the Handbag Heaven bag on my wishlist this holiday season.


bubbles said...

cutejuice again...

You're not alone. Your post inspired me (again!) to make a big long reply, so long that I decided I should add it to my other blog since i never post and should take advantage of what little writing I manage to do.

Nickie Frye said...

I would totally carry either bag! I think you're right that the less expensive one would be easier to match, though. Good find!

J. said...

Well I'l really love to be able to afford the bags I'm in love with but I just have to comfort myself with stuff that remind me of the bag I want to get, *sight* ! hahaa