Saturday, November 27, 2010

Booties Can Be So Tempting.

As the snow continues to fall (it has been falling for 4 days now)  and we continue to be snowed in due to lack of snowplow action on the city's part, I have been wandering the sales online to see what has been discounted. In this wandering, I noticed that Victoria's Secret has the boots I love on sale for $58.

Above: Open Heel Bootie by Colin Stuart

It is taking all my strength not to press buy as these booties sit in my shopping cart at the site. I cannot justify buying them even though I love the dearly. It is just out of my budget at the moment and I cannot just ask for them as a Christmas present as the family is all out of work this year. So, I get to sit there and drool over them and pine for them...and wish they were mine, my precious!

So, as I sit here and watch the snow fall outside, I long for these booties and wait for them to sell out so I can stop being tempted.


WendyB said...

Save a search for them on eBay! You never know...

J. said...

Oh man I'm glad it's not snowing over here ! I love snow but can't stand the winter, the chilling cold and all that jazz hahaha ! Beautiful booties btw ! :)

SnapandPrint said...

Wendy, I may have to do that. I have wanted booties like these for a long time now.

J, I like the snow...just dislike all the being snowed in and people whining about it here. I think it is pretty and it means warm, creative, outfits. :)