Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Outfit Post!!!!

As long promised, an outfit post! I have never done one of these before because I lack a good photographer to snap my photo and am awful at self portraits. I just can never get the camera to shoot when I want it to and have myself in focus when I try to self-portrait myself. But enough rambling about my lack of a crack photographer...

I was offered to try out an item from the PB&J Boutique website. I was happy to give them a try because I am in the middle of updating my wardrobe and need new clothing items to add to it. Plus I wanted to do an outfit post for a while but never had the reason...this gave me a good reason.

I picked out this cardigan:

Above: Pleats Detailed Cardigan by Mystree

I loved the taupe colour, the pleating, and the style which goes with most the clothing I already own.

I awaited the arrival and then the box showed up on my doorstep. My face looked like this when I opened the box and pulled the cardigan out:

Above: Me all surprised at the wonderful quality of the cardigan.

The Pleats Detailed Cardigan is super soft and the pleating is sewn into pleats. That's right, that means the pleating will not be vanishing the first time the cardigan is washed like it often does with lesser quality clothing. A HUGE plus in my book!

I tried on the cardigan and it fits me well.

Above: My mum's photo of me in the cardigan. (Excuse the horrid 60s wallpaper, it is parent's house original.)

The cardigan has a drape-y quality and feels very soft to the touch on my skin. It is just heavy enough to keep me a bit warmer than just wearing a t-shirt.The pleating is great and the fabric does wrinkle a tiny bit with wear (if you sit down or throw on a coat) but that wrinkles tend to 'fall away' quite a bit as you wear it. The cardigan care label says "hand wash" so I will be doing just that to avoid shrinkage and hanging it to dry so that the dryer doesn't shrink it as well.

I am a thin person in body shape and a Small worked well for me. It was just right for the tie at the front of the cardigan and the draping to drape yet not make me look lost in the fabric. It is hard to see from the "short mum shoots down the stairs at me" angle of the photo, but the cardigan curves with my waist and is a bit body hugging there. I am sure that by sizing up, more curvy ladies would look great in the cardigan as in a lot of the clothing found PB&J Boutique's site.

Above: Me, wearing the cardigan and enjoying it.

I was definitely impressed with the cardigan and am liking the liquid metal bracelets, hammered circle necklace, the layering tanks, and many others that PB&J Boutique offers...perfect basics for my wardrobe. I will definitely keep them in mind when I need to replace more of the very basics of what I own.

This was fun...and I may do outfit posts from time to time in the future if I can get someone to take decent photos of me. I have a lot of cool clothing in my wardrobe and would love to share how I wear what I own. I just need to find a kick-ass photographer to take the photos.


WendyB said...

This is great! Definitely do more.

Anonymous said...

cute cardigan! I actually kind of like that wallpaper, it's charming.

SnapandPrint said...

Wendy, I would love to but I want a decent photographer to take photos of me in the outfits. My mum just isn't the best photographer.

Anon, The wallpaper can be seen as interesting but it really makes it hard for decorating a house. My parents keep saying they will take it down but that hasn't happened yet.

The cardigan is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I blame them. Wallpaper is the hugest pain and that is quite a lot of it. When they do it... be sure and make sure there's a steamer involved.

Oh, and I am cutejuice from stylefeeder. I also saw your loafer platform post and thought they were cute and went on a mission to try to find some and added the closest I could find to my feed. (Oh, the things that occupy one when one is procrastinating!)

SnapandPrint said...


Where did you find the shoes???? Pass the info along please!

Anonymous said...

Well, I couldn't find anything just like them. I added the closest ones on my feed They are on pages one and two. My favorite one is this:

But I don't like the peep toe on it. I bet in a couple of months we will be able to find these shoes!